No Love For The Miz?


      Earlier this week, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin starred in an episode of CW’s Supernatural titled Beyond The Mat.  He played a wrestler named Shawn Harley who is running the amateur circuit alongside athletes that had been in the business for at least twice as long as himself.  Sam and Dean Winchester, the brothers who are on a mission to save the world, come across Harley after hearing of the passing of another wrestler on the circuit.
      Dean is the ultimate wrestling fanboy and is over the moon about meeting his childhood heroes at the wake.  He and his brother decide to attend the show that evening, with Dean embracing his inner child and cheering louder than anyone in the small arena.  As is the theme with Supernatural, something bloody and evil is quick to ruin the fun, but I won’t spoil it for you.
      The Miz’s character on Supernatural is a lot like his character in the WWE.  It was a treat to see him on one of my favorite shows, but I had no idea he was guest starring until my husband mentioned it after one of Supernatural’s cast members tweeted out word of his appearance.  The WWE’s twitter account acknowledged it as well, but only as the show started, saying “#ShawnHarley is shaking up @cw_spn RIGHT NOW! @mikethemiz”
      For wrestling fans who don’t watch Supernatural, a tweet like this mere seconds before The Miz comes on screen is hardly even worth it.  One would think that with Miz’s Hollywood persona, his guest appearance would have been worked into Raw or Smackdown somehow, even as a small mention during one of his promos.  Instead, we got a last minute shout-out that barely gave fans enough time to find the right station.
      You can’t say that this is because The Miz was appearing on a competing network, because the WWE gives plenty of shout-outs to other Superstars who pursue projects off of USA and away from WWE Studios. This seemed like a blatant lack of interest, or even a personal slight against The Miz.  Supernatural’s time slot doesn’t compete with Raw or Smackdown, so I have a hard time seeing a logical reason for the WWE choosing to ignore his guest appearance until the last minute.  If it was Roman Reigns or John Cena, you know we would have been hearing about it for weeks, and that is the problem.
      Regardless of the WWE’s lack of interest, I was excited to see Supernatural dedicate an hour to wrestling, and to write a part for The Miz that fit so well with the character we are familiar with already.  If you are able, pull up this episode on On Demand; even without knowing the full story, it s a good stand-alone episode that gives quite a few nods to us wrestling fans.

Article by Mrs Jamie BakerIMG_20140926_193145
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