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A Review of Smackdown Live’s No Mercy PPV


      After WWE tweeted that not only would Becky Lynch not be able to compete at the No Mercy PPV due to medical reasons, but that the main event would start the show, my husband decided that we would skip writing a results article and just try to enjoy the show. The first Smackdown exclusive PPV, Backlash, had a terrible card but turned out to be a great three hours, so I went into No Mercy with a healthy amount of optimism. My mistake.

      Curt Hawkins was initially going to have his debut match at No Mercy, but instead popped out randomly during the preshow at around 7:15pm EST before the majority of fans were even in their seats. He walked to the ring to a list of Chuck Norris-type facts while waving around a walking stick. Hawkins announced that his first match would actually be on October 11th on Smackdown, and the crowd couldn’t care less. This was such a poor choice for what was meant to be a strong debut.

      The preshow kickoff match featured The Hype Bros and American Alpha versus The Ascension and The Vaudevillains. It was a solid fight, with the Hype Bros and American Alpha picking up the win after a nine minute match. I don’t think this was the best use of the preshow though. We have an entire hour to eat up, and the match only gets 15% of that time? We don’t need to hear Jerry Lawler sexually harass female talent for 45 minutes. Give us longer and better preshow matches.

      Our first match was the “main event” where AJ Styles successfully defended his title against John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat match. Styles actually tapped out, but because both Cena and Ambrose simultaneously had a submission hold on him, the match was restarted. First off, I cannot for the life of me figure out why this main event opened the PPV. I thought that maybe they were saving something else for the end of the night, but that wasn’t the case at all. Perhaps they moved it so it wasn’t airing during the debate, but that doesn’t make sense either since everything is On Demand on the Network. It was a confusing move, and I still have yet to figure out why they did it.

      Nikki Bella defeated Carmella in a decent match, but Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss in a match that would have been better left off the card. The women had a little over 5 minutes to compete, and it ended with Bliss throwing a fit after her loss. It makes her look weak and childish, which is a poor move considering she is the number one contender for Lynch’s title. Time and time again, we hear about the Women’s Revolution. I’m still waiting for it to begin.

      The highlight of the night for me was watching Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno successfully retain against The Usos. It was a solid match and it’s so amazing to hear Slater being cheered for, getting hot tags, and being able to actually perform in the ring instead of job out. The second high point for me was Dolph Ziggler defeating The Miz and becoming Intercontinental Champion. This was a twenty minute match of nonstop action. Online rumors had Ziggler leaving WWE to pursue a career in comedy, and I’m glad it wasn’t true.

      Baron Corbin defeated the new and improved Jack Swagger in a singles match that was forgettable. Our actual main event was Bray Wyatt versus Randy Orton. I was terrified that WWE was going to try and turn this into their version of Impact Wrestling’s The Great War, but they spared us. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even bother making this match a No Disqualification fight. It was good to see Bray Wyatt finally get a win, but he still didn’t get it clean thanks to a surprise return by Luke Harper. Harper didn’t interfere, simply showed up as a distraction to allow Wyatt to steal a win.

      Overall, this PPV was better suited for a Tuesday night episode of Smackdown than it was for a Sunday evening. Whatever magic went into Backlash was completely lost for No Mercy. We apologize for the lack of coverage on Sunday, but have no regrets, as any article we posted was going to tear that PPV into pieces. Hopefully they can get it together by Tuesday and give their talent the better booking they deserve.

Article by Jamie Curtis Bakermrsjcb


The TNA/WWE Rumor Mill Keeps Churning Out Unverified Reports and Rumors


      Just when you think the rumors are over about WWE purchasing TNA, they start up all over again. Prior to Bound for Glory on October 2nd, there was a large group of people who assumed that if WWE didn’t bite the bullet and buy out TNA, the BFG PPV would have to be cancelled. Obviously, neither of those things ended up happening. Now, the rumor is that WWE is looking to buy out TNA’s video library. It’s said that it may be about to happen or has already happened and simply hasn’t been announced yet.

      It’s no secret that Impact Wrestling has seen quite a few ups and downs over the years. It seems that the threat of running out of money and, to quote Matt Hardy, becoming obsolete is always hanging over their heads. It doesn’t help that Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe are a big part of NXT right now, involved in major storylines. Eric Young will be debuting soon, Austin Aries has been having stellar matches for months, and AJ Styles is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Those were five big names in TNA who are now wrestling with the enemy.

      On the flipside of that, you could argue that TNA has been able to pick up some of WWE’s talent as well, which wouldn’t happen if they were truly circling the drain. WWE’s Brodus Clay made the jump to TNA after his release, debuting as Tyrus and being featured alongside Ethan Carter III as a bodyguard. He’s now solo and in a new gimmick as The Fixer. Damien Sandow was released after creating comedy gold as The Miz’s stunt double. He debuted on TNA as Aron Rex and is now the current and inaugural Impact Grand Champion. Cody Rhodes requested his release from WWE after growing tired of the Stardust gimmick, and his wife Brandi Rhodes (ring announcer Eden Stiles) followed suit. Now known as simply “Cody,” he made his TNA debut at Bound For Glory alongside his wife by confronting Mike Bennett and wife Maria to begin a feud between the couples.

      TNA also currently has one of the most successful factions and greatest stories currently going on in any company. Jeff Hardy threw his brother Matt from a staircase in the Impact Zone and “broke” him. Matt returned as Broken Matt Hardy, a blond streak in his now frizzy hair, an insane accent, and aspirations to DELETE DELETE DELETE! We got The Final Deletion, Delete or Decay, and The Great War; three battles that are beyond epic, overly dramatic, and definite masterpieces. WWE has tried to capitalize on the success of the Broken Hardys by enlisting Bray Wyatt and company. They tried to recreate their version of The Final Deletion by pitting The Wyatt Family against The New Day in an outdoor brawl. Now they have Bray Wyatt torturing Randy Orton, who he is calling “damaged.” Try as they might, they can’t match the broken brilliance of the Hardys.

      One thing that hurts TNA is their need to tape multiple shows within a very short period of time, then show those tapings over weeks or months. TNA reportedly has already finished filming enough to carry them to the end of the year. Thanks to the internet, I already know about a major title change, and I wasn’t even searching for anything related to that. There are us fans who avoid spoilers like the plague, and then there are those fans who adore being the first to know and try to share their “knowledge” with anyone who will listen. I’m still going to be tuning in every week, but I can understand how a casual fan would just say to hell with watching after finding out about this title change.

      2017 could be TNA’s year though. With Billy Corgan edging out Dixie Carter as TNA President, big changes are in store. If WWE does buy out the library, that would give Corgan more money to use for improvements; new talent, more live tapings, and more opportunity to travel and play to different cities. There is also the idea of Corgan changing the company’s name, rebranding and starting fresh. No more TNA, no more Impact Zone. A name is just a name, but because “TNA” carries so much negativity to so many people (not to mention makes people think “tits and ass” instead of wrestling), a name change brings about a new beginning.

      Even if you’re not a fan of TNA wrestling, preferring the company of others, its existence is important. WWE is top dog, but it doesn’t thrive without TNA, NJPW, ROH, AAA, the companies that were left in the past and those that will come in the future. Your favorite wrestlers don’t get to where they are now without the independent circuits, trials and failures in other companies, and competition. TNA needs these other companies, but they also need TNA. All rumors aside, I am cheering for TNA to succeed, and if you’re a true wrestling fan, then you should be too.

Article by Mrs Jamie Bakermrsjcb


TNA Impact on POP Match Results and Full Review (10.06.2016)


      Tonight we witness the fallout four days removed from Bound For Glory. The champion Bobby Lashley kicks off the show fresh off his successful title defense Sunday. He says it doesn’t matter who comes out from the locker room, everybody needs to realize he is the realest man in the business. He calls himself the hero and the blue chipper. Aron Rex interrupts him which seems like an odd story to just start out of nowhere. Not sure about random storylines, but I’ll give TNA the benefit of the doubt and we’ll see where this goes. Rex says at BFG he changed the game and makes a big deal of his Grand Championship. Lashley says the Grand title means nothing against the World title. Then they are both interrupted by….Gail Kim? Say what?

      Gail says with all the talk about titles and “Who’s the man?”, it’s 2016 and she says women are changing the business. Just then Broken Matt Hardy comes out with Reby and Maxell (but not Jeff), with both tag belts draped around his neck. The crowd starts chanting for Maxell. Matt says, “Yes. Fellow champeens. You speak of change? I am change!” Hardy says he is always ready to delete, delete, delete. X-Division Champion DJ Z interrupts and now we have every TNA champ in the ring. DJ Z says we have a ring full of champions. Lashley says there is only one champ in the ring. He says he has a fight to prepare for and he is taking a few weeks off and let the second-rate champions stay behind.

      Billy Corgan comes out wearing a fur coat. Um, what? Corgan says all titles will be on the line tonight except X-Division because something called “Team X-Gold” is premiering tonight. Corgan says he picked three men and out of respect to Lashley, the champ gets to pick his opponent. Team X-Gold is next as we head to commercial. Very bizarre opening, but once again something new and different from TNA. They take risks every single week.

      Braxton Sutter, Mandrews and DJ Z are all on a team. Their opponents are Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Marshe Rockett. Exciting, high-octane match with lots of moves. Rockett seems out of place in this environment with both his skillset and his size. Huge powerbomb by Sutter on Trevor Lee and than Mandrews hits a beautiful shooting star press off the top rope after a tag. He covers and picks up the pinfall victory for his team. Not sure where Team X-Gold is leading, but again, it’s something new so we’ll give it a shot. That was a fun match so can’t really complain about it at all. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

      After a commercial. Moose is introduced as a potential opponent for Lashley tonight. Crowd starts a Moose chant. Eli Drake has a nice late show setup and he starts a Fact of Life segment. He says his guest for the night is known as “The Choke Artist” and he brings out Ethan Carter III. Drake antagonizes EC3 with the Dummy! Yeah! button until EC3 stops him. He says he is going to kill Drake, rip off his limbs, set him on fire and piss on the ashes. He dares Eli Drake to press the button so he can kick his ass. Well, that escalated quickly. Drake stands up and gets in EC3’s face. He cuts a fantastic promo. Wow. He lays into EC3. That was amazing. Gave me goosebumps. That’s how heels work a mic. Possibly the worst tag lashing EC3 has taken since he came to TNA.

      Eddie Edwards is introduced as another option for Lashley to wrestle tonight. Sienna comes out to face Gail Kim. As Gail poses on the apron, Sienna throws Allie into her, knocking her to the floor. Sienna picks her up and throws her into the steel post after the bell rings. Sienna gets Gail in the ring and dominates her for several moments. Out of no where, Gail rolls up Sienna for the pinfall win. Lousy match with a funky ending. Not really feelings that one. After the match Sienna and Laurel Van Ness assault Gail Kim. Maria Kanellis-Bennett gets on the mic and says she gets her rematch and that it’s going to be a no DQ match. She orders Allie to slap Gail, but she refuses and Maria shoves Allie to the floor.

      Ethan Carter III is introduced as the third option for Lashley tonight. Wolf Creek Cage Match up next with “tools of torture” hanging from the walls of the cage. Spoiler: it’s pretty much Lethal Lockdown. Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy are played out to Reby on piano, set to defend their TNA Tag Team Championships against Decay. Rosemary doesn’t come out and Matt immediately sends Reby to go look after King Maxell. Jeff and Matt work well in tandem, double teaming Crazzy Steve but Abyss helps take them down. Steve and Abyss get weapons down. Steve chokes Matt with a grappling hook. Abyss beats Jeff with a wooden stick. Steve hits Jeff with a trash can and Abyss turns the stick on Matt. The Hardy’s fight back with the same weapons and then double suplex Steve. Matt gets the chainsaw down off the cage. Before he can start it, Steve knocks him to the mat. Abyss chokeslams him, but then takes a Twist of Fate by Jeff. Jeff climbs towards the top of the cage. When he gets there, Rosemary comes down and runs up, spitting mist in his face. Reby attacks Rosemary with a rabbit head staff. Our cable feed skips ahead three minutes into the middle of a commercial for some reason and we didn’t get to see the finish. The Hardy’s retained, and from what we gathered on Twitter, Reby smeared blood on her face. Mad that I missed the ending to this one. Thanks, POP-TV.

      Cody and Brandi Rhodes come down to the ring. They finally give him a mic. I for one thought it was odd not to have him speak at Bound For Glory. Cody says, “I didn’t wait to be kicked out of my former house. I left on my own,” which garners a TNA chant from the crowd. He says he came there for one thing, and it’s not to wrestle a guy on his list, Mike Bennett. He wants the world heavyweight championship; at which point Mike Bennett interrupts. Mike tries to start speaking but the crowd cuts him off chanting Cody’s name. Mike starts to speak but he says the word “fight” and Cody immediately interrupts saying, “We should fight!” and then he attacks Mike. Cody gets on the mic and says he wants his first match next week to be against The Miracle.

      Grand Championship bout next with Aron Rex defending against Baron Dax. First round starts off with Rex being aggressive. Dax fights back and hits a neck breaker. He goes for a quick cover, but Rex kicks out at two. For the next two minutes Dax dominates Rex with unrelenting attack. The first round ends with Dax mounting Rex and bashing him with punches.  The judges give round one unanimously to Dax. He continues going after Rex at the start of the second round. Rex reverses a neck breaker and locks in the Royal Arch submission and 40 seconds into round two Rex wins via submission! Aron Rex retains his title. Brief but hearty match. I enjoyed that a lot, to be honest.

      Lashley comes to the ring and his three opponents come out to the top of the ramp. Lashley picks what he calls the easiest of the three and gives Eddie Edwards a title shot. The bell rings and Lashley sprints at Eddie. He ducks and throws Lashley shoulder first into the post. Lashley isn’t taken down and he tosses Eddie. Lashley pins him against the ropes and punches him. Suplex by Lashley and a cover, but Eddie kicks out. Powerbomb by Lashley and Eddie just can’t find any offense. Powerslam by Lashley and this thing is looking one-sided. Lashley sets up for the spear and Eddie ducks and spills him outside the ring. Eddie dives out after him, the two colliding with the steel guard rail.

      Eddie leaps out again, connecting with his opponent. Eddie tries for a third time but Lashley moves and Eddie goes flying into the steel guard rail. Back in the ring, Eddie Edwards hits Boston Tea Party finisher and pins Bobby Lashley! Holy shit! Eddie Edwards is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion! That was very unexpected. What!? That was just another blockbuster episode of TNA, again beating out Raw and Smackdown both this week. Billy Corgan and Company continue to raise the bar, take risks, and push the boundaries of their promotion. Gets better every week and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Article by Jamie Curtis Bakerfotoflexer_photo


The Broken Matt Hardy Saga Continues To Be One Of The Best Things In Professional Wrestling


      Earlier this year, Matt Hardy turned heel, winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Ethan Carter III in January. What started as a subtle, typical pro-wrestling story, evolved into an ever expanding universe of strange weirdness. After being injured (in kayfabe) by his brother Jeff in an I Quit Match soon after claiming the title, Matt was taken to the hospital. When Matt returned in May he at first was merely a Willow imposter, attacking Jeff from behind. This would crescendo into Matt Hardy becoming “broken” at the hands of his brother, and giving wrestling fans some of the most delightfully bizarre television we have ever seen.

      As we reported back in July, the Broken Matt Hardy angle was one of the best things TNA has ever done. Period. Matt crept out of the gate with an odd accent and a white streak in his hair. It was weird and not well received by fans as they questioned just what in the hell Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan were thinking, or if they even were. But where WWE might have cut their losses and abandoned the gimmick, TNA battened down the hatches and ran with it, refusing to give up on Matt’s creation until it was completely exhausted. And things at TNA have been all the better because of it. Matt continued to groom and nurture the Broken gimmick, battling Jeff in every possible way until finally defeating him at his Cameron, North Carolina home in what was called The Final Deletion and awarded Broken Matt with the sole custodianship of “the Hardy Brand.”

      The Final Deletion was glorious and that was even after the previous weeks featuring vignettes, Full Metal Mayhem,  and Six Sides of Steel in the Impact Zone. It featured an outdoor match with a ring in the middle of the forest, Tiki-torches, fireworks (being shot at human beings) and things being set on fire. What we assumed was the apex of the entire Broken Matt Hardy saga, ended up being just the beginning! Soon after, Brother Nero became Obsolete Jeff. Then in an amazing twist, Matt caused Jeff to snap and now he too was broken!

      Jeff began to come out to a new obsolete theme song, wearing solid white contact lenses and giving up his bread-and-butter “spotfest monkey” moves that were his claim to fame throughout his career. All the while, Broken Matt Hardy refined his gimmick coming up with new and clever accents, vignettes, and pre-taped video packages that helped strengthen and solidify TNA’s ratings. Every time it seems like the Broken Matt Hardy angle has worn out its welcome, he surprises everyone with something even more over the top and hilarious than he has ever done before.

      Matt was recently on the Talk is Jericho podcast and said it was important for Impact Wrestling to find their own way and identity, claiming: “My broken universe is something different that has never been seen anywhere else before.” Even going so far as to say Vince McMahon would be scared of it and would never let Matt attempt it. He certainly has caught the attention of everyone across the pro-wrestling landscape, including Bray Wyatt. It’s now rumored that WWE is interested in signing Matt once his TNA contract is up in February. But why would he want to leave? TNA’s ratings are strong and he would never have this level of creative freedom on Monday Night Raw.

      It just goes to show that if you commit to a concept and give everything you have towards it, people will embrace it. One could argue that Matt and Jeff are in the twilight of their careers and might be close to retirement. But then along comes this Broken Matt Hardy idea and they are now the most talked about segment, not just on Thursday nights but in all of pro-wrestling. Matt has to be commended for putting his entire being into this role, come hell or high water, and really helping to single-handedly put TNA back on the map. There’s even rumors of WWE buying them out now.

      Featuring self-aware drones, mischievous gardeners, explosions, divine mystical beings in the lakes and woods, under water costume changes, pool fights, child abduction, a car-jacking, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, Matt Hardy’s Broken Saga has been truly groundbreaking.  With even Billy Corgan teasing that perhaps this will all culminate with a Broken Matt Hardy movie. With Delete or Decay coming up at Bound For Glory, TNA has a real chance to continue building on the non-stop train that is Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy. If they can somehow defeat Decay and become Impact Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions, the story will once again evolve in another direction and give us yet another reason to tune into TNA’s product.

      Tonight is the final show before Bound For Glory. Be sure to tune into #ImpactOnPOP and see what new antics Broken Matt has for us as we head into this weekend’s pay-per-view. And be sure to check out our friends over at the King of the Mountain podcast for complete TNA coverage.

Article by Jamie Curtis Bakerfotoflexer_photo

TNA Impact Wrestling Match Results and Feedback (09.15.2016)


      The show starts with Matt Hardy trying to heal his brother with the help of the Seven Deities in the lake outside his compound. Matt yells, “Regenerate!” Along with some more nonsense. Matt throws Jeff in the water. He comes up wearing a tie and smoking a cigarette holding a funky blue belt. Matt dunks him again and he comes back as Broken Jeff. He yells, “Obsolete! Delete!” Matt goes off to try and track down the whereabouts of Vanguard 1.

      Bobby Lashley comes to the ring. He says there will be no main event at Bound For Glory because of what he did to Ethan Carter III last week. He said the roster is a joke and anybody daring to come out and challenge Lashley would be a joke. Speaking of, Grado interrupts. He wants to prove to Lashley that he’s not a joke. He says Lashley attacked EC3 because he’s a coward. This obviously doesn’t sit well with Lashley. He elbows Grado in the head and then spears him in the corner. Another spear in the middle of the ring. Lashley says no one at Impact Wrestling can beat him. Moose’s music hits and he walks out. He enters the ring slowly. The two square off and Moose hits Lashley with a clothesline. Lashley rolls out of the ring. Moose says he’s going to whoop his ass. Aron Rex backstage promo. He says he will go through every man in the tournament to get at Drew Galloway.

      Aron Rex having his debut match up next against Trevor Lee. This is in the Grand Championship Tournament. Aron Rex looks good in the first match, dominating Lee most of the way. First round is a no contest. We go to the judges. They give it to Aron Rex. After about two minutes in the second match, Aron Rex spins and elbows Lee in the face. He covers and we get a pinfall victory for the new guy. He advances. They have got to change his ring gear. It looks like he is just wearing a pair of whitey-tighteys.

      Matt Hardy is in the woods screaming for Vanguard 1. He finds the little drone hanging in a tree. Matt starts to scream and cry as sad piano music plays. He says, “Don’t you do this to me! Don’t you dare!” He prays to the Seven Deities again and Vanguard 1’s memory sequence initiates showing footage of him helping Senor Benjmain with landscaping and playing chess against him. Matt watches as his propellers fire up and Vanguard 1 lifts off into the sky. It’s a miracle! He sends Vanguard 1 to find Senor Benjamin.

      Maria Kanellis-Bennett wants to have Gail Kim’s Hall of Fame ceremony tonight instead of Bound For Glory, so that’s our next segment. She says she wants to mess with Bound For Glory. Allie is in the ring with her holding a gift bag. Maria calls out Gail, who comes to the ring. Maria has a “highlight package” for Gail Kim. It’s a video of all the times Maria has attacked Gail. She has Allie give her the present which is a framed photo of Maria holding the Knockouts Championship. Just when this segment can’t get any longer, Dixie Carter comes out. She says as long as Maria has the Knockouts title, it’s a conflict of interest for her to be the leader of the Knockouts division. As such, she has no decision making power. Dixie says Gail will get a proper ceremony at Bound For Glory. Dixie says Gail is in the Knockouts Gauntlet match later tonight for a shot at the title at Bound For Glory. I am so done with Maria. She isn’t a good heel, she’s just obnoxious.

      After the break we have an Exposed Turnbuckle, Empty Arena match. Rockstar Spud is introduced and he comes out to no music. Braxton Sutter comes down and Spud meets him on the ramp. The bell rings as they start to brawl. Spud is thrown over the barricade. Sutter chokes him with his t-shirt. Sutter tosses Spud into a huge pile of chairs. Then he starts whipping him with a leather strap. They fight up into the bleachers. Sutter throws Spud against the fence. Spud spits on Sutter, who throws him after the barricade. Spud low-blows Sutter and then tosses him in the ring. Spud rams Sutter’s face on the exposed turnbuckle. Sutter mule-kicks Spud in the junk and then clocks him in the jaw. He whips Spud into a turnbuckle. Sutter throws Spud face first into the turnbuckles and Spud starts bleeding from the mouth. Sutter covers for the victory. Spud starts spitting out blood. Cool match, if a little one-sided.

      Vanguard 1 is flying high above the tree line searching for his target, Senor Benjamin. He finds Senor Benjamin tied up in a barn with DECAY written on his face. He leads Matt to Benjamin. He sends Senor Benjamin home to prepare for war. Matt and Jeff are in the ring with Reby. Jeff has “obsolete” painted on his face. Matt says they will delete Decay at Bound For Glory. Decay’s music hits and the cameras search to find Rosemary out in the crowd. She says King Maxell needs a new family where he can embrace his decay. She says Decay will keep the tag titles. Abyss and Crazzy Steve speak as well, and Matt says he does not fear death. He challenges Decay to The Great War. Abyss accepts and Rosemary says after Bound For Glory it will be The Hardy’s that decay and Maxell will be able to join his real family. She calls Reby an unfit mother and she attacks Rosemary. All six people attack each other. Twist of Fates by everyone, even Reby on Rosemary! The crowd starts chanting, “Delete! Delete! Delete!”

      Knockouts Gauntlet match next. Jade comes out first. Allie comes out but Maria stops her. Instead she introduces a new Knockout, Laurel Vanness. Crowd starts an “Allie is better!” chant as the bell rings. After a few minutes of limited action, Sienna comes down. Laurel and Sienna double team Jade. Gail Kim enters to even things up. She goes after Sienna as Jade and Laurel fight. Marty Bell is next. She goes right for Gail. Raquel comes down as the next entrant. Marty and Laurel go at her, but Raquel puts them both down. Madison Rayne comes down next. I feel like the entries are coming a little too fast for this. Feels rushed. No one has been eliminated yet as Rayne delivers several kicks to Sienna, as we head to a commercial break. Jade and Marty Bell are taken out and continue fighting outside the ring. Raquel is thrown out by Sienna. Gail Kim eliminates Laurel. We get a ref now as there are two ladies left, Gail and Sienna. Gail hits Eat The Feet and pins Sienna to head to face Maria at Bound For Glory.

      Another first round Grand Championship tournament match up next. Mahabali Shera taking on Eddie Edwards. The two are pretty evenly matched to start. No contest for the first match. The judges score it in Eddie Edwards’ favor. Shera completely dominates the second match as Eddie clutches his ribs and writhes in pain. The judges give the second match to Shera. In the third round, Eddie gets more aggressive. He drops Shera into a submission and makes him tap. Eddie advances.

      Moose comes to the ring. Lashley comes out and makes fun of Moose and says he isn’t going to fight him. Lashley says he will fight Moose at Bound For Glory because that’s where the money is. Moose says he isn’t waiting. Moose violently attacks Lashley and they trade blows outside of the ring. Lashley takes Moose down and then spears him into the corner twice. He tries for a third time and Moose uppercuts him. He picks him up and puts Lashley on the top rope. The Miracle runs out and attacks Moose from behind. Moose makes easy work of him until Miracle rakes his eyes. He turns around and Lashley spears him. The Miracle and Lashley stomp Moose. EC3’s music hits. He runs in and clotheslines The Miracle and then goes right for Lashley. Miracle gets him off Lashley. Miracle and Lashley try to tag team him but EC3 double clotheslines them and that’s the end of the broadcast.

      An okay episode of TNA. The Hardy stuff was great and I’m really excited to see Lashley and Moose. But the Grand Championship matches are kind of weird and too fast to really get into. The entire tournament seems hastily thrown together. Also, how obvious is it that Gail Kim is going to win the Knockouts Championship the same night she gets in the Hall of Fame? I felt like creatively TNA can do better than this. The low points tonight weren’t terribly low, but there was a lot of boring television in their two hour broadcast. Also that ending was abrupt and sort of weird. What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments below.

Article by Jamie Curtis Baker20140601_175649



TNA Impact Wrestling Full Match Results and Feedback (09.08.2016)


      Last week’s episode set the stage for tonight’s broadcast. The Broken Hardy clan is taking on Decay at the Cameron Hardy Compound. King Maxell and Reby’s lives are on the line! Señor Benjamin prepared the battlefield for massacre, but who will be deleted? Who will waste away and decay? We find out right now!

      The show starts off with Señor Benjamin reading a disclaimer to not try this at home, followed by Vanguard 1 saying no animals were harmed tonight. Hilarious. I can not wait. Back in the Impact Zone, The Miracle, Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett come down to the ring. Too many broadcasts this year have started or ended with these two. More is less. The Miracle complains pretty strongly about Moose. Dixie Carter interrupts. Bennett wants in the title match at Bound For Glory. Dixie says no and instead sets up a match between The Miracle and Moose. Moose’s music hits and he walks out grinning. Crowd goes wild. Gail Kim comes out right before the first break.

      When we come back from the break, Jade comes down set to tag with Gail against Sienna and Allie. Sienna puts a hurting on Gail to start as the crowd chants for Allie. Jade gets the tag and drops Sienna with a series of vicious kicks. Allie gets in but Sienna plants her with a shoulder tackle. Crowd boos. Jade covers and picks up the win. Short, uneventful match. Could have used more action. Sienna is sloppy and not enough Jade and Gail. Allie is probably going to be a huge babyface in the coming weeks. Crowd is really getting behind her. Billy Cogran back stage with Jeremy Borash teasing a big announcement he’s heading to the ring to give. Commercial.

      When we return, The Broken Hardy brothers are at a zoo. Matt speaks to George Washington giraffe and then Jeff fights a kangaroo. I swear to god this actually happened. Later, Genghis Khan reincarnated as a tiger tells Matt that Decay is on their way for a battle tonight. Billy Corgan is in the ring. TNA is retiring the King of the Mountain Championship. Corgan unveils the new Grand Championship. Drew Galloway interrupts and demands a shot at the belt. Aron Rex cuts that off. He wants to fight Galloway. Instead, Corgan says Galloway is about to fight Braxton Sutter in a qualifying match in the Grand Championship tournament. And Aron Rex will have his TNA debut match next week.

      The match is fast to start because this tournament has 3 minute matches, 3 rounds. Which is weird, but it seems like TNA’s attempt to try and compete with WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic. Not much really going on in this one. Too fast to get anything going. The match ends without a finish and we go to the judge’s scoring. Judge’s score 10-9 Galloway. Sutter wins round 2, still with no finish. He’s up 2-0 after two. This is really weird, like some sort of mutant UFC setup. Shortly after the 3rd round starts, Galloway locks in the Iron Maiden submission and Sutter has no choice but to tap. Galloway wins and advances.

      After another commercial break we are shown footage from a press conference between Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III. Lashley is very impressive throughout this. He cuts like a knife, issuing a promo against the fans, the UFC, other promotions, and EC3. He comes across as a true destroyer. He says he is going to do to Carter what he did to Angle, Galloway, Edwards, and James Storm. In true pro-wrestling fashion, the whole thing turns into a brawl as EC3 throws Lashley off the stage and they fight up into the empty arena. Lashley throws EC3 down a ramp and we go to a commercial break.

      Eli Drake vs Jessie Godderz in another Grand Championship tournament match up next. Godderz controls much of the first round. No contest, we go to the judges. Godderz takes the first round by a point. Round 2 is more evenly matched. Drake hits a vicious DDT and nearly scores a pinfall. Adonis Lock to finish the round, as Godderz tries to tap out Drake. But the clock runs out and Drake survives. After the judge’s scoring, Godderz is up 2-0. With 48 seconds left on the clock in the 3rd, Eli Drake scores a pinfall victory to advance. This whole thing is strange, but oddly exciting to watch. There’s no time for nonsense. Both men just go balls to the walls. This could quickly grow on me.

      Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Decay creeps onto the Hardy compound in Cameron, NC. As Decay advances, Jeff, Matt and Reby stand in a line and shoot fireworks at them. Not just a few bottle rockets, but like an entire arsenal of fireworks. It is loud and my dog is barking. Matt sends Reby off to protect Maxell and he and Jeff keep shooting more fireworks. Abyss goes into the lake and comes out as Joseph Parks. Señor Benjamin is not fooled. He tasers him and carries him off on a bulldozer. Matt is looking for Rosemary in the woods. Meanwhile, Jeff and Crazzy Steve fight into a pool. Señor Benjamin dumps Joseph Park in a grave. Jeff “drowns” Crazzy Steve in the pool. Jeff gets out and pants on the side of the pool. Crazzy Steve explodes from the water and pulls him back under. Señor Benjamin finishes burying Joseph Parks but soon he reaches up as Abyss and chokes Señor Benjamin. Crazzy Steve chokes Jeff with a pool float. Back in the woods, Matt finds Rosemary and he starts screaming delete at her. Abyss is there with Janice. He swings and gets her stuck in a tree. Abyss swings again but Jeff jumps in the way and sacrifices himself for Matt. Crazzy Steve and Abyss surround Matt. But Vanguard 1 flies in to save the day shooting projectiles at the enemy! The lawn catches fire in the Hardy crest logo. Abyss and Crazzy Steve stand in the middle of the flames. Cut to the house and Reby is groaning on the ground. Rosemary is walking out with Maxell. Vanguard 1 blocks her, but Rosemary spits mist on it and it goes offline.

      Rosemary looks for Maxell. She spits at Matt and through some clever reverse camera work he inhales it, and then spits it back out at her. She screams in pain. Rosemary runs off and Maxell runs up to his father. Reby joins them and they all hug. Meanwhile, Jeff is shown writhing in pain and Crazzy Steve puts Señor Benjamin in the back of a truck and Decay drives off with him. What. A. Spectacle. That was one for the ages. I don’t know how this whole Broken Hardy continues to get bigger and better. How do they keep upping the ante without running out of ideas? It’s truly hilarious. The best thing in pro-wrestling currently. This was just an all around exciting episode of TNA. Great stuff from Billy and Dixie. Bound For Glory has truly started building momentum and should be an epic pay-per-view. What did you think of tonight’s show? Let us know in the comments below! See you all tomorrow for New Japan Pro Wrestling! And stay tuned for our Backlash preview article coming tomorrow. Good night, folks!

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TNA Impact on Pop Match Results and Review (08.25.2016)


      I’ve been slacking off on wrestling this week; I slept through both Raw and NXT (thank you, fibromyalgia) but I’m wide awake for this week’s episode of Impact. The night starts off with our TNA Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley. Last week, he attempted to unify the three titles he held, but was stonewalled by Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan. He walks out with only the one title and makes his way to commentary with Josh Mathews.

      Lashley is ringside to watch a Battle Royal to determine an opponent for his title. The Bromans, Eli Drake, The Tribunal, Grado, Mahabali Shera, Mike Bennett, Moose, and Eddie Edwards will be competing. Eli Drake immediately rolls out of the ring and jumps on commentary to tell Lashley to watch him. Shera, Moose and Grado are looking strong in the beginning, in a match that Lashley calls “complete chaos.” Baron Dax is the first to be eliminated, and he is arguing the point and yelling at Baraka. Shera and Moose face off in the middle of the ring, but Moose wins out and eliminates Shera.

      Robbie E goes out next, eliminated by Baraka. As he celebrates, Moose approaches and throws him out of the ring with ease. Grado tries to hang onto the top rope, but can’t quite manage and is eliminated. Eli Drake is nearly knocked out, but he catches himself with his feet, only to be thrown out by Edwards a few seconds later. Impressive show by Drake. YEAH. Moose attacks Godderz and Bennett attacks Edwards to try and eliminate the pair. Moose takes Godderz out in his second attempt, and now Edwards is outnumbered. Moose goes to eliminate Edwards, and Bennett sees his advantage and pushes Moose over the rope as well! Shady. Lashley promises that The Miracle will be done.

      Broken Matt Hardy enters the arena now, contract in hand. He calls the contract “a majestic key that unlocks destiny! And that destiny is the Tag Team Titles Of The World!” Brother Nero’s music hits and he slowly walks out, pink circles on his cheeks and glitter all over his face. Matt says that his presence isn’t required, but Nero/Jeff says that he is here to win for himself and for the creatures! Rosemary of Decay interrupts, calling them so full of worry of what others think of them.

      This has turned into a contest of who has the best face paint. Abyss says they will take great joy in destroying what is left of the Hardy legacy. Crazzy Steve chimes in, telling them that this is not a game. Matt is not broken, but Decay will shatter him and everything he has built. Matt Hardy promises to eat Decay. This is like a strange independent horror film you find at 3am by accident. Abyss calls out Jeff Hardy, and Jeff responds with a dropkick to the face. The match is made official, and Abyss looks like he is trying to break Jeff’s neck.

      Matt grabs a microphone and orders Jeff to DA-LETE! Jeff gets control of the match and delivers more kicks to Abyss before trying for a cover. Jeff hits Twist of Fate and the crowd starts chanting DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Jeff goes to the top rope, but Matt tells him to stop being a spot monkey and fight with HO-NAH! He doesn’t listen and dives after Crazzy Steve. Jeff hits a low blow on Abyss and nearly gets the win. Abyss hits a choke slam, and Steve tries to spit on Jeff but hits Abyss instead. Matt says that his premonition was about Steve, and starts eating his face. Rosemary spits in Jeff’s face as he is on the top rope, and Abyss is able to slam Jeff to the mat and win the match. Matt promises that Decay’s day of deletion will come by his hand. He then orders Jeff to embrace his brokenness.

      Backstage, Maria Kanellis is yelling at Allie for not informing her of Sienna’s title match tonight. Billy Corgan steps in and says that he made the match. Maria says that he should have come to her because they are equals, and Corgan reminds her that they are not, as he is now President. Corgan is so awkwardly awkward.

      Sienna will be defending her title against Marti Bell, Madison Rayne, Jade and Allie in a No Disqualifications match. Allie screeches and screams, Jade and Bell attack each other, and Sienna takes on Rayne. Sienna turns her sights to Bell, as Allie chirps and bounces around like an idiot. She kicks Bell upon instruction by Sienna, then tries to help Sienna and ends up accidentally helping Bell instead. Please shut Allie up. Jade hits an impressive springboard moonsault but comes up empty. Bell grabs her baton, but Allie interferes and Sienna ends up getting hit. Bell throws Allie on top of a knocked out Rayne, and while distracted, the ref begins the count and Allie wins the Knockouts Title. Allie. Won the title. Please excuse me while I cuss loudly.

      Now we’re moving on to Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway, who are taking shots and hashing things out. Galloway’s issue is that EC3 has cost him the title three times. Galloway didn’t ask for his help, and while it may have been an accident, if he didn’t try to help, these accidents would never have happened. EC3 says that the reason Galloway isn’t champ is because he lost, not because of EC3. Galloway says that this match will be on a different level. They toast to their friendship and to the future EC3 time world champion. And to their cats. But EC3 had to get the last word in, and Galloway shoves him in the pool.

      Up next, Eli Drake brings us the Fact of Life. He has the X Division in the ring with him and calls the Battle Royal earlier in the night a total waste of time. He calls management a bunch of dummies for not bringing his King of the Mountain title back to him. He then asks who has zero chance of winning the X Division champ. Rockstar Spud starts yelling at Braxton Sutter, who calls Spud a little crybaby. Spud calls everyone losers and promises to win the title next week. DJ Z tells Drake that he doesn’t know a thing about the X Division, and he won’t let anyone disrespect it. My dog starts barking right as everyone in the ring starts fighting, and DJ Z is alone with Drake in the ring. He ends the segment with title in hand. I hope he wins it.

      Time for our main event, with special guest referee Aron Rex! EC3 and Galloway are facing off for the final time to determine who will go to Bound for Glory to face Lashley. Aron Rex is an awesome referee, just in case you were wondering. This match is high energy, neither man giving the other an inch. You can tell that they both respect each other, but Galloway isn’t holding back and hits EC3 with a cheap shot. Galloway gets EC3 up on his shoulders and delivers a Celtic Cross on the steel steps that had to hurt both men. They barely beat the count back in the ring, where Galloway starts stomping on EC3’s head and arms. EC3 gets to his feet and hits two clotheslines, but Galloway is able to hit a belly to belly suplex and regain control. EC3 hits Galloway with a side Russian leg sweep, throwing Galloway into the ring post. He hits two powerbombs, but Galloway kicks out. He refuses to stay down, regardless of what EC3 throws at him. Galloway hits a powerbomb of his own, but EC3 kicks free. The two start trading chops back and forth, then EC3 tries for the One Percenter, but Galloway hits a Claymore Kick. He covers EC3 but he gets his foot on the rope in time. Galloway hits a Tombstone Piledriver, but somehow EC3 kicks out again. EC3 comes out on top though, finally pinning Galloway for the three count and putting this all to rest. We hope.

      As Aron Rex calls for the crowd to congratulate Galloway for a fight well fought, he attacks Rex out of nowhere, throwing him outside of the ring. He slams Rex into the ring apron again and again. Can we please not injure him before he even gets started??!? Galloway goes to the steel stairs, throwing Rex head first into them. He then starts slamming Rex’s head into the steps, then steps on him on his way out of the arena. This was one hell of a show, and I’m really excited to see this new feud between Galloway and Rex. Not so thrilled about our new Knockouts champion, but they can’t all be winners. We’ll see you all next Thursday!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Review and Feedback (07.29.2016)


      We’re a day late to Impact this week because, quite honestly, we were both worn out and needed a break. Last night continued the Bound for Glory playoffs to determine who moves on to the finals. Matt Hardy starts things off, slowly walking to the ring without his wife or child by his side. He says he only has a few people he cares for, which does include his gardener. He used to care for his brother, Jeff Hardy, but no more. He calls Jeff out, and he walks out to his new entrance music as Reby screeches OBSOLETE in his face. Matt says that Jeff is nothing more than a money making mule. Matt promises to beat EC3 later tonight, and tasks Jeff with ensuring that he does win the match. Jeff tells Matt to do it on his own, to which Matt goes on a tirade saying that no one else in his life says no to him. Naturally, the crowd starts a NO chant.

      EC3 picks this time to come out to the ring, making a confused face at the camera before crossing over the ropes. I don’t know how EC3 is keeping a straight face as Matt hisses and chomps at him. I would be on the floor. EC3 mocks Matt, saying “you knew I’d come” and making his own ridiculous faces back at him. EC3 doesn’t care what Matt has planned, even if Senor Benjamin rides through on a lawnmower; Carter is going to kick Matt’s ass back to his compound. He defends Jeff Hardy and tries to restore his identity, and Jeff can’t help but crack a small smile. Matt promises to eat EC3 and his cats, and EC3 has had enough and calls for the official. Broken Matt Hardy is money.

      Matt gets EC3 pinned in the corner early on, but EC3 turns him around and lands some chops to his chest. Matt responds by biting Carter’s hand, making me grateful that my kid has outgrown that phase of his life. Matt gets an early pin but EC3 is out at 1. Hardy lands an elbow to EC3’s thigh and continues to target the leg. EC3 is able to get his other leg up and use it to push Hardy over the top rope and out of the ring. He dives out of the ring onto Hardy to take him down, but may have damaged his ankle even more in the process. Reby gets involved, grabbing EC3’s leg to help her husband get another pin. Hardy bites Carter’s face and tries for a Twist of Fate, but EC3 counters and hits a clothesline. Carter’s face is busted open; he has a cut above his nose, possibly from Matt’s teeth. Matt hits a Side Effect and nearly gets the win. Reby is screaming DELETE from ringside as Matt targets the injured leg once again. He takes off Carter’s boot and tries to bite his foot (weird), but EC3 dodges. Reby slides Jeff a hammer, the ref is confused, and now the hammer is in the middle of the ring. Now Matt has EC3’s ankle in his mouth, and goes for the hammer but is caught by the ref. EC3 hits Matt with his discarded boot while the ref is distracted and hits the 1% for the win! I’m so glad he will be moving on to the finals next week!

      Backstage, Allie is shrieking at Madison Rayne as Maria Kanellis prepares to address her regarding her actions last week. Rayne isn’t happy at being pushed aside, and needs to know what Kanellis will do for her when she defeats Gail Kim. Matt Hardy goes to confront Jeff, telling him that he has ruined everything. Jeff tells him to go ahead and punish him; nothing is worse than deletion. Matt says something about orgasmic and now I’m laughing too hard to know what is going on.

      Knockouts action is up now; Gail Kim versus Madison Rayne. Kim is looking strong and goes for an early cover, but Rayne slips away. The two trade punches and pin attempts, before Rayne lands a kick to the side of Kim’s head. Kim is thrown into the corner, but is able to jump off the ropes to try to catch her opponent, but Rayne is too quick. Rayne lands a hard chop to Kim’s chest before throwing her face first into the mat. If Kim loses tonight, her journey is over. She has to beat every Knockout on the roster, and this is only her first match. Da Pope takes this time to creepily comment on how great Rayne looks and how she is in such great shape. Kim tries for a high risk maneuver from the top rope, but Rayne gets a boot up and breaks the momentum. Kim hits Eat Defeat and pins Rayne for the win. She’s one of my favorite female wrestlers across any company.

      Moose is standing backstage with Mike Bennett, who is bragging about how he has saved TNA and how he doesn’t understand why Dixie Carter has an issue with him. The only man in Bennett’s way to the finals is Drew Galloway, but Bennett doesn’t see him as a threat. Moose promises to crush anyone who gets in his way, and Bennett promises Lashley that the title won’t be his for long.

      We move on to Rosemary and Bram, who are on a quiet path in the woods. Rosemary has asked him to meet her there, saying that this is the place of secrets. Rosemary says she grew up on this deserted farm and was a happy and innocent child. Her innocence was shattered though; she had a cat who grew sick and she took her to her mother for help. Rosemary went to the porch to study, but couldn’t stop thinking about her sick cat, so she went for a walk. On this walk, she goes to throw away her gum but is shocked by finding her dead cat in a trash can. It was as if her mother had stripped her skin from her body. Rosemary fell, and when she awoke, her entire world looks and feels different. She thought she was dead, especially since a tree started telling her that she had a little brother that she’s never met. Rosemary began learning magic and was able to hear the voices in the forest. Bram is understandably confused, but Rosemary wants to continue and tell him about what happened in the barn. We’ll have to wait for an answer though.

      Back in the arena, Moose and Mike Bennett walk out to the ring. Moose is facing a local talent is what I thought was a squash match, but his opponent gets a few great chops in early on. Moose puts his opponent on the turnbuckle and hits him with a crazy dropkick to throw him out of the ring and into the barricade. Moose is hit with two dropkicks but does not go down, and throws his opponent into the ring apron. He hits a clothesline that spins his challenger out of control and pins him for the win. Moose is a scary dude, no question. Bennett grabs a microphone and calls Moose the “baddest man in professional wrestling.” Cue Lashley; his music hits and he slowly approaches the ring.

      After an ill-timed commercial break, Lashley and Moose are face to face in the middle of the ring while Bennett tries to ensure that everyone stays calm. The crowd wants to see this fight, but Bennett won’t allow it. Lashley says “that’s cool; one of these days, your mommy will let you come out and play.” He then calls Moose a bitch. Lashley tells the crowd that his plan is to win every singles title out there and he welcomes any challenge. DJ Z’s music hits, and he says that he’s not out here to stop Lashley, but he is out here to fight him. He’s been in the X Division for five years, and Lashley isn’t exactly an X Division wrestler. Z is the number one contender for the X Division title and lays a challenge out for tonight. Lashley tells DJ Z to pick the match he wants, and Lashley will beat him in it. DJ Z chooses a ladder match for the X Division title, and Lashley agrees.

      The X Division title is suspended above the ring as the match begins. Lashley is clearly the stronger man, but DJ Z is quick and a hell of a lot more agile. DJ Z slides a ladder into the ring only to have Lashley lift it above his head and throw it onto the ramp. Z flies out of the ring to take Lashley down, then climbs onto the announce table to flip onto Lashley and take him down a second time. As we return from commercial, Lashley is smashing Z against the apron with a ladder. Z hits a baseball slide to kick the ladder into Lashley, but he counters by using the same ladder to smash Z’s hand. Lashley plays to the crowd and flexes his muscles as Z lays in the ring, before throwing him aside and going for a ladder. As he climbs, Z goes to the top rope and kicks him off of the ladder. Z climbs to the top of the ladder, but instead of going for the title, he dives onto Lashley and takes him down. He quickly goes back into the ring, but Lashley lifts the entire ladder up with Z still on it to prevent him from winning. Z hits a low blow, then delivers a DDT. He climbs the ladder again, but Lashley follows him up and the two start trading blows. Lashley lifts Z up and throws him from the top of the ladder before grabbing the belt and retaining the title. A shame; I would have liked to see Z win this match.

      Galloway and EC3 are backstage discussing the Bound for Glory playoffs and the craziness of Matt Hardy. Galloway says that as long as the World title is between them, they are not friends. EC3 offers his assistance in keeping outside interference away, but Galloway declines. EC3 did it alone, and so will he.

      Back at the farmhouse, Bram and Rosemary are continuing their discussion. Rosemary is afraid to reveal her secrets, but decides to continue. In her flashback, she continues to talk to the tree and discusses meeting and loving someone named Johnny, who stood her up. Rosemary began casting spells, and eventually Johnny showed up. But Johnny wasn’t who she thought she was, and once she let her guard down, he…. well, we have to wait. Rosemary has to take Bram to the exact spot “so the ghosts can help tell the story.” This will be continued.

      Eli Drake is on his podium in the ring, calling Lashley a cross-eyed half-wit. Drake states that he can takes both titles off of Lashley, and that there isn’t anyone who can take his title off of him. James Storm interrupts, reminding Drake of his promise to knock him out every time he hits the Dummy button. Storm says that they both were beat in the Bound for Glory playoffs, but Drake has the King of the Mountain title, which is the golden ticket. Storm starts actually complimenting Drake, but says he is pissing away all his potential. Storm asks for a second chance at the title, and Drake refuses in a less than polite manner. Storm makes a brilliant banging your mom joke about smashing Drake’s mom’s potatoes. Drake basically tells Storm to let go of everything that makes him unique and he’ll give him the second chance, and for some odd reason, Storm agrees. The two start fighting, and Drake quickly hits Blunt Force Trauma and takes Storm down.

      Grado is on the phone backstage with The Fixer, Tyrus. Mahabali Shera is with him, and the two seem to be still stuck in this odd comical pairing. I don’t quite understand it. We quickly move on to Decay, who are facing the Bromans in a Monster’s Ball match. Both Bromans are down on their backs as Steve pours tacks into the ring. The Tag Team titles are on the line as Steve bites Robbie E in the face. Godderz grabs a steel chair and Robbie has a kendo stick, as they turn this match around. Godderz hits a drop kick and accidentally ends up with some tacks in his hand. The Bromans send Abyss into a barbed wire table, then send Steve into the thumb tacks. You couldn’t pay me enough to do this. Godderz flips Steve over and now his face is in the tacks. It’s awful. Abyss punches Godderz off of the ropes and through a table, then he goes under the ring for a second barbed wire board. Raquel comes out of nowhere and hits Abyss with a low blow, but he is able to chokeslam Robbie E into the barbed wire board. Steve pins Robbie for the win, who is lying on that board motionless. That shit had to hurt. Props to all four men for their work in this match.

      It’s time for our main event; Mike Bennett against Drew Galloway for the second spot in the finals of the Bound for Glory playoffs. As Galloway approaches the ring, he is attacked by Moose, who powerbombs him into the apron before rolling him into the ring. Bennett immediately tries for the pin, but Galloway kicks out all four times. Galloway gets to his feet, but Bennett takes him right back down with kicks to the head. He throws Galloway into the corner and starts landing kicks before the ref backs him off. Galloway get a couple chops in before Bennett knocks him back down and tries for yet another pin. Galloway is able to hit a nice belly to belly suplex, but it took an effect on both men. My husband just pointed out that there are a lot of empty seats in the arena tonight, which is a shame. Bennett exposes the steel beam on the side of the ring, but Galloway counters and instead slams Bennett into it. Galloway tries for a pin but Bennett breaks free. He tries for a DDT, then starts swinging Bennett in circles. Galloway hits the DDT, but the ref has been knocked out so the pin didn’t matter. Moose runs back out and clotheslines Galloway. Moose slams Galloway to the mat and tells Bennett to go for the cover. The ref manages to crawl into position and counts but Galloway kicks out at 2. EC3 runs out to attack Moose and even the odds. EC3 runs into the ring and grabs the kendo stick from Bennett but accidentally hits Galloway with it. This is a mess. Moose takes EC3 down and Bennett pins Galloway in the ring to advance to the finals. The fallout from this is going to be ugly.

      I’m incredibly excited to see what happens next week with the finals of the Bound for Glory playoffs. Our main event tonight was an obvious unfair fight, so there is going to be a lot to answer for. We also have Gail Kim, who is still fighting for her right to compete for the Knockouts title. Leave your thoughts below, and be sure to follow Face To Heel on Twitter. We’ll see all you Impact fans next week.

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