The Return of TNA’s Impact Wrestling!


          Well, the time has come, pro wrestling fans! Same night, new home. Destination America is the new host of Wednesday night’s Impact live. TNA is really trying. No, really. No, really. They revamped their program and intro, resigned big names, and have presented themselves as maybe a viable number two. Viewers maybe shouldn’t jump the gun, but we will see what the night holds in store. The show starts off literally with everyone on the TNA roster getting into a brawl on the sidewalk outside the building. It spills into the arena and the crowd goes bonkers. Let’s get this show rolling!

          Taz is back on commentary. Does that other voice sound familiar? It should. It’s former WWE commentator, Josh Matthews. Security comes out to break up the insanity. But Kurt Angle comes out and stops them. The fight continues while Angle makes matches in the ring! Pretty much, every single title is on the line tonight. Wow. MVP interrupts, and the crowd starts a “Shut the fuck up!” chant. This is such an incredible start to the show. Kurt Angle resigns as director of operations and is now an active wrestler again. His last order of business is to make a match with MVP…right NOW!

          Street Fight rules. Both men in blue jeans. Crowd starts a “M-V-Pussy!” chant. This is an amazing crowd. This quickly changes to “M-V-Penis!” The winded Angle quickly turns to a submission ground game. Angle gets a pinfall and the night has started off in a fiery way!

          James Storm comes out with The Revolution. That’s Tag Team Champion, James Storm. His partner is Abyss. Those titles are on the line right now against The Wolves. Jeff and Matt Hardy come out. This match is great. Both teams work well together. Sanada and Manik try to get involved but the Hardy’s stop them. James Storm hits the Last Call and secures a pinfall. The Revolution wins, no title change. Crowd is unhappy, but that match was really good.

          Ethan Carter III enters the ring and calls out Rockstar Spud. Tyrus throws the little guy out into the arena and then carries him to the ring. But instead of buzzing Rockstar’s hair, after punching EC3 Dixie Carter’s nephew shaves JB’s head.

          Low Ki vs Austin Aries next for the X-Division title. Crowd is split between both men. Quick bout for these two. And surprisingly, Aries clenches the win and becomes a six-time X-Division champ.

          Next up the Knockouts title is defended in a battle royal. Odd sort of title defense match, but that’s what we are about to see. This will probably by the low point of the evening, set prior to Lashley vs Roode Pt 3. Rebel is eliminated first. The match comes down to Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, and Havok. Taryn Terrell takes out both and retains the title. This was pretty much as boring as it sounds. After the match, Havok beats the tar out of Taryn. The lights go out. When they come back up, Havok is standing face to face with…KONG! (aka Kharma from WWE). The TNA Knockouts Division just got a little more interesting…

          Bobby Roode vs Bobby Lashley is the main event. This one starts viciously. These guys came to fight. This is a little too Cena vs Lesnar, however in the case of Roode and Lashley both men can actually do some damage. This is what we’ve come to expect from these two; just an all out war with lots of screaming and sweat and loud bumps. Lashley’s mouth gets busted open. Looks like he accidentally bit his lip or tongue. MVP comes out with Kenny King and two other masked men. This one results to false finishes in rapid fire. Kenny King pills the ref out and MVP assaults him. Kurt Angle comes out and picks a fight. But with four on one, he doesn’t stay on his feet for long. One masked man is Low Ki. The other is Samoa Joe. What? Eric Young comes out to protect Roode, but turns and hits his old friend with a chair! Lashley pins Roode and wins the title! What an epic end to the show! Pretty good showing for TNA. They may have finally gotten their shit together. Just a heads-up, Impact will be on Friday nights starting next week.


Article by Jamie Curtis Baker FotoFlexer_Photo



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