TNA No Surrender Review 09.17.2014

          Before I get into what TNA did last night, I have to comment on this week’s Monday Night Raw. I didn’t write a review about Raw and I don’t plan to. It was a mediocre, piss poor excuse for an episode. Especially the last Raw before the Night of Champions pay-per-view. Brock Lesnar gets limited appearances every year and is barely at Raw. So what does WWE do? They main event Raw with Mark Henry butting heads with Rusev. Unbelievable. And now we get to see Vince and Company scramble as they for some reason have decided 2014 was the year they would openly try to challenge Monday Night Football. Just stop. Worry about a better product, not competing for ratings. Speaking of a better product, let’s review No Surrender.

          TNA has really turned up the volume on their business lately. It’s exciting to tune in every week to see what they come up with next. The best part is they haven’t really copied off WWE for awhile which is a nice, new trend. The free pay-per-view started off with a Knockouts Battleroyal to crown the #1 Contender to Gail Kim’s Knockouts Title. This match had seven competitors–Taryn Terrell, Madison Rayne, The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky), Rebel, Brittany, and newcomer Havoc. This match was slow and somewhat boring, but was still better than any Divas bullcrap WWE puts out. Havoc is quickly becoming my favorite and she was pretty destructive throughout the match. She is a fierce competitor.

          Madison Rayne went out first, continuing her miniature downward spiral as of late. Then Taryn Terrell got eliminated, followed by Brittany. Angelina Love and Rebel went next, respectively, leaving just Velvet Sky versus Havoc. I had honestly thought Velvet Sky was going to win in order to add tension to The Beautiful Peoples and lead to a possible breakup. Instead, Havoc dumped Velvet Sky out of the ring to get the win. Next week we will see Havoc versus Gail Kim. Oh Yeah!

          Quick promo backstage of Samuel Shaw and Gunner talking. Gunner suggesting Shaw goes and sees his doctor for a checkup and mentioning taking Brittany on a date. Shaw reminds Gunner he’s obsessed with Christie Hemme.

          Then MVP and Kenny King come out to the ring. They called out Chris Melendez. Sarge came to the ring amidst “U-S-A!” chants. Kenny King asked him to join Lashley, MVP, and himself so that he can carry their luggage. Melendez refuses and King demands a match and calls for a ref. The match is just about to start and….COMMERCIAL BREAK! Nothing annoys me more than a commercial during a match. Especially when these past few weeks of TNA shows have already been recorded. Edit your shit so that it flows with commercials instead of being interrupted by them.

          This match was okay. I thought Kenny King was too aggressive and was wrestling sloppy. If he had been cleaner, it would have been a great match to garner some heel heat. The biggest drag for the match was it was too focused on King. Melendez spent most of the match on his back and we didn’t really get to see his skill set. He got a quick roll up pinfall victory but was quickly assaulted by King. Mr. Anderson came out to help Sarge.

          After the break, we come back to see Homicide entering the ring. Last week he claimed the #1 Contender rights to Samoa Joe’s X-Division Championship. This match was sort of weird to watch. I normally like Samoa Joe. He is one of the toughest guys on the TNA roster. But he just looked really bad at No Surrender. He looked winded, maybe hungover, maybe even in desperate need of a long nap. Homicide was very quick and looked sharp. I was pretty impressed with his ring work. I actually thought he might pull out a victory, but Joe made him tap to a submission. This match was Meh City for me. But it turned around at the end when The Cowboy, James Storm, came out with Sanada and attacked everyone. Then Manik came out in new gear with a new mask. And then there were three… Is James Storm starting a new stable?

          Another great match followed for the Tag Team Titles. The Wolves, The Hardys, and Team 3D. Devon and Bully won the first match and The Hardy’s won last week, picking a ladders stipulation for the No Surrender match. This match was great. Jeff Hardy hit his usual insanity flying around the ring, crashing off ladders, and just throwing caution to the wind as he destroyed his body. When he got a bit of momentum, he grabbed a ladder and then TNA cut to a commercial! (Seriously, PLEASE stop doing this.) After the break, tables were introduced, chairs were introduced, pain was introduced. All six men put on quite a spectacle. It was another amazing outing in this series. In the end, The Wolves reclaimed their belts after an exhaustive battle. Now the series is all tied at one and the next match is for all the marbles. The Wolves will get to choose the stipulation. I could watch these three times go at it every single week.

          Bram versus Gunner was next. This match was fast and brutal. Bram dominated throughout until Samuel Shaw came out to interfere. He tried to attack Bram, missed, and knocked Gunner out instead. Bram picked up the pinfall victory and the strife between Shaw and Gunner continues to grow. I’m sure this will come to a head in the coming weeks.

          Lastly, we have Bobby Lashley defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Roode. This match was pretty good, as main events go. It certainly outperformed Rusev and Mark Henry on Raw. MVP and Kenny King were ringside, of course. They both interfered at various points, with MVP getting thrown out by the ref and then later Eric Young came down to get rid of Kenny King. The match between Roode and Lashley was one of the best I’ve seen from TNA this year in terms of just one-on-one straight up wrestling. Roode had a slow ground game for awhile, trying to keep the champ winded. I’ve been a fan for Roode for awhile and he held his own against the MMA fighter. He got a lot of close two-and-a-half counts, but Lashley kept kicking out. This match had a lot of big-time moments and I was pretty thoroughly entertained. Roode went for his big finisher, but his leg was “injured” and he dropped Lashley who then hit a spear for the win. I was surprised with the outcome, as I’ve been waiting for Lashley to drop the title due to his commitment with the Belator stuff. We will see who the new #1 Contender is next week on Impact.

          As “pay-per-views” go it was fairly decent. As FREE pay-per-views go, it was entertaining as hell. It’s a shame Spike won’t pick up TNA’s contract because they really do have a viable product and a great wrestling roster. No Surrender lulled in a few spots, but for the most part it was firing on all cylinders. It definitely blew Raw out of the water. Thanks for reading. Please be sure to subscribe to our feed and follow us on Twitter @facetoheel for more updates. Also, don’t forget TNA’s One Night Only: World Cup is available now on pay-per-view.

Article by Jamie Curtis Baker   baker-article-by



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