The Crazy Side of Paige


      Paige hasn’t been on TV lately, and the official word is that she suffered minor neck and back injuries and is taking time to heal. However, the general consensus is that there is something much more serious going on with our former Divas champion. She is currently dating Alberto Del Rio, who was drafted to Smackdown while Paige was sent to Raw. The couple was reported to have been upset about the decision, and you could tell in the post-draft interview that Del Rio was certainly upset by something. The decision to separate them was reportedly done intentionally.

      Paige and Del Rio took their relationship public via Instagram. Then, for some bizarre reason, Paige deleted all trace of Del Rio off her Instagram page. She later claimed that she was hacked, and that the hacker targeted only those photos for some reason. It was a lame excuse. She then went on to post new photos of her “papi” with overly mushy messages about how she needs him in her life and how she loves him so very much. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with public displays of love, it comes off as very immature. This is behavior and wording that you see out of a high school freshman; angry and deleting one minute, overly affectionate and doe-eyed the next. It has the feel of young love, not a mature adult relationship.

      Paige hasn’t been booked to win a decent singles match in quite some time. She is also said to be unhappy with her character development, or lack thereof. She has taken a backseat to Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, and has no chance of getting a title shot any time soon with the current storylines in place. Paige may have come to the main roster as the NXT champion and their golden girl, but things have changed drastically since then. Plus, her two runs as Divas champ felt like she was merely a placeholder to AJ Lee, not a true champion.

      While in Las Vegas for the Money In The Bank PPV, Paige and Del Rio had a run in with the police. In what was not a Total Divas segment, Paige and Del Rio were seen arguing outside of Cesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino. Paige tried to run across the street away from him while the police were present. Paige was handcuffed for her own safety, and then she was sent to a local medical facility for a mental evaluation, also known as a Legal 2000, which allows authorities to detain someone who may be a danger to themselves or to others. No charges were filed against her, but it is concerning.

      Paige’s mother, wrestler Saraya Knight, took to Twitter and Facebook to say that “a mum’s worst nightmare is her child hurting and broken, but, what hurts more is the bullshit being spread through media networks. My heart has been in my mouth over the last few weeks and not being able to talk about it whilst reading all the bullshit has made me so angry. Just wish her well instead of making up shit.” Is she simply defending her daughter? Possibly. But I’ve noticed that people get extra defensive when the truth comes out, and this could be the case here. Mental issues are often treated as something to shame, so it is very possible that the anger is present because this is no longer a secret.

      Whatever is going on with Paige, it’s more than just a simple physical injury. There are too many questionable things going on and too many warning signs. I don’t wish anything bad on her, but I hope that this doesn’t go ignored. If help is needed, denial won’t fix a thing. Us fans can’t do much more than be supportive, give her space, and hope that the situation isn’t as serious as I fear it is. Hopefully, when Paige returns to the squared circle, she is rebuilt and ready for some true competition.

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