WWE Superstars Paige and Alberto Del Rio Suspended


      We recently discussed the issues that WWE superstar Paige has been having in her personal and professional life. Things have unfortunately gotten worse for the young wrestler, as WWE announced on their Twitter account that Paige has been suspended for 30 days beginning August 18, 2016 for her first violation of the wellness policy.

      A couple hours prior to this announcement, WWE announced that Paige’s boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, had also been suspended for the same violation. This is the first violation for both wrestlers, and neither was scheduled to compete at SummerSlam this Sunday. The timing is unfortunate for Paige, as today is her 24th birthday.

      Del Rio will likely exit the company this fall when his contract expires. He is said to be very unhappy with his direction in WWE. He isn’t getting used in the capacity he feels he should, and he is reportedly upset at being separated from Paige when all the other WWE couples were sent to their respective brands together (and it is reported that Emma and Nikki Bella will be sent to Smackdown with Zack Ryder and John Cena upon their returns). Online rumors state that Triple H was attempting to protect his young talent, Paige, by separating her from “bad influence” Del Rio.

      Reports do not contain information on what substance the two tested positive for. Neither Paige nor Del Rio have acknowledged the suspensions as of the time of this writing. Paige has taken to social media only to thank fans for all their birthday wishes. Whatever the case may be, this new problem does not bode well for Paige and certainly does not help her already rocky situation.

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  2. […]       –WWE saw the suspension of three of its Superstars during this past week. All Red Everything, Eva Marie, was suspended after reportedly testing positive for Adderall, a controlled susbtance used for the treatment of ADHD. WWE also suspended Alberto Del Rio and Paige for both testing positive for different substances after a night of partying. Our article on that suspension can be read HERE. […]


  3. […]     Paige is still serving out the remainder of her 30 day suspension, and Del Rio has terminated his contract with WWE, but the relationship could still cause issues. […]


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