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NXT Full Match Results and Review (10.05.2016)


      It’s time for another episode of NXT! As we reported last week, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic begins tonight with first round competitions. Last year, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe won the tournament in its first year. Our first match features the Bollywood Boyz, Gurv and Harv Sihra, versus the Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. I’ll be honest, I can’t tell who is who within the teams, but neither can our announce team. A “please don’t die” chant begins as Corey Graves and Tom Phillips predict that the Authors will win the entire tournament. They are dominating the Boyz, who have at least managed one tag for a fresh competitor. One Bollywood Boy is in the wrong corner as the Author hits him with a splash. The Authors use quick tags and simultaneous moves to quickly squash the Boyz and advance in the tournament.

      Next up, Rich Swann faces off with the flamboyant Patrick Clark. If I went to a gay bar in the early 90s, Patrick Clark is who I would expect to see working the stage. The audience starts singing Swann’s entrance theme as the bell rings and the two men lock up. Clark earns the first takedown with an elbow, but Swann’s athleticism and high-flying ability quickly turn the match back in his favor. He tries a moonsault, but is caught with a spinebuster into a pin by Clark. Swann regains control with a kick to the midsection followed by one to the face that takes Clark to the mat. Swann flips head over heels into a pin to win the match. A short one, but very entertaining. It’s a shame that we don’t see Swann this over when he competes on Raw.

      Peyton Royce, accompanied by Billie Kay, has a match now against newcomer Danielle Kamela. Royce looks like a terrible Poison Ivy cosplayer, and Kamela looks like a serious competitor. She hits a nice arm drag takedown after kicking out of a pin, and gets Royce down for a pin of her own. Royce quickly takes her down for a second pin attempt before throwing her into the ropes and locking her into a brief submission that the referee breaks up. Kamela gets some good punches in, but Royce is controlling this match while Kay cheers her on. Royce gets Kamela in a chin lock, looking for a tap out victory. Kamela breaks the hold and tries a suplex, but Royce blocks and counters with a suplex of her own that nearly sends Kamela’s face right into the mat. It’s enough to earn her a pinfall victory.

      Moving on, Dan Matha is set to make his debut but Samoa Joe comes to the ring and assaults Matha before his music even stops. Joe takes Matha down and grabs a microphone, saying “tick tock, tick tock, who will be the next to get their head rocked.” Joe is still on his campaign to strip Shinsuke Nakamura of the NXT Championship. Joe demands that William Regal either bring him Nakamura or hand over the championship. He gives him one week to get this done.

      Time for our main event! Andrade “Cien” Almas teams up with Cedric Alexander, who he gracefully lost to in a recent match. They are facing our NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival for a chance to move on in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Dash quickly tags in Dawson rather than face Alexander. The two lock up and Dawson takes Alexander down with some hard elbows. Alexander counters, hitting both Revival members with arm drags. Almas jumps in to follow suit and take them both out. Almas and Alexander are working great as a team as Almas tries for a pin. The Revival hit Almas with dual headbutts before starting with quick tags to keep him down. Alexander manages to tag himself in, and the two men send both members of The Revival flying out of the ring. While Almas catches himself in the ropes to block the view of Dash and Dawson, Alexander makes an amazing jump over him and out of the ring to knock down The Revival once again.

      Almas pins Dawson, not realizing that Dash has tagged in. He ends up thrown into the ringpost thanks to the confusion. Dawson tags back in, hitting a vicious suplex into an unsuccessful pin. I don’t know if The Revival will win this entire tournament; I suspect the winner will be a different team that will end up becoming the number one contenders for their titles. Almas is able to knock Dash from the ring and get Dawson down for a pin, but thanks to a distraction from Dash, the referee doesn’t see the pin in time for the three count. The crowd starts chanting for Alexander, who quickly gets the tag in. He takes out Dash, then pins Dawson, but his partner breaks it up. Alexander flips into a pin and nearly wins the match! The crowd yells “that was three!!!” Alexander is up against both men, who hit the Shadow Machine while Almas is down and out. They pin our cruiserweight for the three count and advance in the tournament.

      After The Revival leave the arena, Almas snaps and begins attacking Alexander. The crowd boos loudly as he throws Alexander into the stairs and goes to scream into the camera. This is a great move for Almas; he was falling a bit flat as a face and definitely needed this change. We end the night with a “you suck” chant at Almas’ expense. Overall, this was a great hour of wrestling. Lots of fast paced action and great performances by nearly everyone. Don’t miss next Wednesday as our Tag Team Classic continues, and follow FaceToHeel on Twitter for additional coverage.

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NXT Tapings Match Results and Feedback (09.28.2016)


      Catch up on last week’s NXT taping as the WWE Network ushers in a new class of workers with our full REVIEW and all match results. And make sure to enter our Twitter Giveaway! It ends tonight at midnight EST, with the winner announced tomorrow!

      The broadcast kicked off with NXT General Manager, William Regal, talking about the one year anniversary of the death of Dusty Rhodes. He says they are again doing the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament with the Finals culminating at NXT Takeover: Toronto. First round of matches kick off on next week’s show. Very cool and a great tribute to one of our fallen heroes. Corey Graves and Tom Phillips on commentary as per usual.

      Tye Dillinger starts things off coming to the ring, Perfect 10 style. His opponent is Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins starts the match ‘stirring up trouble.’ Dillinger puts a stop to that and throws two hands in his face as the crowd chants “Ten! Ten! Ten!” Dawkins doesn’t like that and he attacks Dillinger in multiple corners. Reversal by Dillinger, followed by a big chop. The two trade blows in the middle of the ring. Dillinger wins the exchange. Averted Atomic Drop and Dawkins is down. Dillinger stomps him in the corner. Dillinger removes his knee pads and hits Tye Breaker for the pinfall victory. Okay match, no real magic here. Two young guys with not very much momentum trying to carve their way. Unfortunately, we have to suffer through it.

      As Dillinger walks up the ramp we have a GLORIOUS interruption as Bobby Roode’s music hits. Roode says he sees potential but that Dillinger is not a perfect 10 yet. Roode says he wants to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic! The crowd immediately starts a “Glorious 10!” chant. I am so excited right now! Yes! Roode says to be in the tournament, he needs a partner. And not just any partner….the perfect partner. He holds out his hand and Dillinger shakes it as the glorious theme song hits. Dillinger points to the heavens and mouths, “For Dusty.” Wow! This is a really amazing idea, provided the booking allows them to win the tournament. Time will tell, but initial reaction is this is awesome!

      Hideo Itami is interviewed backstage and asked about facing Lince Dorado. Itami says he is looking forward to fighting him because he has heart, unlike Austin Aries. He calls Aries a baby and a coward. “Maybe I need to put him to sleep again.”

      Tag team action up next with the twin siblings, The Ealy Brothers, taking on The Revival. As Dash and Dawson walk down the ramp, Samoa Joe runs past them and gets in the ring, destroying The Ealy Brothers without mercy. He turns and looks at The Revival, but they back away and head towards the back. Joe gets on the mic and says this is the first two victims and it’s Regal’s fault. He says the beatings will continue until Regal gives him Shinsuke Nakamura or the NXT Championship.

      Women’s action next. Hopefully Samoa Joe doesn’t come out and beat up any females. Mandy Rose comes to the ring set to take on Ember Moon. Stiff, strong style to start with both women hitting a little too hard. If this is a work, I believe it. They seem to not like each other at all. Before long Ember is bleeding from her mouth, which seems to only piss her off. She attacks, violently, and plants Rose with a spinning stunner off the top rope for the pinfall win. This was too brief. Was into it quite a lot, just not given enough time. The 60 minute broadcasts really hinder NXT. Maybe they should put in less and longer matches.

      DYI (Gargano and Ciampa) interviewed backstage and they say they have a long checklist of things still yet to accomplish. First and foremost is winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They also want to win the NXT Tag Team Championships.

      Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering come down to the ring, set to take on a couple of jobbers. The bell rings and I start a stopwatch on my phone; assuming this one won’t go two minutes. This is a brutal. AOP just destroys these two guys. They double team and cover for the pin. One minute, 14 seconds and this one is over. Goodness. These guys are dominant. Vince is tripping over himself to try and get these behemoths called up to the main roster.

      After the match, Paul Ellering gets on the mic. He says the first chapter started with “The Arrival.” He says the second chapter will start with a “Plethora of Pain.” And for now, that’s all the NXT Universe needs to know. He tells his boys to go and they stomp up the ramp. No mention of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. William Regal backstage and says he doesn’t know what’s going on because Nakamura doesn’t answer his phone. He is asked about the Dusty Rhodes tournament and Blake and Murphy interrupt saying they want to be included. Before he can answer they start arguing with each other. Regal stops them and says they obviously don’t have their act together and to please get out of his office.

      Liv Morgan heads to the ring. She’s about to be in for a rude awakening as she takes on Asuka. The NXT Women’s Champion wastes no time going right at Morgan. She tries to counter, but Asuka reverses it down to the ground and makes her tap out! Good god, what a ridiculous match. After, Asuka is asked who is the next victim on her list. She says nobody is ready for Asuka. This isn’t really impressive for the Women’s Champ. They need to find her an opponent and quickly.

      Hideo Itami and Lince Dorado square off in the main event. Crowd goes wild for Dorado when he comes out. The pair shake hands before the match. Slow grappling to start this one, crowd is quiet. Hideo controls the tempo at the start. Dorado recovers, gets Hideo out of the ring and then moonsaults out onto him. Both men down on the ramp. After relishing the Cruiserweight Classic, this match is very sloppy and slow. Both men seem almost timid and too controlled. The crowd must feel the same because they are mostly silent throughout. Not sure if the language barrier is making them hesitant, but this is a very spotty match for both guys. Dorado misses with a Shooting Star Press off the top rope and Hideo makes him pay. Dropkicks in the corner and the crowd starts chanting, “GTS!” Hideo hits it, covers, and that’s the ball game. Very lackluster, uneventful match. Maybe the CWC spoiled us. Or perhaps, and more harshly stated, Hideo Itami has peaked in his current slot. Austin Aries attacks Hideo from behind. No surprise there. As Hideo comes back after him, Aries rolls out of the ring and hightails it up the ramp.

      The new class of NXT “stars” need to step up their game immediately. NXT has been flat the past few weeks. This is the problem with too many main roster call ups before having new talent ready to go. It’s been hard to watch. Still, fans must be patient. We often forget that NXT is the developmental area of WWE, as crazy as that seems. Things won’t just happen over night. Keep tuning in and start picking out your future favorites now because they won’t always suck and it won’t be long before they are main eventing shows.

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F2H’s Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up 09.19-09.25.2016


      — We kicked off the week shooting around some scenarios with John Cena’s future as a part-timer, retiring The Undertaker, and moving the WWE into a younger generation. We learned that Shelton Benjamin was injured and his WWE future is questionable at this particular point in time. He will most likely need surgery and may be on the injured list for several months.

      — Monday Night Raw gave us the go home show leading up to tonight’s pay-per-view. We saw a women’s tag match, Rusev taking on Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens in a steel cage! Plus, the introduction of the Cruiserweights. All this and more in our full review of RAW.

      — Smackdown Live came at us on Tuesday and featured The Usos can full dark side, American Alpha’s return, The Miz forced to defend his Intercontinental Championship, and The Viper, Randy Orton, in action. The main event was John Cena against Dean Ambrose in singles competition. Read all about it HERE.

      — Taped from Full Sail, NXT arrived on the WWE Network on Wednesday. Samoa Joe gave William Regal a very stern ultimatum about Shinsuke Nakamura and the rest of the locker room. Cruiserweight Classic Tournament competitor, Cedric Alexander, made his NXT in-ring debut. And Austin Aries called out Hideo Itami. Read all about the latest taping right HERE.

      — Dixie Carter won the week with yet another fantastic episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling. The stage is slowly being set for Bound For Glory. We saw the Grand Championship tournament finals lock in their last two, Maria Kanellis-Bennett public training, an X-Division Championship match, and a four-man tag team match for the main event featuring Lashley, EC3, Moose, and The Miracle. Read about the entire stellar broadcast HERE.

      — The last NJPW before Wrestle Kingdom came to us from AXSTV on Friday, featuring a CMLL World Welterweight Championship title defense, and a tag match between four warring competitors. The main event was Hiroshi Tanahashi and Katsuyori Shibata taking on Kazuchika Okada and Tomohiro Ishii, and boy did they go to war. Read the full play-by-play HERE.

      — And of course, tonight is WWE’s Clash of Champions PPV live from Indianapolis, IN. Face To Heel will be live from the arena! We will try to Tweet, get lots of photos, and soak in every wonderful moment. Read all about our full match predictions HERE and be sure to follow our site and our writers on twitter: @FaceToHeel, @OhhhTweener, @MrNotWell. Enjoy the show everybody and we’ll see you tomorrow for Monday Night Raw!

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NXT Match Results and Review (09.21.2016)


      If you missed last week’s episode, check out our full review featuring Shinsuke Nakamura being carried out on a stretcher and a GLORIOUS match from Bobby Roode. This article is being posted a day late because the WWE Network in the Face to Heel household was not working at all last night.

      The show starts with a recap of Samoa Joe taking out Shinsuke Nakamura. After the video, Joe comes down to the ring. Joe somehow has a copy of Shinsuke’s medical report. He has contusions in his lower lumbar, a clavicle separation, and shoulder and elbow injuries. His injuries will not require surgery, but he will need rest for 6-12 weeks. Crowd boos. I have already lost interest in this segment. Even if I bought into kayfabe, pretty sure reading someone’s medical report on live television is something close to a felony. So it just wouldn’t happen. But whatever, the Full Sail crowd is buying it hook, line and sinker. Joe calls out William Regal and demands the title be stripped and given back to Joe.

      He comes out and confirms Shinsuke is seriously hurt. He says he will take care of the problems Joe cause. Crowd chants his name. Joe leaves the ring and goes for Regal. He gets in his face and says Regal either makes the situation right or the entire NXT roster will be hurt like Shinsuke. At least the segment ended exciting. I look forward to Samoa Joe hurting a bunch of people. That’s always fun.

      Cedric Alexander interviewed backstage. He is set to have his NXT in-ring debut tonight against Cien. He asked Regal for the best and got what he asked for, he says. Liv Morgan is interviewed, says she came to NXT to leap hurtles. She says she wants to do whatever she needs to in order to prepare to take the NXT Women’s Championship. Asuka interrupts. She says lets find out if she has what it takes.

      Oney Lorcan comes to the ring, set to take on Austin Aries. Grappling to start, which Aries takes control of. Oney recovers with a couple of headlocks. Aries escapes, but Oney locks it back on. He rides Aries down to the mat, not removing the headlock. Crowd at Full Sail is pretty quiet tonight. Aries slaps Oney in the face in the corner. Oney shoves him to the mat, locks in a headlock, but Aries dumps him outside the ring. Back in the ring, Aries drops an elbow and tries a cover. Oney kicks out at two. Oney takes control with some strikes and throwing himself into Aries in the corner. Aries again spills him out of the ring, hits the top rope and jumps off with an elbow. Aries rolls Oney back into the ring, who turns and hits Aries with two uppercuts. He covers, but Aries barely kicks out. Rolling elbow and running dropkick by Aries. On the mat Oney meets the Last Chancery up close and personal and has no choice but to tap. Austin Aries wins via submission. Not my favorite match. Pretty standard, run-of-the-mill, and I personally feel like Oney Lorcan needs a lot of work on the NXT stage.

      After the match, Austin Aries gets on the mic and calls Hideo Itmai a “big coward.” Hideo’s music hits and he comes out. He gets in the ring and Austin Aries turns and rolls out of the ring. He jogs up the ramp with his arms raised and leaves. Crowd boos. Hideo stands in the ring angry. Man, that surgery scar on his arm is ugly as hell. Dan Matha promo package after. He is set to debut in two weeks.

      Aliyah and Billie Kay wrestling next for some NXT women’s action. Aliyah is really impressive the first couple of minutes, utilizing the ropes and puling out some nice moves. Crowd is still flat for this one, too. I hate a quiet audience. Billie turns the tables and stomps Aliyah in the corner. Neckbreaker by Aliyah leads to a cover, but Billie kicks out. Billie hits a big boot to the face and covers for the pinfall. Just not enough time given to these ladies. They are good, but just when you get into a match they wrap it up. I really like Aliyah. She is a great worker.

      Mandy Rose backstage interviewed about Ember Moon. She says she looks like The Hunger Games. When she gets in the ring with her, she will make sure she is, “totally eclipsed.” Okay. That was terrible.

      Cruiserweight Cedric Alexander is coming down to take on Andrade “Cien” Almas. On a sidenote, can we just pick one name for the guy? The roster refers to him as Andrade, Cien, or Almas. Just call him Andrade and lose the rest, or call him Cien and lose the rest. He is billed as a name with a nickname. Grappling to start. The crowd finally wakes up, cheering for Cedric. A flurry of offense from Cien gets the crowd fired up. Cien dumps Cedric out of the ring and then corkscrew flips off the top rope to knock him down. Back in the ring, Cedric and Cien trade chops. Cedric off the ropes connects with a vicious kick and Cien rolls out of the ring. Cedric off the ropes again and this time he goes flying over the top rope to take down Cien. This one is evenly matched in the final moments. Both men score great offense but neither can keep the other down for a full three count. Huge backbreaker out of the corner by Cedric and he wins his NXT debut! Wow. That was great of Cien to put him over. Fun match to watch. Cedric will have a great future with WWE.

      After the match the pair shake hands and hug. An alright episode. The Samoa Joe ultimatum at the start of the show seems anti-climatic now that he didn’t come back out again the rest of the show. The addition of some of the Cruiserweights from the CWC tournament is going to help the dwindling lack of talent in NXT. The problem with main roster call-ups is that it sometimes leaves giant holes.

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NXT Match Results and Feedback (09.14.2016)


      I am skipping the live Masterchef finale to watch NXT tonight, so this better be good! Our night kicks off with former NXT champion, Samoa Joe. Joe isn’t yet medically cleared to compete, but is still due his rematch. The crowd boos him as he talks about his loss and how it made him reflect on himself. He calls himself a disgraceful champion, and acknowledge the friendships he ruined during his quest to become champ. Even so, Joe has no regrets, because his goal was to hold that championship and be the standard that NXT was held to. He then invites Shinsuke Namakura to the ring, saying he won’t leave until the champ faces him.

      After a long pause, Nakamura makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. Joe tells Nakamura that he meant everything he said before Takeover: Brooklyn. They went to war, and he has learned that not only was Namakura a deserving contender, he is a worthy champion. Joe says that as soon as he is medically cleared, he wants his rematch. Nakamura goes to respond, but decides to keep Joe in suspense before telling him that it’s on! Joe goes to leave, but returns to shake Nakamura’s hand. As Nakamura walks towards the back, Joe reappears and attacks our champion. He slams Nakamura into the steel steps, leaving him motionless on the ground as the referees beg him to leave. Joe screams “I DID THIS TO YOU!” A stretcher is brought out to tend to our injured champ and the crowd chants his name as he is strapped in by the medical staff.

      Our first match features Liv Morgan versus Rachel Fazio. The two lock up, with Morgan trying for a roll-up early on but missing the mark. Morgan flips over Fazio, brushes off her shoulder, then hits her with an arm drag. Fazio gets back in the match, pinning Morgan in the corner. Morgan hits a drop kick and starts to get hyped up, but Fazio manages to counter and get her up on her shoulders. Morgan is then able to lock Fazio in a submission and get a quick tap for the victory. A shaky match for both women. Morgan grabs a microphone and calls out Fazio for tapping out. She then says that she wants to fight for the NXT Women’s Championship.

      Drew Gulak from the Cruiserweight Classic is up next to face Hideo Itami. Gulak is ready to go; amped up and in Itami’s face before the bell rings. The two lock up, and Gulak delivers a vicious slap cross Itami’s face. He responds with one of his own before taking Gulak down with knees to the midsection. Itami mocks Gulak with a kick to the head, and tries to charge him, but Gulak slips in a dropkick. Gulak locks up Itami’s leg to force a tap, but Itami manages to break free only to get his arms wrenched behind his back. Itami is getting hit over and over again, but just getting angry about it. He lands a strong kick to Gulak’s throat and the crowd begins chanting “GTS!” Itami hits it, and pins Gulak for the win. A very solid match by both men.

      Up next, the Authors of Pain have a tag match against local talent. The Authors gang up on their unfortunate opponent while shooting glares at the other back in his corner. Akam of the Authors attacks one man while Rezar looks after the other. The two gang up to deliver a bodyslam, then hit a clothesline for Rezar to get the pin for the victory. An incredibly fast squash match, but I don’t know much about the Authors other than they’re big and don’t seem to speak much English.

      No Way Jose and Bobby Roode are in our main event tonight, and Roode is so shiny! The fans are chanting “That was Glorious!” They move on to singing his song as Roode gets Jose in a headlock. He knocks Jose to the mat, but Jose counters and hits an arm drag, dancing in victory. The crowd is not saying “You’re Not Glorious!” Jose drives Roode from the ring, then dives from the apron to take him down again. Back in the ring, Roode is able to hit a spine buster and regain control of the match. He gets Jose caught on the rope, shoving his chest into it. Jose is hit with a suplex and looks to be in trouble. Jose hits a crossbody into a pin, but can’t finish the match. Jose starts hitting punches in the middle of the ring, then gets Roode on his shoulders and nearly gets the win after slamming him into the mat. Jose tries to finish the match, but Roode counters with a neckbreaker. He yells GLORIOUS and hits a DDT for the win! This was such a fun match; I’m glad it was the main event.

      Tonight started off fantastic with Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe’s confrontation. It was a little shake in the middle, but ended in such a GLORIOUS way! I hope the women’s division gets beefed up; they are going to have to find some serious competition for Asuka. Follow us on @facetoheel on Twitter for updates throughout the week, and let us know what you think about the “injury” to Nakamura in the comments below.

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Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up (09.05-09.11.2016)


      Greetings, pro-wrestling fans! This has been a very interesting week in the world of sports entertainment! We shit the bed on Monday and Tuesday and missed our weekly Raw and Smackdown Live episodes. Our sincere apologies. Our laptop bit the bullet and left us stranded. We had to improvise most of the week but we are finally back and better than ever! So here’s what you may have missed this week in wrestling.

      — The late, great Mr. Fuji got his own Collection added to the WWE Network featuring his work as a solo competitor, tag partner, and manager. Alberto Del Rio officially got released by the WWE. Fans around the world were left wondering if his girlfriend, WWE Superstar Paige, was transitioning out of the company as well. The beloved fan favorites American Alpha took their tag team antics to Sportscenter’s Off The Top Rope Wednesday night to discuss their start as partners, amateur careers, and future as a team. The Coach kept it light and it was just a likable interview for the pair of future Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

      — Wednesday night gave us some serious wrestling action as NXT saw four matches during the hour long broadcast including: Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, Ember Moon, and TM61. It was a fun show and the Full Sail Crowd was lively. Read all about it HERE. Following NXT, the WWE Network gave us the final round of quarter-final matches for the Cruiserweight Classic. Zack Sabre Jr. took on Noam Dar and T.J. Perkins wrestled Rich Swann. It was two more classic matches for the CWC and set the stage for next week’s live two hour finale. See who made the Final Four in our full review.

      — Thursday Night! I knew you’d come! Yes, TNA brought us a brand new episode of Impact Wrestling. And yes, Broken Matt Hardy treated the entire world to another fantastically epic moment in pro-wrestling history. Decay (Rosemary, Abyss, Crazzy Steve) invaded Cameron, North Carolina and tried to steal King Maxell. It was one for the history books as Decay or Delete gave us more fireworks, more green mist, and more insane Hardy moments than ever before. And if that wasn’t enough, Gail Kim tagged with Jade, the King of the Mountain Championship was retired, and The Miracle got an opponent for Bound For Glory. Don’t hesitate to read all about #ImpactOnPOP!

      — AXSTV brought us some killer tag team action on Friday’s new episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling. It was worth watching and featured some of Japan’s biggest names. Read all about the phenomenal hour long broadcast HERE. We don’t typically cover UFC on here, but we did this past Saturday as UFC 203 saw the debut of former WWE World Champion CM Punk in the octagon. Unfortunately it was a brutal first fight. Mickey Gall tapped Punk out in the first round. We covered the event briefly HERE.

      — And of course, last night Smackdown Live presented the 2016 Backlash pay-per-view. It was a premiere event and was arguably one of the best live WWE Network shows put on so far this year. We crowned a first time ever Smackdown Women’s Champion, first time ever Smackdown Tag Team Champions, and both the Intercontinental and World titles were defended. Who won? Who retained? Well, you don’t think we’re gonna give that information away here do ya?! You have to go read our article with full match results and feedback. That’s all for now. See you tonight for Monday Night Raw!

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NXT Full Match Results and Review (09.07.2016)


      I’m excited to be back among the living on Wednesday nights and able to watch NXT live. With Shinsuke Nakamura as our champion and Bayley off on Raw, the entire landscape has changed. Tonight, we’ll get an interview with Asuka, but first, we have a tag match with Shane Thorne and Nick Miller of TM61 and Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari of the Cruiserweight Classic. Thorne and Nese start things off, with Nese effortlessly flying around the ring to out-maneuver Thorne. Daivari and Miller are tagged in, Miller gets pinned in the wrong corner as our CWC competitors dominate TM61.

      Nese makes an amazing dive out of the ring, but not to be shown up, Thorne takes a dive of his own and shows that TM61 can fly with the best of them. With the distraction by Daivari, Nese takes a cheap shot on Thorne. Nese lifts Thorne high, throws him on the ropes, then hits a high knee into a pin. Miller is desperate for a pin, but Nese and Daivari won’t allow it. Daivari taunts Miller, allowing Thorne to sneak in an uppercut. Nese and Miller are tagged in, and Miller starts delivering slaps to the face, then a forearm into an unsuccessful pin. TM61 is getting their footing back, nearly getting the win but Daivari breaks it up. Daivari hits a frogsplash into a pin, but can’t get it done. TM61 tag team Daivari with Thunder Valley, allowing Miller to get the pin and win the match. An absolutely phenomenal showing by all four athletes.

      Tom Phillips shows us his interview with Asuka from earlier today. Asuka says she was excited by the Brooklyn crowd during her title match with Bayley. She calls Bayley the heart of NXT and says she fought hard, but Asuka fought harder. Our current champion is still undefeated, and Phillips goes through the list of competitors she has destroyed. Asuka says she cleared out the women’s division; the women who went to Raw and Smackdown got saved because they don’t have to fight her anymore. The championship is of the utmost importance to Asuka. She defends it for herself and for her country, then addresses her fans in Japan in her foreign . Finally, Asuka says that no one is ready for her. She will be hard to dethrone.

      Ember Moon is set to compete next against Leah Von, who to her credit, isn’t looking intimidated in the least. Von is able to get Moon into a headlock, but Moon launches herself off the ropes and into a crossbody on Von. Moon is struggling a bit to get her footing, as Von launches her into a corner, then shows off with a cartwheel. Moon gets Von into the corner and flips into a clothesline. She goes to the top rope as the crowd cheers, and grabs Von’s head to deliver a stunner and pin her for the victory. Moon is a serious competitor and I’m glad she’s a part of the NXT roster.

      Backstage, No Way Jose addresses the disrespect he received from Bobby Roode. He promises to make sure that Roode finds out that no one messes with No Way Jose. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano are also backstage discussing injuries. They will get a chance to compete next week at the Cruiserweight Classic to prove that they are back at 100% and able to take on The Revival.

      Our next match is Andrade “Cien” Almas versus Austin Aries. Cien gets Aries to his knees quickly with a wrist lock, but Aries is able to counter with an arm bar. Aries goes into a handstand and then hits a dropkick before taking a break and lounging on the ropes. After Cien gets a few good hits in and tries for a pin, Aries takes a break outside of the ring. He tries to throw Cien from the ring, but he catches himself on the ropes and then throws Aries towards the barricade. Cien goes to the top rope, then Aries shoves him off, sending him head first into the ramp.

      After the short commercial break, both men are back in the ring with Aries in control. Half the crowd is chanting for Aries, the other half thinks he sucks. Hugn up on the ropes, Cien manages to get a kick in to get Aries down. He is trying to get the crowd behind him, but Aries sneaks in a dropkick into a pin. Both men are on the ropes, with Cien able to elbow Aries off of him. He flips off and gets Aries down for a near pinfall. The two begin trading punches, then Aries delivers a deafening chop. Cien tries for a hurricanrana, but Aries counters it into a powerbomb to a Last Chancery, and gets the win via tap out. The crowd wasn’t as into this match as they should have been; it was a killer match.

      Our main event is Shinsuke Nakamura versus Steve Cutler, with Samoa Joe on commentary. Nakamura’s entrance gets me every single time; I’m never getting sick of this. I love the crowd participation in his song, I love his charisma; he has that special something that only comes around once in a blue. Samoa Joe doesn’t seem as impressed, but he does say that Nakamura was the better man in Brooklyn and he deserves that championship. The crowd starts chanting “Shinsuke’s gonna kill you” as the bell rings and the two men approach each other.

      Cutler tries to get close, but Nakamura won’t allow it, with well times kicks. They eventually lock up, and Nakamura sneaks in a kick to his head. The crowd is chanting for Cutler to take the count out, as Nakamura hits him with a hard knee before pinning him in the corner. He charges Cutler, who is able to counter and throw Nakamura into the corner and deliver some hard hits. He pins the champ, but Nakamura is out quick. Cutler tries for a Suplex, but Nakamura hits him with a knee and then gives us a clinic on why he is King of Strong Style. He throws Cutler over his head, then hits the Kinshasa for the win! Man, that title looks good on Nakamura. We close out the show with our champion holding his title high.

      Next week, No Way Jose will face off with Bobby Roode, which I’m anxious to see. This was an absolutely amazing episode of NXT; if you missed it tonight, get on the network now and watch! It was much better than last week’s episode. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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NXT Match Results and Feedback (08.31.2016)


      Last week gave us a pretty dull episode of NXT, post-Takeover. But the card was on fire in Brooklyn and we now have Shinsuke Nakamura as our champion. Let’s see what the WWE Network has in store for us tonight.

      Segment from earlier in the day with Samoa Joe and physical trainer. The doctor tells William Regal that Joe is not cleared for tonight and won’t be anytime soon. Not good. The injuries within WWE have been staggering lately. The Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger, comes out first as the crowd cheers. He is set to take on Buddy Murphy. Slow going to start. Murphy tries to play some mind games and Dillinger takes him down to the mat. Crowd is dead silent just a few seconds in. Dillinger manages to get the audience to chant ten. Big elbow by Murphy ends that. Dillinger slams his head against the turnbuckle. Murphy leaps the ropes and slams Dillinger down. Forearm to the face and Murphy covers. Dillinger kicks out at one, garnering a one chant from the crowd. Couple of chops from Dillinger. He bounces off the ropes but Murphy tosses him over the top rope to the outside. Back in the ring, Murphy hits two knees to the face off the top rope. Dillinger barely kicks out at two. So far this one has been really standard, albeit boring. Couple of sloppy clotheslines by Dillinger. He then stomps Murphy in the corner multiple times. Dillinger removes his knee pad and hits the Tye Breaker for the pinfall and win. That one was just empty and flat. No substance, no life. Just two guys going through the motions. That shit right there won’t get you called up to the main roster, I can promise you that.

      Tommaso Ciampa is interviewed backstage. He starts cutting a promo on The Revival, but they come up from behind and jump him. They beat him through the back, through the curtain, and then into the ring. Scott Dawson gets on the mic and says everybody’s a tough guy until they get their ass kicked. They hit Shatter Machine on Ciampa, as the crowd boo’s, then leave.

      Steve Cutler comes to the ring; crowd could care less. His opponent, Kenneth Crawford, comes out; crowd may care even less for the second entrance. On a side note, Crawford has a really weird looking chest. He has little teabag nipples that hang off his deflated pecs. Super weird. The match starts with some minor grappling. Both these guys look like generic create-a-characters in WWE2K. Even their ring gear is basic. Steve Cutler wins this one by pinfall. Just not into this match at all. Another dud. Disappointing night so far from NXT. There’s another one of those Sanity vignettes after the match, which we are assuming might be for the soon returning Eric Young?

      No Way Jose comes out and the crowd gets all fired up. I do a little dance on my couch. Fun stuff. Glad people are finally starting to come around to him. He was burned on his debut as some people didn’t like his demeanor. But he’s really awesome if you ask me. Angelo Dawkins comes down. Interesting. This should be a really great matchup. This broadcast definitely needs a pick-me-up. Fun, fast-paced start to this one. Crowd with dueling chants for both guys. When we saw Dawkins at a live show a few months ago he was really entertaining as a heel and put on a great show. Dawkins hits some strong attacks and Jose keeps the crowd invested. He is always entertaining. He ends this one with a full Nelson slam for the pinfall. Crowd sings and dances along as they play his song out. That match was just the right length. Get in, put in work, get gone. I dug it. No Way Jose jumps the barricade and heads out into the crowd, dancing with everybody.

      Liv Morgan comes down to the ring next. I guess she’s cool. She just seems like a Carmella knock-off to me so I haven’t really given her a chance. Her opponent, Aliyah, skips down to the ring. Sloppy start with some soft or missed moves. Aliyah takes control and dominates with some decent offense. Both these girls are green, but the shell is there and they have potential to get better. Submission hold by Aliyah. She uses her leg to hammer the back of Morgan’s head. Cover, but kick out at two. Dropkick from Morgan followed by a pair of clotheslines. Then a running bulldog. She backs up to the corner and when Aliyah stands up, Morgan hits her with a really weird kick that doesn’t look like it even lands. Morgan covers for the pinfall victory. Wishy-washy match. But practice makes perfect, and the more matches they get, the better they’ll be come.

      The new NXT Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, makes a grand entrance to the excitement of the crowd. And damn don’t that title just look so good on his waist? Before he can speak, crowd starts chanting his name which then bleeds into “You Deserve It!” Nakamura says he’s accomplished everything he could. He wanted to face the best competition in the world and the only place he could do that was NXT. Crowd starts an NXT chant. “I wanted to challenge myself to see how good I was,” he says. He names off beating Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe. Nakamura says he has worn championship belts before but the NXT title means the most. He says he has respect for Samoa Joe, but that his era is over. “Now is the era of Strong Style! YEAHOH!”

      The end really put a nice bow on a crappy present. Not the best NXT episode. But at least Nakamura saved it at the end. For such a language barrier he really did well on his own. You have to pay attention when he speaks, but I knew every word he was saying. Who do you think his first title defense should be against? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

      Please take a moment to visit the Go Fund Me page of some fellow pro-wrestling fans and donate if you can.

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F2H Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up (Aug 22 – 28, 2016)

Wrestling Wrap Up

      –Monday Night Raw kicked off with the shocking news that Finn Balor had gotten injured at SummerSlam and would be vacating the title. Balor had to relinquish the title to Raw General Manager, Mick Foley. He had successful surgery on Wednesday and started Day 1 of his comeback on Thursday. We wish him a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, Mick and Stephanie McMahon had a tournament to come up with four competitors next week for a Fatal-4-Way to crown a new Universal Champion. The four participants will be Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Big Cass, and Kevin Owens. After some okay matches, and some pretty weak programming, Vince gave us yet another disappointing Raw to start the week. Read our full review and all match results HERE. We’ll find out who the second all time Universal Champion is next week. Face To Heel has all their money bet on Kevin Owens.

      –Meanwhile on Smackdown Live, they kicked Raw’s teeth in. To start the show Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, and Shane McMahon had all the tag teams in the ring along with all the women. They unveiled Smackdown Tag Team Championships and a Smackdown Women’s Championship that people can’t stop bitching about. Heath Slater got a tag teammate and another opportunity to try and earn a contract. The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, got a new opponent at the Backlash pay-per-view. The show was lit and got us pretty excited for the Smackdown exclusive show on the WWE Network in a few weeks. Read our full review HERE. After the show, The Miz was on Talking Smack and ripped Daniel Bryan a new one. D-Bry called him soft and said he wrestled weak, even going so far as to call Miz a coward. What happened next, set Miz up for a career booster.

      –Wednesday night gave us a pretty hollow episode of NXT. It piggy-backed off the Takeover Brooklyn show so there was a lot of recaps and only two matches. The matches themselves were decent. Here’s our full review. After NXT, however, we got yet another fantastic episode of the Cruiserweight Classic. Rich Swann fought Lince Dorado, Zack Sabre Jr took on Drew Gulak, and  T.J. Perkins took on Johnny Gargano. All three matches wrapped up the quarter-finals. It was a great broadcast. You can read all about it HERE.

      –Dixie Carter did it again this past Thursday with another entertaining TNA Impact Wrestling episode. We had a battle royal to get an opponent for Lashley next week, Broken Jeff Hardy fought Abyss (and Broken Matt bit somebody, naturally), we crowned a new Knockouts Champion, and Ethan Carter III took on Drew Galloway in the main event to determine the #1 Contender for the world title at Bound For Glory. Aron Rex was the special guest referee. Read all bout this great show HERE.

      –And AXSTV rounded out the week with a new broadcast of NJPW. Only two matches on the card but they were terrific to watch. Karl Anderson challenged Shinsuke Nakamura for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Later, Tomohiro Ishii and Tomoaki Honma battled for the NEVER Openweight Championship. It was a fun show and Jim Ross and Josh Barnett did wonderful on commentary, as per usual. Read all about the epic title matches HERE.

      That’s all for this week. See you all tomorrow night for RAW! If you have a moment, please check out a Go Fund Me page for a woman suffering from fibromyalgia. She could use your help, donations, and a share on social media to spread the word.

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NXT Results and Feedback (08.24.2016)


      All new episode of NXT from Full Sail University hits tonight, and I couldn’t be more excited. If you missed Takeover: Brooklyn 2, we were treated to an amazing night and a new NXT Champion in Shinsuke Nakamura. Let’s see what the WWE Network has for us tonight!

      The show kicks off with the Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger. Crowd goes ballistic as he enters. The music for Wesley Blake hits and the crowd starts to boo. Crowd starts a ten chant, as Dillinger stalks Blake. They tie up and push off each other against the ropes. Dillinger crams him in the corner, but Blake reverses it and grabs him in a headlock. Crowd loud and angry, booing at Blake. Dillinger kicks him in the gut towards the corner and then chops him. Blake thumbs Dillinger in the eye and takes control. Huge clothesline from Blake and he covers for a one count. Chinlock puts Dillinger on the mat. Crowd starts another ten chant and Dillinger fights back, rolling Blake up for a near pinfall in a small package. Blake does a backstabber off the rope into a two count. Blake tries a move off the top rope, misses, and Dillinger makes him pay by throwing him into the corner. Clothesline, then another, stomps in the corner, and Dillinger takes control. Side Russian leg sweep and then he pulls his knee brace down. Tye Breaker finisher and Dillinger covers for the pinfall. Solid little match. Crowd was great, both guys held their own, and a nice story was told. Kept it brief and simple. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Nice start to the show.

      Interview backstage with Bobby Roode, asked about his NXT debut at Takeover. He says beating Cien was the first step towards “cleaning up NXT.” Austin Aries cuts a great promo on Hideo Itami, also taking shots at Baron Corbin and No Way Jose. And then a really sad promo package of Bayley through the years with NXT and her heartbreaking loss at Takeover. It’s a tearjerker. And a good promo from The Revival fresh off their successful title defense this past Saturday.

      TM61 come down to face to monstrous Authors of Pain. Pain is accompanied by Paul Ellering. Before the bell even rings, Pain come into the ring and shove TM61 to the ground. The four start fighting throughout the ring. TM61 clean house and toss the Authors of Pain out of the ring, and follow them out off the ropes and leaping over the top rope to knock them down. Ellering gets his guys to settle down. Finally, the two teams go to their corners and we get two guys in the ring. The ref rings the bell. It’s not long before the Authors of Pain take over the match with some massive moves. I don’t know any of the four guys individual names yet, so forgive the limited coverage in this article. Crowd falls silent as the Authors of Pain destroy one member of TM61 in their corner. A really nice back and forth story in this one. Pain dominates harshly at times, and TM61 fights back with quick action. Nice job to all four competitors. TM61 double team and take down one of the Pain members. Near fall, but he kicks out at two. This is a fun tag match. Double powerbombs by Authors of Pain, taking down both members of TM61 at once. Pain hit their finisher for the pinfall. I really enjoyed that match. Brief, but loaded. That was pleasant to watch. Ellering is going to take them to the top.

      Only two matches tonight, but they were nice. Shinsuke Nakamura is supposed to come out next week, so we’ll find out who his next challenger is going to be as Samoa Joe needs time off to heal his jaw. See in a few for the Cruiserweight Classic!

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