TNA’s Bound For Glory Full Card and Predictions For Each Match


      Bound For Glory will be held in the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and is the 12th TNA PPV under this name. Gail Kim will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and we will see the debut of Cody [Rhodes]. If you are in the area, the VIP package costs a meager $129 per person, which is only slightly more than we paid for WWE PPV tickets; no VIP, second tier seats. Click HERE for a recap of the go-home episode this past Thursday. Let’s take a look at the BFG match card and make some predictions.

      Moose vs Mike Bennett – Singles Match

      Moose came into TNA as Mike Bennett’s muscle, but quickly got tired of Bennett’s underhanded tactics, lies, and selfish attitude. Now the two former friends will be facing off to put this beef to rest. We’re all but guaranteed to see Moose battle Lashley down the road, but he has to get through The Miracle first. Bennett broke EC3’s streak by pinning him for the first time, and is confident going into this match. He will likely try some underhanded tactics to get it done, but he won’t be able to outmuscle Moose.

      F2H Prediction – Mike Bennett

      Aron Rex vs Eddie Edwards – Inaugural Impact Grand Championship Match

      Billy Corgan retired the King of the Mountain Championship and replaced it with the Impact Grand Championship. A tournament was held to determine the two final competitors, with judges scoring the matches and determining a winner unless one competitor gets a pinfall or submission. The title will be defended in matches with the same scoring system used in the tournament, which is an interesting departure from the norm. Aron Rex is my new favorite Impact guy, and I can’t wait to see him compete. Unfortunately, Drew Galloway was injured and had to forfeit his spot, but Eddie Edwards will be stepping up to take his place.

      F2H Prediction – Aron Rex

      Tyrus vs Robbie E vs Baron Dax vs Jesse Godderz vs Grado vs Rockstar Spud vs Mahabali Shera vs Braxton Sutter vs Basile Baraka vs Eli Drake – 10-Man Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match

      The winner of this match will get a future title shot of their choosing. Last year, Tyrus won, but thanks to a conflict of interest, was not able to take full advantage. Cody was rumored online as a possible entrant, but I’m not sure if this would be the best option for Cody’s debut, competing with nine other men. This is a nice mix of athletes; different sizes and strengths, different tactics and alliances. It should be a good one to watch.

      F2H Prediction – Braxton Sutter

      Maria (c) vs Gail Kim – TNA Knockout Championship Match

      After ordering Allie to lie down in the middle of the ring, Maria became our Knockouts champion. She did what I thought was impossible and made me sympathetic towards the shrill Allie. Gail Kim is my favorite female wrestler in TNA currently, and well deserving of another title run. Her induction into the Hall of Fame should tell you a great deal of how amazing she is. I’m excited to see her shut Maria up. Whether she wins or loses, she needs to put “the first lady of professional wrestling” in her place.

      F2H Prediction – Gail Kim

      Decay (c) vs The Broken Hardys – The Great War Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

      I’m unsure exactly what is in store for us with this match. The Final Deletion and Delete Or Decay were both brilliant. Broken Matt Hardy started out as almost a joke for me, but it turned into wrestling gold. Now, with his broken brother and wife, he is battling Decay and trying to keep his son safe. I heard that most or all of this is pretaped, which is good for the at-home audience, but a shame for the live audience. I also heard that they will be doing a combination of pretaped and live action, which would be perfect. Either way, this match alone is worth the price of the PPV.

      F2H Prediction – The Broken Hardys

      Lashley (c) vs Ethan Carter III – No Holds Barred TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

      Lashley held the World, KOTM, and X Division titles at one point before throwing away the other two and agreeing to defend the World title at Bound for Glory. EC3 earned the right to challenge Lashley, but didn’t win the right to pick the stipulation. Naturally, Lashley picked no holds barred so he can wail on his opponent with no penalty. Thanks to the internet, I knew that EC3 would be facing Lashley well before it aired on POP, but it was still exciting to watch his journey. Lashley has a Bellator fight on October 21st, free on Spike TV, so he’s probably extra amped up for this fight with EC3 thanks to the MMA training. I can’t wait to see this main event!

      F2H Prediction – Ethan Carter III

      Bound for Glory will run you $50 on PPV. The preshow will begin at 7:30 pm EST with the main show kicking off at 8. @FaceToHeel will be live tweeting and providing instant feedback after the show, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for Bound for Glory news, contests, and other exciting content. The card is not very stacked so we are assuming there will be some surprises and a few impromptu bouts. Live tweet with us and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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