Meet Mahabali Shera, TNA’s First Indian Wrestler

          Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and SONY SIX have announced the signing of their first ever Indian wrestler, 24-year-old Mahabali Shera.  He will be part of TNA’s global roster.  This announcement comes after a year old talent search to find the right Indian talent to join TNA; the search started after Kurt Angle visited India last year.  Angle and SONY SIX presented Shera at a media event in Chandigarh, stating that he will be part of TNA’s Monday Night programming as a way to increase viewership in India.  Angle stated, “TNA is [Shera’s] dream and he has the capability to do it.  It does not have to be a one-trip party for him.  He can be a worldwide star.  Shera is a great athlete who has showcased tremendous potential and skill, which strengthens my belief that he has what it takes to be a champion.”

          Shera himself said his dream had been realized.  He went on to say “I am proud that a Punjabi from India has been selected.  TNA provides a platform for action fights, which has no parallel anywhere else in the world.  I have been training hard.  I train for six hours daily and hit the gymnasium for four hours.  It was my dream to reach this stage one day.”  Dixie Carter hails the signing as a testament to TNA’s commitment to their Indian viewers and their focus on brand expansion.  Carter is eager to spread his story of achieving his dreams, saying it will help viewers to quickly connect with him.  The President of SONY SIX, Prasana Krishnan, has plans of turning Shera into a “household hero.”

          Angle not only selected Shera to join TNA’s roster, but has mentored him along the way, showing not only his faith in Shera’s abilities, but in the success of this signing as a building block for brand growth and obtaining a larger fan base.  SONY SIX exclusively airs TNA in India, with TNA Impact on Monday nights, TNA Greatest Matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and TNA Xplosion on Wednesdays.  All shows are two hours with the exception of an hour long Xplosion.  With such a large wrestling fan base in India, SONY SIX is incredibly pleased to be moving forward with TNA and making the programming better suited for their audience.

          Whether or not Angle will be around to witness Shera find success is a whole other story.  His contract with TNA ended on September 21, 2014.  While Angle has confirmed that he is finalizing a new deal, he has not confirmed which company that deal is with (though rumors have him back with the WWE in January).  After a fruitless internet search, I’ve concluded that I will have to take Angle’s word for it that Shera will be worth watching; there is virtually no information about the man anywhere I can find.  We at Face To Heel are looking forward to being introduced to Mahabali Shera and seeing what he has to offer. Our blog is read in countries all over the world, so to our Indian readership, please let us know if you catch any Shera matches and tell us what you think of him!


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