TNA Impact Wrestling Full Match Results and Feedback (09.29.2016)


      It’s the go-home episode before this Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Before we get into tonight’s broadcast, let’s catch up on the week. It was rumored online that Vince McMahon and WWE are interested in purchasing the “desperate” TNA. And earlier today we discussed the epic saga of Broken Matt Hardy and how it’s currently one the best things in all of professional wrestling. 

      Jeremy Borash is in the ring and he brings out team captain Ethan Carter III. Crowd goes wild. Borash brings out the other team captain, current TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley. JB asks them who their team members are for tonight’s Lethal Lockdown Match. Lashley chooses Drew Galloway as his first pick. EC3 chooses Aron Rex. Naturally, Lashley chooses The Miracle, Mike Bennett. EC3 listens to the crowd chant for Moose and that’s his next pick. Lashley’s third pick is Maria Kanellis-Bennett. EC3 picks Gail Kim. The two trade verbal barbs and Lashley cuts a really nice promo. EC3 challenges him to step in the lockdown cage one on one to start the match and Lashley agrees. First commercial break.

      After the break, DJ Z is ready to defend his X-Division Championship against Eddie Edwards. Grappling to start the turns into Eddie chopping DJ Z against the ropes. Hurricanrana by DJ Z. ZDT attempt but Eddie blocks it and kicks him out of the ring. Eddie bounds off the ropes and dives out over the second rope to take DJ Z down. Both men on the ground outside the ring. Lots of offense by both men with a couple of near falls. Eddie removes his knee pad and runs to the ropes, but bounces off and heads towards DJ Z, but he counters and hits the ZDT for the pinfall! After the match the two shake hands and hug. From behind The Helms Dynasty run in and beat them both down. DJ Z is thrown shoulder first into the corner post and then they double team Eddie, planting him on the mat.

      Backstage segment with Maria, Laurel and Allie. Maria makes Allie apologize for last week, then calls her stupid and loans her services out to Laurel. Commercial break. When we return, previously recorded segment with Josh Mathews interviewing Moose and Mike Bennett. Bennett says after Bound For Glory nobody will be doing Moose’s chant anymore. Moose says he’s going to get Bennett a one-way ticket to hell. Not really a strong segment for either guy. Anything pre-recorded like that, where you can re-shoot or edit to make it look good, should be on point and that was not.

      Madison Rayne comes to the ring. Allie comes out and introduces Laurel Van Ness. Before the match starts, Laurel tries to get Madison to kiss her hand. Madison instead dropkicks her out of the ring. Laurel goes to Allie and has her powder her face. She gets back in the ring and Madison whips her into the corner. Laurel elbows Madison off the apron. She hops out and rolls her back in and suddenly Laurel is running the show. She pulls out some nice maneuvers. Madison rolls her up into a near fall. Bridge pin by Madison, but Laurel kicks out again. Laurel stomps Madison on the back of the neck, driving her to the mat. She rolls her over and covers. Pinfall victory for the newcomer, Laurel. Allie announces her the winner but calls her “Laurel Vaness” and Laurel ducks out of the ring and yells at her and she does it again with the proper pronunciation.

      Lashley backstage with his team. He says if the team goes in and wins the match, he will give Bennett or Galloway a title shot. But they have to earn it by taking out EC3. And we head to commercial. When we return, Drew Galloway is in the ring with the Grand Championship on a pedestal. He calls out Aron Rex. Galloway says when he first came to Impact, they needed a savior. He tells everyone, “You’re welcome.” Aron immediately cuts in and tells Galloway to get his own tagline. He calls Galloway a piece of steaming crap. Galloway says Rex would make a very good stuntman, once again alluding to his time with WWE. The two play tug-of-war with the title and Galloway plants Aron Rex.

      Reby Hardy takes on Rosemary next and the two just attack each other out of the gate. The two just wail on each other for several minutes as Matt and Jeff get the crowd to chant DELETE. Rosemary spits green mist into Reby’s eyes and the ref calls for a disqualification. Then everything just goes off the rails. Abyss and Matt attack each other, Jeff and Steve fight, Reby and Rosemary battle. Jeff chases Crazzy Steve up the stairs that Matt fell off to become broken. He throws a chair repeatedly against Steve’s back. Reby sets up a table but Rosemary counters and hits a Side Effect, driving Reby through the table on the outside. Rosemary gets on the mic and laughs as she says DECAY over and over. Before the commercial break, Mathews teases that the Hardy’s are still brawling and we’ll follow that after. Coin toss between Lashley and EC3. Lashley picks heads, and it goes heads-first. Lashley’s team gets the advantage for Lethal Lockdown.

      On the return, we see Jeff Hardy and Crazzy Steve fighting backstage. Steve hits him with a chair and then gouges his eyes. We cut to Matt Hardy hitting Abyss with a ladder over and over again, each time yelling DELETE. Then Matt bites Abyss on the ear. Cut back to Jeff being beaten with a steel chair. Crazzy Steve puts it around Jeff’s neck and then rams him into a pole. Meanwhile, Abyss pulls a live wire from the wall and electrocutes Matt. Steve licks Jeff’s forehead and we get a split screen of all three Decay members. Same Cody (Rhodes) promo we saw last week after the Decay/Delete segment. Lots of backstage segments after this. Maria and Gail in pre-recorded interview. They are ready for their fight. Eli Drake tries to recreate Tyrus to no avail. EC3 firing up his team and they show unity.

      The main event starts at 9:20 tonight. Ethan Carter III comes to the Lethal Lockdown cage, waiting to see who his opponent is. Should be Lashley, but we’ll see if the Destroyer is a man of his word. Naturally, Lashley doesn’t come down. Instead it’s Mike Bennett. EC3 stomps Bennett down. Terrific action for the first two competitors. The next entrant comes out and it’s Team Lashley. Drew Galloway runs in and he gets with Bennett to double team EC3. Galloway hits some vicious chops and we go to commercial. Aron Rex runs in after the break. He and EC3 beat Galloway and Miracle down in tandem for a few moments before Lashley runs in. He comes in and drops Rex, then EC3. He tells Galloway and Bennett to help him out. Galloway goes after Rex and Lashley and Bennett double team EC3. No weapons yet in the Lethal Lockdown, but plenty hang from the cage.

      Moose’s turn to enter. He headbutts Galloway and Bennett and then punches Lashley to the mat. He splashes off the ropes and plants Bennett and Galloway. He squares up with Lashley and strikes him down again. Maria comes down but she doesn’t get in the cage. Bennett waves her in but she says she isn’t ready. Crowd starts a sloppy “Get in the ring!” chant. The war continues inside the ring. Bennett goes after Moose, EC3 goes after Lashley, Rex goes after Galloway. Things slow down as all six guys are visibly winded. EC3 chops Galloway to the mat and the final competitor comes down. Gail Kim chases Maria around the ring. She grabs her and tosses her in the cage. Gail follows and the cage is locked shut! Now we can go to pinfall or submission. Maria exits and runs out, Gail follows and they disappear into the back. The first weapon, a kendo stick, comes down from the cage and we go to commercial.

      We return to Team Lashley beating the holy hell out of EC3 and comapny with kendo sticks, trash cans and chairs. Lashley, Bennett and Galloway surround EC3. He flips off Lashley and the trio start wailing on him with weapons. Aron Rex throws Galloway headfirst into a trash can. Moose takes down Lashley and now he has a steel chair. He hits Lashley in the guy as Aron Rex whacks him with a kendo stick. Team EC3 has rallied. Aron Rex gives EC3 a steel pipe. He goes to hit Lashley with it but Bennett counters it with a diamond cutter. Moose dropkicks a chair into Bennett’s face. Galloway turns him into a Futureshock DDT. Aron Rex hits Galloway with a chair, then Lashley spears Aron Rex. Too much action!

      Everyone is down except EC3 and Lashley. They go after one another and EC3 hits a couple of clotheslines before throwing Lashley into the cage over and over. He lifts Lashley up and throws him over the top rope all the way down the cage. He picks up a kendo stick as Lashley is trapped in the ropes. He hits Lashley multiples times and the crowd is in a frenzy. Lashley recovers and puts EC3 in a submission. EC3 reaches the ropes but it doesn’t matter. Ref can’t break it in this type of match. Instead, EC3 passes out after his face turns red. Ref calls for the bell and Team Lashley wins via TKO. Bobby Lashley now gets to decide the stipulation at Bound For Glory. Lashley gets on the mic and says the stipulation is No Holds Barred and we fade out to Lashley’s music.

      For the third week in a row, TNA beats Raw, Smackdown, and NXT just on sheer creativity, excitement and overall booking. Another excellent episode by them and just a fantastic go-home pay-per-view show. Despite the rumors, financial and otherwise, TNA remains a strong product. If you aren’t watching, I’d have to wager you aren’t a real fan of professional wrestling. For those that tuned in, what did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below. See you on Sunday for Bound For Glory!

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