2015 Battleground Match Card and Predictions


I am sad to see Ryback out with a staph infection and unable to defend his title, but it may be for the best, as seeing a Triple Threat match between he, Big Show, and The Miz wasn’t exactly something I was getting excited for.  Another noticeable absence is our Divas champion, Nikki Bella.  It seems odd to go from the amazing display on Raw with Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch into a PPV devoid of female competitors.  Let’s take a look at what remains of the match card and make some predictions.

R-Truth vs King Barrett – Kickoff Singles Match

WWE doesn’t seem to be too concerned with making the title of King Of The Ring mean anything substantial.  Since winning, Wade Barrett has fallen into a comic relief role along with R-Truth, who seems to be stuck there for the long haul.  I enjoy both performers, regardless of their role, so I’m hoping that we get a decent amount of time for this preshow match.  It will be very important here for Barrett to remind the fans of why he won KOTR and why he is still someone who should be feared in the locker room.

WINNER:  King Barrett

Prime Time Players (c) vs New Day – Tag Team Titles Match

PTP deserved to win the tag titles and they deserve to hold on to them.  Titus O’Neal is grossly underutilized; he is the kind of wrestler you want to see in main events and in hardcore matches.  The same can be said for Big E, who is still unfortunately stuck in his current role as Preacher of Positivity.  I am hoping that we see a clean 2 vs 2 with no interference from the 3rd member of New Day.  Alternately, we do have interference, but it is handled outside the ring by Mark Henry or another performer working on behalf of PTP.

WINNER:  Prime Time Players

Randy Orton vs Sheamus – Singles Match

I’m assuming that Orton’s feud with Sheamus means that he will be back in the WWE World title picture in the near future.  There is also the possibility we have a future match between these two where the contract is on the line.  If I ignore the beard beads, new Sheamus is definitely growing on me.  I’m pretty excited to see these two go at it, especially after Orton’s smart ass display on Raw when he mocked Sheamus before hitting him with an RKO.  This one could honestly go either way, as both men have been in their zone lately.

WINNER: Sheamus

John Cena (c) vs Kevin Owens – United States Title Match

My feelings for Cena are no secret, but Owens has managed to get me excited to see the rainbow clad idiot because an ass beating is always right around the corner.  Cena and Owens both have one win against the other, but this third match is the one that really counts since the title is on the line.  Ever since WrestleMania, Cena has been building the US title into something bigger than what it once was.  The winner of tonight’s battle needs to continue on that path, but in a more serious manner.  The champion makes the title, not the other way around.

WINNER:  Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt – Singles Match

Bray Wyatt has been torturing Reigns over the last few weeks in preparation for this match.  He has also been helping the fans get back on Reigns’ side.  With Reigns acting as his worst enemy by showboating and not taking things seriously, having Wyatt reel him in was a great decision.  That said, this match cannot be all about making Reigns look strong.  Wyatt has suffered many losses lately and needs to stop sacrificing himself in order to put others over.  The New Face of Fear isn’t that scary if all he does is lose matches.

WINNER:  Bray Wyatt

Seth Rollins (c) vs Brock Lesnar – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

I can’t wait to see the main event, especially since Kane has been written out with a broken ankle, Mercury is written out due to injury from Lesnar’s attacks, and Noble is out with a legitimate injury.  This leaves Rollins to honestly stand on his own, unless Triple H feels like getting involved, which I highly doubt.  My husband thinks that we may see Paul Heyman turn on Lesnar or Sheamus cash in, but I am hoping for a clean one on one.  In order to keep Rollins from looking weak, he needs to get some good hits in on the challenger, but ultimately I don’t think he will be able to pull out a win on his own.

WINNER:  Brock Lesnar

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