TNA Impact Wrestling Review 11.12.2014

          Hello, wrestling fans! I apologize I have been absent lately from my reviews. My wife and I bought a new home and it has kept me busy. Getting back in the flow tonight with Impact Wrestling on Spike TV! Let’s see what the battle ax, Dixie Carter (read: Vince Russo) has in store for us tonight.

          The show starts with former champ, Lashley asking Kenny King where MVP is. King says he doesn’t know and Lashley throws a trash can against the wall. The Cowboy, James Storm, comes to the ring with Manik and Great Sanada. Storm is wearing a noose around his neck. He calls out The Wolves for Davey’s answer to Storm’s request that Davey Richards joins Storm’s “revolution.” Davey’s answer is a forceful no. Storm and company attack The Wolves. Storm uses the noose to hold down Richards’ leg and hits it with a steel chair. Storm goes up the ramp, collects a briefcase and returns to the ring. He uses the case to clobber Eddie Edwards. Then he goes to work on Richards again, slamming his leg. Inside the briefcase is the Feast or Fire tag team title match! Damn if I didn’t completely forget about that. He cashes it in, goes for the pin, but gets interrupted by Abyss! Big time opening to Impact tonight! Storm introduces Abyss as the newest pledge to his faction, tags him in and Abyss demolishes The Wolves. Abyss tags Storm back in, gets the pin and we have new tag team champions! Wow! Hats off to TNA creative. I was loving that entire segment.

          Madison Rayne comes to the ring, followed by Taryn Terrell (aka TNA’s Summer Rae), and the two go to battle right off the bat, no ass-shaking or cutesy stuff. They just get to fighting, which is what I like to see in my female wrestlers. Very competitive and aggressive match from both ladies. Great technical bout with very little to complain about, especially coming from the Knockouts roster. My only real complaint is Madison Rayne kept trying to cheat to get the pinfall when she is clearly the better competitor and could just win straight up. Taryn Terrell wins with a very nice finisher for a clean one-two-three.

          Bobby Lashley finds Kurt Angle, demands rematch with Bobby Roode. Roode is not there tonight according to Angle which can only mean tonight’s main event is Lashley vs MVP? We’ll see how that develops after the break. Big segment following commercials involving Kenny King, Chris Melendez, and Ken Anderson. Terms like “fraud” and “hero” were thrown around. A match is scheduled. Back to commercials.

          Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell demand matches against Havok from Kurt Angle. Angle grants them a Knockouts title match next week in triple threat with Havok. The Bromans and The Beautiful People come out for an elimination match with The Menagerie’s Crazy Steve, Rebel and Knux. Rebel eliminates Angelina Love first. This match is a bit silly, but, to be fair, both groups are sort of billed as silly. None of us should really be expected to take them seriously. DJ Z eliminates Knux. Crazy Steve eliminates DJ Z seconds later. Velvet Sky then eliminates Rebel, leaving Crazy Steve all alone. DJ Z clobbers Crazy Steve, ducks out of the ring and Velvet Sky tries to pin Crazy Steve, but he jumps up, kisses her and eliminates her via pinfall, leaving Jessie Godderz and Crazy Steve. Crazy Steve hits a tornado DDT and wins the match for The Menagerie.

          Eric Young, accompanied by Rockstar Spud, set to take on Tyrus. Ethan Carter III  is ringside as well. This match is very awkward and stiff, with two competitors who clearly aren’t comfortable in the ring with each other yet. The big pop came from outside the ring when Rockstar Spud and EC3 got into it. Eric Young gets the pinfall, in a clear squash match for Tyrus. Dull segment. But it picks up at the end with Lashley coming out, spearing Eric Young, and then slamming Rockstar Spud to the mat. Lashley gets a chair, slips it over EY’s arm and then proceeds to stomp on it. Lashley hits a submission, with the chair still attached, and then just starts screaming for Roode. Instead, Austin Aries comes out with his own chair and chases Lashley from the ring. Aries wants Lashley later tonight, which is a different twist than I thought was coming.

          Creepy Bastard Segment Time! Brittany and Samuel Shaw backstage. Brittany claims Gunner came on to her. Samuel Shaw storms off in a serial killer rage. Samoa Joe comes to the ring. Joe gets on the mic and seems genuine when he says he’s been injured and is not going to be medically cleared to wrestle for awhile. Joe vacates his X-Division title, with a huge negative response from the crowd. After some quick Google research, it seems his injuries are legit and there is no word on when we might see him back.

          Samuel Shaw comes out with Brittany. Shaw set to take on Gunner in a No DQ match. Shaw attacks Gunner from behind as he comes down the ramp. Gunner gets the pinfall. Good fight, but not much in the way of No DQ. Just a few chairs made an appearance. A disappointing outing if I’m being honest.

          Main event time: Austin Aries vs Bobby Lashley. I was actually fairly well entertained with this matchup. Both guys really turned it up a notch and took it to each other. Aries held his own well against Lashley. And Lashley had a powerful outing against Aries. This is what a main event should be. Just two talented tacticians beating the hell out of each other in a way that tells a compelling story and delivers edge of your seat action. Could barely take my eyes off the screen to write this. Lashley beats Aries senseless and eventually gets a double countout from the ref. Lashley slams Aries onto the entrance ramp, hits his submission again and yells for Roode. And much in the same way it started, Impact ends with a bang. Kudos, TNA. Really good show tonight.


Article by Jamie Curtis Baker FotoFlexer_Photo


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