WWE Commentary Gets A Major Shakeup


      WWE announced late last night that not only is the locker room of wrestlers changing, but commentary beginning next week won’t look the same either.

      Monday Night Raw will still feature Michael Cole and Byron Saxton, but they are now adding Corey Graves to the mix. This is a huge promotion for Graves and is well-deserved. He has been the voice down in NXT and across the WWE Network and this will really allow him to show his range.

      Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga (when’s the last time you heard that name?) will do the play-by-play for the live Smackdown broadcasts on Tuesday nights.

      Tom Phillips will be the main host for WWE Superstars and Main Event. For Superstars he will be joined by Otunga and for Main Event, Corey Graves will assist him.

      The best take away from this is that nowhere in WWE’s announcement did the name Jerry Lawler come up. I think I speak for all of us when I say we could all use a break from that dated relic.

Article by Jamie Curtis bakerFotoFlexer_Photo



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  1. It will be great to have Graves in Raw.


    1. Agreed. Dream team would be Mauro and Graves.

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      1. Really Mauro is doing a fabulous job in SmackDown, and Graves in NXT.


        1. He really is. Maybe the most passionate color guy they’ve signed since Jim Ross. Smackdown going live will be even more exposure for him.

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