Recently, my wife and I came into what Dusty Rhodes so eloquently called, “Hard times.” We started a go fund me page and the results so far have been more than we could have ever hoped for. If you can contribute or know anyone that can, please share this link. Here is a copy of the Go Fund Me text as well as a photo link at the bottom. Thank you!

“You know when people talk about “rock bottom”? Well, I feel like that’s where I’m at. Last October, my wife fell outside and bruised her tailbone. About a month later, she had increasing pain in her back. When she finally went to the doctor, she had severly herniated a disc towards the base of her spine. At the time, the so-called specialist we saw said that there were two options: injections or major surgery. We opted for the injections.

My wife was told that the injections would have a 50/50 chance of working. She got the injections and several different prescriptions. The pain did not subside, and in fact grew much worse. She seeked a second opinion and was told by a seemingly more qualified specialists that the doctor who did the injections had missed the mark and had instead hit a nerve cluster. Over the course of a few months my wife went from lower back pain to now experiencing pain all over her body because of nerve damage. She began to walk with a limp. She lost the feeling in one of her feet. And she was constantly tormented by her injury.

Essentially, parts of her nerves had died. This caused unimaginable pain. In January they scheduled her for surgery; unfortunately the waiting list was six weeks. On a cold, winter day in February, my wife was put under the knife. They performed a two inch incision in her lower back and went in to remove damaged parts and attempt to correct the problem. She was discharged, put on even more medication, and was sent home with instructions to not lift anything over five pounds until at least August.

The medication took it’s toll, as those things do. She has stomach issues, problems with her bowel movements, headaches, and trouble maintaining a normal sleep cycle. The pain lessened slightly, and feeling returned to her extremeties, but by May the pain was still there and she wasn’t healing as expected. She began to feel pain randomly throughout her body. When she went in for further tests, they diagonsed her with fibromyalgia. The doctor hopes it is only temporary as her body regrows out damaged nerve cells and continues healing. But as of now she is on twelve different medications and mostly confined to a bed or propped up on the couch. She has not worked in almost ten months.

Throughout this entire process, the company she works for has been extraordinarily helpful, and working with AETNA, she has managed to keep a marginal amount of income coming into our house. I work a full 40 hours a week and so far it has been enough to keep us afloat. Four weeks ago, my wife received notice that AETNA is denying any further claims and has she has exhausted her paid time off at work, she has not received a paycheck the last two pay periods. This has been a huge burden on us and we’ve barely made ends meet.

We discussed me possibly getting a second job, but with a ten year old son, and a hundred pound dog, it would be all but impossible to leave my wife at home to take care of our kids, either human or furry. We have a mortgage, two car payments, and a piling mountain of medical bills. We have been stretched to our limit, draining our savings and emergency funds, and borrowing what we could from relatives. We’re maxed out and do not know what to do. My friend Ross suggested this website and so now here I am, begging and pleading for your sympathy.

The amount I am requesting is for three months worth of mortgage payments, plus an additional $500 for a few substantial grocery trips. While this amount won’t pay all our bills, it will keep a roof over our head while my wife tries to recover and I continue fighting on to keep our heads above water. I’m not sure what to expect here or really how this thing works. But if you can help, please do. If you can’t, thank you at least for taking the time to read about my troubles. God bless, take care, and have a good day.


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