Thanks For Nothing, Brooklyn: Seth Rollins, Mick Foley Address SummerSlam Crowd


      After Seth Rollins and Finn Balor fought it out at Summerslam to become the first ever Universal Champion, Rollins tweeted out More important than a title’s appearance is what it represents for the men fighting over it. You really let me down tonight, Brooklyn.” This was in response to the Brooklyn crowd booing the belt during their match and chanting things like “Hey… we want a new belt,” and “that looks stupid” among other things.

      Mick Foley also put in his two cents on Facebook. He titled his statement “WHEN SMART FANS TURN DUMB” and said that Balor and Rollins had a great match; a match he was honored to watch from ringside, but “instead of that element of magic necessary to turn that great match into a classic, what Finn and Seth got instead was the stench of self-congratulatory snarkiness from a very vocal minority.” He tore apart the “couple thousand self-important fans who cared more about the cleverness of their own chants” and how distracting they are to the rest of the fans who wanted to watch a brilliant match.

      Wrestling fans can make or break an experience. When the crowd isn’t into a match, you feel it. When they try to make the show about them and ignore what is going on in the ring, it hurts. These are athletes who are giving their all thanks to years of training and hard work, and here us fans are doing the wave or chanting for Michael Cole in order to be funny. I don’t care if the Universal Title was held together by duct tape and spray painted by kindergarteners; there was no reason for the Brooklyn audience to ruin an amazing match with their nonsense.

      The Universal title design may not be what you wanted, but it doesn’t matter because you’re not the one who gets to carry it. It makes sense for Stephanie McMahon to want a design that is equal to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the Women’s Championship; picking the same overall design makes them all equal across the board. Having the title be predominantly red also makes sense, as the primary color for Raw is red. Hell, they even changed the color of the ropes.

      No one is watching wrestling or going to events to see the fans. We’re going for the wrestlers and for the experience. Fans definitely need to get involved; bring signs, dress up, chant and cheer, and be a part of the show. Fans do not need to hijack the show. Don’t bounce around a beach ball, don’t hold up some nonsense sign for an hour straight just so you can get on TV for two seconds, don’t chant for people who aren’t there, and don’t be an asshole. It’s easy to have a blast at a live event while still being respectful to the talent, those around you, and the audience at home (for taped events). Do everyone, including yourselves a favor, and have some decency and some tact.

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