Sasha Banks About To Be Suspended For Violation of Wellness Policy?


      Our Women’s Championship match came in the first hour of Summerslam, where champion Sasha Banks lost her title to challenger Charlotte. She was able to roll Banks onto her shoulders, turning the Banks Statement into a pin. After the match, Sasha Banks was removed from upcoming live event listings and house shows. The rumor is that a 30 day suspension will be handed down to Banks tomorrow. As of the time of this writing, no suspension has been made official.

      Banks is rumored to have failed the wellness test for a currently unknown substance. She will join fellow wrestlers Alberto Del Rio and girlfriend Paige, and Eva Marie who were all suspended for wellness policy violations. Eva Marie’s failure was due to Adderall, which she plans to appeal with proof of a prescription. Del Rio and Paige’s reason for failure is unknown, but it is said that they failed for different substances.

      Sasha Banks was on a serious roll in her career. Her victory on Raw over Charlotte to begin her first Women’s Title run was a match to remember. She proved that she was a confident champion in her interviews afterwards, and was able to beat Dana Brooke to ensure her Summerslam match would be one-on-one. It is very disappointing to learn of this violation, and we wish Banks the best and look forward to her return. If this is just a rumor, than we still question the decision to have her drop the title after less than a month. Some say it’s because she wants time off for a honeymoon with her recent husband, but that still isn’t a reason for any of this. We’ll provide more coverage as the official word comes out.

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  1. this is not true she has nagging injuries


    1. It very well may not be. Hence why we used a question mark in the title and the word “rumor” in the article.

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      1. sasha will be home healing up and will be away from the ring for 30-33 days


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