You Are All Mistaken

          WWE Fans aren’t psychic. Scratch that. Professional WRESTLING fans aren’t psychic. It appears that way sometimes. But really, if you have any common sense about the world of wrestling and do not root for John Cena on a regular basis, everything is a predictable repeat. There isn’t much to surprise us with, as Creative normally telegraphs moves months in advance. Due to a leaky camp and loose lips, WWE has an infamous streak of letting sweat smear across their poker face. There are very few secrets. We can see what’s coming. Usually. But in this instance, everybody is getting it wrong.

          Lately, the trend on Raw is to pit Roman Reigns in an awkward crossfire with John Cena in the middle of the ring. They either exchange verbal jabs or salute each other in a sarcastic manner. What most viewers of the program THINK is going to happen, is that they are slowly going to turn Reigns heel and put him against the big kayfabe baby face of the company. But that isn’t what is about to happen, in my opinion. The reason John Cena has fifteen titles is because the WWE has failed to groom the next superstar that will usher in a new decade and bury Cena and all his many shirts in a colorful grave. Roman Reigns is that guy. Hiss, cringe, moan, do what you need to. But accept it. You might think I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am. Roman Reigns is going to one day be the man. He isn’t going to take on Cena so much as Cena is going to put him over. I know, it seems improbable–albeit, utterly impossible. But that’s my prediction and you heard it on Face To Heel first.

          Roman Reigns isn’t there yet–he lacks confidence on the mic and his ring work needs fine tuning. But he’s poised to be the shining star of The Shield. Don’t get me wrong, Rollins and Ambrose will shine in their own rights. But Reigns is the guy to push. The reason Cena is so “successful” is because he sells shirts to soccer moms and their children. Reigns gets panties wet. Chicks dig him. He’s a good looking dude. And he can fight with an attitude, so guys like him too. He has a move called the Superman Punch so naturally children will think he is a god among men. For old school wrestling fans who boo Cena until they’re hoarse, Roman Reigns also has the in-ring work ethic and big, epic moves that makes him an ideal candidate for the next face of the company.

          John Cena will win at Battleground. Sorry for the spoiler, but if you are too naive to not see that coming then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. Roman Reigns should be far away from this fatal four way title match, but he’s in it so he’ll ultimately help Orton carry the match for all four men. Cena will retain the titles and then on the Raw after, Brock Lesnar is going to come out and make his presence felt. Cut to SummerSlam and Lesnar takes the titles from Cena and everybody loses their minds about it even though it was leaked two weeks prior to Payback. Lesnar will get the titles and Paul Heyman will spend the rest of the year inciting so much rage in you that your head literally might explode. But don’t worry, this will be awesome. Lesnar with the title, laying waste through the remaining PPV’s of the year: Night of Champions (wishy-washy Cena rematch); Hell in a Cell (just destruction incarnate); Survivor Series (good time for other Paul Heyman guy, Cesaro to get a big push); and then TLC (more destruction from Lesnar, please and thank you).

          For the remainder of the year, Seth Rollins will have his heart broken over and over again as Dean Ambrose keeps him from cashing in. He’s got a whole year to do it so don’t worry we’ll get to that in a second. Cut to 2015 and here’s where we get two possible scenarios. Scenario A is Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble, gets the titles at WrestleMania 31 and becomes the next big guy to take over the company. A few months later, Rollins cashes in and reignites a feud with his old Shield brother. Lesnar leaves to go eat Jimmy Johns and the WWE starts on the right path to righting so many wrongs within its rotting core (i.e.: John Cena takes a backseat finally and we get fresh blood in the title picture). Scenario B is that CM Punk is a surprise entrant into the Royal Rumble. HE wins it and then goes on to take the titles at WrestleMania, Rollins tries to cash in and Ambrose interferes (or Reigns does) and he fails to get the titles. And we get a clean slate to have Punk get another good storyline as champion.

          This is the future I foresee. My gut tells me that Scenario A is what will happen and we will see Reigns get a grand slam push to become the next Rock or Austin. CM Punk’s return is still at best 30/70 and might not happen at all. We have to assume WWE is buttering AJ Lee’s sweet, sweet bread in an attempt to coax Punk out of hiding. We’ll see what happens with that but for now, you read it here first. We’ll come back next May and see if I was right. Believe that. Believe in the Reign of Roman.


Article by Jamie Curtis Baker   baker-article-by


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