With NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Triple H Declares, “Your Move, Vince . . .”


          Last night was a prelude of things to come. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was a declaration of excellence by proud father Triple H. It was a teaser trailer previewing the glorious age of wrestling that will come once Paul Levesque takes over WWE from his father-in-law, Vince McMahon. In one fell swoop, Triple H entered the ring and exclaimed (both figuratively AND literally), “We are NXT!”

          What started as a whisper, a mere training facility for the up and coming, has quickly turned into arguably one of the best wrestling organizations on the planet. What Triple H has managed to do with NXT, on both a talent and production level, is off the charts. It is a literal revolution. It shows a glimpse of what WWE actually has to offer. And with the excellence of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Triple H not only raised the bar, he strapped it to a rocket and launched it out of the stratosphere.

          Unfortunately for Vince McMahon and the ever hated Kevin Dunn, this means coming up short to deliver at SummerSlam will not only be a failure but a white waving flag surrendering supremacy to the King of Kings, Triple H. There are no excuses tonight. There will be no quarter given. Either the main roster delivers or we all remember this weekend as the singular moment when Triple H surpassed all expectations and cemented his legacy as Better. Than. Vince.

          Every match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was flawless, each segment perfectly paced. The roster brought its A+ game. The cameramen hit every angle. The commentary sold every gut-wrenching minute of action. The crowd was electric. Gone were the doubts that NXT could not be a product displayed in front of a large crowd. Full Sail is a tight nit group, a family of fans, but with the transition up to a near 16,000 in attendance last night, NXT showed that not only are they ready for the big leagues, but they thrive under pressure. It is a revolution. The time has a come. And if the main roster of WWE wants to save face, they need several home-runs at SummerSlam.

          Come up short in this spotlight of scrutiny and each mistake, every botch will be viewed under a microscope. There’s no room for error. Triple H as of right now is the man. And the war has begun. Will Vince McMahon step up to the bat, or will the glaring differences between NXT and the main roster continue to show? Tune in tonight to the four hour SummerSlam to find out.


Article by Jamie Curtis Baker FotoFlexer_Photo


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