Brief F2H Updates 07.09.2016


      — We’ve been limited with content the past few weeks. For that we apologize. Both of us have been going through some things, as some of you may have seen on our Twitter account. Times are hard and we had to set up a Go Fund Me account. If you can help support us, it would be much appreciated. The initial stress shock is over and we should be back to regular coverage starting with Monday Night Raw this week. Hopefully we haven’t lost any followers from being absent.

      — No New Japan Pro Wrestling on television this week, which is so sad. There will be no coverage this week. Hopefully it will return next Friday. Face To Heel will write it up as soon as it happens.

      — All charges were dropped against Jerry Lawler and as of this past week he is back on the commentary team with WWE.

      — It was announced on Smackdown this week that Brock Lesnar will take on Randy Orton at SummerSlam. We’re intrigued by this match as it will be the first time they’ve ever wrestled each other on a pay-per-view. Looking forward to The Viper’s return and definitely looking forward to Lesnar’s fight at UFC 200 tonight.

      — The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts is now out on Netflix. We encourage everyone to watch it. It’s an eye-opening documentary that is inspiring, touching, and a real look at the toll the business takes on wrestlers sometimes. Face to Heel will do a brief article about that later this week.

      — If it wasn’t obvious already, TNA announced it will be moving Impact on POP! to Thursday nights once Smackdown goes live on Tuesdays. It’s the only logical move as they can’t possibly hope to compete with ratings.

      — Rumor online is that John Cena has been cutting back on making house show appearances. This might be a sign of the times as WWE seems ready to move into a new direction with younger, faster guys. Cena can still go and is in great shape, but he’s been in the spotlight for fifteen or so years. It’s time he started to think about life after wrestling and possibly a more part-time role in the company.

      — Lastly, we will be doing our best to cover the brand split in as much detail as possible. You can read our article posted earlier today about the pros and cons of the split. We will be reviewing this previous week’s NXT taping and posting that tomorrow. Stay tuned, we’ll get back into the full swing of things ASAP. Thanks for being patient and checking in with us. And thanks to everyone for the support and kind words during our struggles.

Article by Jamie Curtis BakerFotoFlexer_Photo

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