Does WWE Superstar Paige Have One Foot Out The Door?


      It seems like WWE talent Paige can’t catch a break. In the latest development in her ongoing troubles, it has been reported that WWE’s Mark Carrano has made efforts to split up Paige and boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. Carrano, who works in talent relations and has been on numerous episodes of Total Divas, was allegedly approaching Del Rio and Paige individually, harassing them about their relationship.

      The harassment went so far that WWE reportedly threatened to fire Paige if she did not end the relationship with Del Rio. Sending Paige to Raw and Del Rio to Smackdown was specifically done to strain the relationship and the threats of termination were said to have followed shortly afterwards.

      Paige is still serving out the remainder of her 30 day suspension, and Del Rio has terminated his contract with WWE, but the relationship could still cause issues. Paige will be featured on the new season of Total Divas, which has begun filming, and hanging around Del Rio could still cause issues when it comes to reality show storylines. It also can’t be good for a strong employer/employee relationship to threaten someone over who they choose to spend their private time with. We hope Paige can stay strong and focus on her career during this trying time.

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