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CM Punk Chants Continue From The WWE Universe


      Editor’s Note: In March of this year, we posted an article titled Why We Chant For CM Punk. Although Punk has long since moved on to greener, more bruised pastures, this post is still one of our most clicked links from search engines and so we are doing an updated version of it here. 

      Last night, Monday Night Raw came to us from Cincinnati, OH. The fans began chanting for CM Punk during the Cruiserweight match. It was a disrespectful move to Tony Neese and our Cruiserweight Champion, TJ Perkins, but it almost seems unavoidable. No matter how often Punk stresses that he is done with WWE, fans continue to not only chant his name, but bring signs catered to him at live events.

      Punk made his UFC debut in Cleveland, Ohio on September 10th against Mickey Gall. He was submitted via rear naked choke at 2 minutes and 14 seconds in the first round. Punk outlasted Gall’s last opponent, who submitted at the 45 second mark in the first round. After 20 months of training and two surgeries, Punk made a strong debut regardless of what the haters may say. He refused to give up until there was no other option and lasted longer than many of his fellow fighters could have. Still, it was a dismal debut.

      I was genuinely nervous during Punk’s UFC fight. I have never been so invested in two short minutes. It was heartbreaking, exciting, and put my husband and I through a whirlwind of emotions in just a few seconds. Current and past WWE stars have had mixed reviews on his debut, ranging from “uncomfortable” and a sign that he should pursue another career, to “inspiring” and a great effort for a first fight.

      As can be expected, a lot of people have hinted that his so-called failure in UFC should prompt Punk to return to WWE where he is already established as a winner. Not an event goes by in his hometown of Chicago where we don’t see fans wearing his shirts and hear at least one crowd chant for his appearance. And as we saw on Monday Night RAW, Punk is clearly still over as a fan favorite.

      We can probably safely say that Punk will never set foot in a WWE ring again, and we can also safely say that the chants won’t stop for a long time. It’s not about the hope of him returning anymore, we’re past that. We chant for CM Punk because us Punk fans respect the hell out of the man. Even though he isn’t watching Monday Night Raw, we chant his name and hope somehow he knows how much we appreciate what he has done for professional wrestling. Regardless of where he goes from here, we’ll be supporting him and looking for any excuse to chant his name.

Article by Mrs. Jamie Bakermrsjcb


CM Punks Loses His UFC Debut

UFC welterweight Phil “CM Punk” Brooks at Roufusport Academy in Milwaukee on Aug. 29, 2016.

      CM Punk quit wrestling. And although this is a wrestling blog, first and foremost we are a fighting sports household and we support all things Phil and AJ Brooks. As such, we were crazy excited to learn that CM Punk was trying his hand at UFC. Plagued by uncertainty and injuries, some doubted we would ever get to this moment. Nobody took Punk seriously. In fact, most thought Punk would be embarrassed beyond words. “Tonight’s going to be fun. You’re going to see a celebrity get beat up.” Those were the sentiments of  Mickey Gall, Punk’s opponent this evening.

      The stage was set for Punk to put his entire reputation on the line. Win or lose, the entire world was watching. And when the smoke cleared and the dust settled… CM Punk was not victorious. And now, a play by play of the actual match.

      Mickey Gall walks out to the song “Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine” fixing his hair and looking like a frat boy who just got acquitted of his rape charges. For all the shit he talked during the last few weeks, he does not at all carry himself as a confident man. He nearly drops his mouthpiece when he fumbles to put it in. He dances to his obnoxious song. For all outward appearances, he does not seem to be taking the fight very seriously which could cost him. Then again, maybe he just doesn’t see Punk as a threat.

      Meanwhile CM Punk comes out to his Cult of Personality entrance song he used in WWE. He laughs at the crowd’s reaction, then wipes the smile off his face and comes out wide eyed and looking about as anxious as a man having a debut fight on a live PPV can be. This isn’t wrestling. It isn’t pre-determined. Punches aren’t pulled here. Punk is in a whole other league. Time to sink or swim. Joe Rogan says he is excited to see this fight because he has no idea what to expect, and says to do this with no previous experience at his age means Punk has balls. When Punk takes his shirt off he looks ready. He is slimmed, muscular and ready to go. Punk enters and Gall smirks and follows him around the ring. Vegas odds are +300 for CM Punk, the clear underdog here.

      Just before the ref starts the match, the crowd starts a CM Punk chant. Right out of the gate, Gall takes Punk down and lands several big shots. It is ugly and scary. Gall gets on Punk’s back and tries for a choke hold. Punk manages to block it momentarily. Choke is locked in. Punk gets out of it. A few moments later, Punk is bleeding. Gall gets the choke hold in and Punk taps the mat. The ref calls it.  The crowd boos Gall and he mouths, “What did you think was going to happen?” Of course he did, immature kid. After the doctor checks on him, Punk goes over and congratulates Gall and raises his arm in victory.

      Punk’s left ear and his face is bloodied and swollen in parts. He looks on the verge of tears and who can blame him? He worked his ass off for this and it was over in a matter of seconds. After watching The Evolution of CM Punk, I really wanted the guy to either win or at least go the distance. It wasn’t meant to be. Too old, too outclassed. It’s a shame. After the fight Punk tells Joe Rogan it has been the second best night of his life after marrying AJ. And he assures the crowd he will be back. Face To Heel wishes Punk all the best and hope he lives to fight another day. One loss isn’t a career. To put things in perspective, even Brock Lesnar has lost fights. And we’re pretty sure CM Punk isn’t on steroids. What did you think of the fight? Does Punk have the bones of a fighter that he can build upon and come back to win future fights? Let us know in the comments below.

Article by Jamie Curtis Baker20140601_175649