Episode 127 of The Ross Report


      For those of you who are fans of listening to podcasts of the pro-wrestling variety, The Ross Report recently put out a great episode featuring Jim Ross talking to Terri Runnels for the better part of an hour. It’s a delightful conversation and a must listen for any Attitude Era or WCW Monday Night Wars enthusiasts. Runnels talks about her time with WWF and WCW, as well as working for CNN. She discusses her tumultuous marriage with Goldust (Dustin Runnels) and his father Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels Jr.) and their falling out in the late 90’s.

      Later, she talks about the volatile Brian Pillman and her very close friendship with Big Bossman (Ray Traylor Jr.) as they traveled the road together. Terri and JR discuss the passing of Chyna, aka Joan Laurer, and her changing personality over the years due to drugs. For hardcore nostalgia fans, Terri goes into detail about the creation of the Marlena character and taking the concept to Vince McMahon.

      It’s a really easy listen and she tells many great stories. I recommend it to all. Please check it out on iTunes or wherever you download your podcasts.

Article by Jamie Curtis BakerFotoFlexer_Photo

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