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Wrestle Kingdom 10 Part 2 Presented by NJPW and AXSTV


      We reviewed Part 1 of Wrestle Kingdom 10 earlier this week. Last night, AXSTV and New Japan Pro Wrestling brought us Part 2 of the January 4, 2016 matches from the Tokyo Dome in Japan. The first broadcast was amazing and so this one is expected to be just as good.

      The first bout is the first ever Never Openweight 6-Man Tag Championship featuring Toru Yano, Jay Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe against Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi, and Tama Tonga. Before the match starts Yano spits and throws water on his opponents and all six men start brawling with each other. It’s chaos in the early going as The Briscoes double team Takahashi outside the ring. Yano and Tonga finally slow things down as the legal men fighting in the ring with their respective teammates on the apron. Yano is isolated in the corner and Bad Luck Fale is tagged in. He sits on Yano’s chest to try and get the pin, but he kicks out at two. All three Bullet Club members get in the ring and triple-team Yano after taking out The Briscoes. Fale squashes him in the corner and Yano desperately needs to make a tag.

      Mark Briscoe gets the tag against Takahashi and puts on a nice series of offense. Takahashi counters with a fisherman’s buster and then tags Tonga in. Jay Briscoe gets the tag and plants Tonga, cover but kick out. Huge neckbreaker by Jay but Tonga again kicks out. Jim Ross  and Josh Barnett question the slow count by the ref. Tonga takes control for a moment but Jay battles back. Jay gets Tonga up on his shoulder trying to slam him down, but Tonga holds on to the top rope for dear life. Yano runs over with a steel chair and smashes it down on Tonga’s hands, forcing him to let go. Mark leaps off the top rope and hits Doomsday Device with his brother, planting Tonga. Jay covers for the three count and the team of Jay and Mark Briscoe and Yano are the first ever Never Openweight 6-Man Tag Champions!

      The second match of the night is Los Ingobernables de Japon member and villainous heel Tetsuya Naito taking on Hirooki Goto. His fellow Los Ingobernables members, Bushi and EVIL, accompany Naito to the ring which is not good news for his opponent, Goto, who comes out all alone. Naito attacks a camera man before the match for getting too close to him. Before the match starts EVIL and Bushi attack Goto from behind. Naito rolls in and starts fighting Goto as the bell rings. But Goto isn’t staying down for long, he forces Naito to roll out of the ring with his attack. As Goto starts fighting Naito, EVIL attacks from behind and viciously throws Goto into the steel guard rail. Ouch.

      EVIL puts a chair on Gotos neck and then whacks it with another chair. Naito sets up a table and gets Goto up on the apron. Naito hits a neckbreaker into the table on Goto. Back in the ring, Goto hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope which is really amazing. He covers, but Naito miraculously kicks out at two and we head to commercial. When we return, Naito and Goto battle in the center of the ring. Naito hits a hurricanrana off the top rope and gets a near fall on Goto. The two trade forearms in the middle and work the crowd into a frenzy. Goto picks up Naito and hits a neckbreaker, driving Naito down onto his knee. Goto tries to kick Naito, but Naito grabs his foot and swings it into the ref, knocking him to the mat. Doesn’t take long for EVIL to come in and hold Goto as Bushi spits mist at him.

      But Goto moves and the mist hits EVIL. Goto plants Bushi and turns to face Naito. Naito kicks Goto in the groan and covers. The ref has recovered, he counts but only a two count. Goto lifts Naito and hits his Shouten Kai suplex finisher. He covers and that’s the ball game. Goto wins an incredible match! Nice final couple of minutes at the end of that one with lovely back and forth with everyone setting up a strong finish. Really enjoyed that one. Goto stands alone and overcomes incredible odds. After the match, he is interviewed backstage and asked about his victory. He says it was sort of a hollow victory because he was fighting Naito and it wasn’t for a title. He also says he has never wrestled in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom. He says this year he will become the face of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

      The final match of the night was for the IWGP Tag Team Championship with champs Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows being challenged by Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma. Anderson and Honma start things off. Anderson rakes the eyes of Honma and then moves out of the way of Honma’s falling headbutt. Gallows tagged in and he punches Honma in the corner. Anderson gets back in and misses with a running senton. Honma tags in Makabe. He makes easy work of Anderson, forcing him to roll out of the ring and regroup. Honma and Makabe double team Gallows, knocking him outside the ring as well. All four men fight out on the floor. Gallows throws Makabe into the guard rail and then clocks him with a chain, as Anderson distracts the ref.

      Back in the ring, Anderson clobbers Makabe with strikes. Gallows tags in and continues attacking Makabe. Honma is outside the ring with blood on the back of his head. Hasn’t stirred much for a few moments. Gallows and Anderson double team Makabe. Anderson covers three times, but Makabe kicks out each time. Makabe with a hard clothesline on Anderson and finally Honma has recovered. Makabe tags him in and he slams Gallows then drops a headbutt on Anderson. Honma chops Anderson in the corner, whips him to the other but Anderson recovers and kicks him away. Gallows trips Honma up and then gets in the ring to help Anderson hit a couple of moves into a cover. Makabe interrupts the count and keeps his team alive.

      Gallows and Anderson set up Honma for the Magic Killer but Makabe breaks it up and knocks Gallows out of the ring. Headbutt on Anderson by Honma. He slams Anderson and then hits the top rope. Unfortunately, Gallows runs in and punches him, stunning Honma. Anderson tries to get a Gun Stun off the top rope, but Honma jumps down onto the apron. Back in the ring, Anderson hits a brutal running powerbomb on Honma but the small man kicks out at two and three-quarters. Honma counters two Gun Stuns in the ring and then headbutts Anderson. Both men are down. Both Gallows and Makabe are tagged in. Nelson Powerslam on Makabe and Gallows covers, but only a near fall. Anderson and Gallows try to tag team Makabe, but he knocks them both down with a double clothesline.

      Makebe and Gallows collide with each other and Makabe wins that exchange with a clothesline. Makabe and Honma set up Anderson for a Headbutt Doomsday Device off the top rope. Honma slams Gallows and then hits a falling headbutt. Makabe climbs the top rope and hits a King Kong Knee Drop and covers. One. Two. Three! Honma and Makabe win! This is the 39-year-old Honma’s first ever championship in the company! What a moment. Wow, fantastic match. After the match, Honma says it is a dream come true. He thanks Makabe and says this is all because of him. The DVR shows another new episode next Friday so you know we’ll be here with coverage. Maybe some Wrestle Kingdom 10 Part 3?? We can only hope. Just a wonderful program with three great matches.

Article by Jamie Curtis Bakerfotoflexer_photo


Death Before Dishonor XIV Full Results and Feedback


      It’s not often that the F2H family gets to cover Ring of Honor. Unfortunately, our cable provider doesn’t air their regular broadcast. So we really only ever get to “stream” the pay-per-views. We do, however, cover New Japan Pro Wrestling. And tonight that world famous organization clashes with the ROH all stars to bring us one epic night from Las Vegas!

      We start things off with Kamaitachi vs Jay White vs Donovan Dijak (accompanied by Prince Nana) vs Lio Rush in a four-way to determine the #1 Contender for the Ring of Honor Television Championship. Rush and White clear the ring and go after each other with lots of speedy, high-flying moves. This one is hard to follow as there is one fight going on outside the ring and another inside the ring, and at the same time it’s supposed to be a tag match. Weird booking. But the action is fun and there isn’t a dull moment. Jay White takes control of the match with European uppercuts to all his competitors. Lio Rush is fast as hell and he’s taking down guys left and right! Can barely keep up with this one. Some really amazing moves from all four guys. The crowd is in a frenzy. Dijak does a corkscrew senton off the top rope to take down all three guys outside the ring. That big man can get up! Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes finisher on Lio Rush and becomes the #1 Contender to the TV title. That was a thrilling match to kick off the show. Great job to all four guys. Wow!

      “The Last Real Man,” Silas Young comes out next to take on NJPW royalty in Katsuyori Shibata. Crowd starts a Shibata chant as soon as he hits the ring. Strong grappling to start this one. Shibata gets Young against the ropes and they break apart. Slingshot over the top rope and Young takes Shibata down. Really great technical style hoss match. Big, powerful moves and skilled action. These guys came to play. Shibata is always a pleasure to watch. Moonsault by Young and he covers, the ref counts three but Shibata leans up and the ref says it was only two. Young cusses the ref out, but keeps fighting. Rear naked choke by Shibata then a Penalty Kick by Shibata into a cover for the win. Spotty finish, mostly because the ref fucked up. But overall another entertaining battle. After the match, the two slap each other and then shake hands. Crowd applauds.

      Bullet Club vs Chaos in a 6-man tag up next. Don’t know a lot about the six guys in this match, or even their names. But the match overall is a fun spot-fest that fires the crowd up. The turnbuckle pad is used as a weapon at one point and this whole thing breaks down into utter madness as all six men get in the ring to brawl. Chaos wins this one, but after The Bullet Club just beats the hell out of them. Hangman Page comes down and starts putting the noose on Tama Tonga’s neck. Jay Briscoe runs in to save the day. Briscoe and Page square off, a new ref comes out and this match is underway! No holds barred!

      Briscoe and Page grab chairs and whack them together. Full on fist shots by Briscoe as Page is on the mat. Briscoe flies into the crowd as he topples Page into the barricade. Crowd starts a “Man Up!” chant. Briscoe suplexes Page on the ramp. Back in the ring Briscoe uses Hangman’s noose and wraps it around Page’s neck. But Page recovers and throws a steel chair in Jay’s face. Page’s turn to use the noose as he chokes Briscoe against the ropes. Ref can’t do anything here, as we have no rules! Submission hold hanging off the rope as Briscoe is being choked by the noose. Outside the ring, Page powerbombs Briscoe into a chair. He uses the noose to tie up Briscoe’s hands on the barricade. Page grabs a chair, kicks Jay in the head, and hits him with the chair. Then spits on him. Page searches under the ring, and pulls out a table. Page sets Briscoe up on the ring apron, lifts him, but fails. Briscoe blocks it and falls into the ring. Page grabs another chair. The two trade blows in the ring and Briscoe flips Page onto the chair as it lays flat on the mat. Page spits right in Briscoe’s eyes. Neckbreaker by an enraged Briscoe. He picks up the chair. He puts the chair over Page’s throat and kicks the bottom of it, then hits a spinning neckbreaker. Crowd erupts. Jay sets the chair up in the corner through the second and third ropes. He puts Page’s face against it and then wraps the noose around his neck. He ties the noose around the top rope. He runs and leaps into Page, once. Twice. And a third time as the crowd chants “One More Time!” Huge clothesline into a two count, but Page kicks out. Briscoe tries to use the table, but Page moves and nothing happens.

      Page puts the noose around Briscoe’s neck and tries to hang him off the rope but Briscoe blocks it. Page drops him outside the ring. Page tries a flip off the apron but catches a big boot right to the face. Crowd explodes. He rolls Page up onto the apron and sets him up for a powerbomb into the setup table. But Page blocks it and slams Briscoe head first into the table. Page lands badly though, and gashes his knee open pretty badly. It starts running blood down his leg. Something white is sticking out of it. Briscoe’s back is bleeding. They roll into the ring and Page tries a pin but Jay barely kicks out. Page wraps the noose around his neck and tries to choke out Briscoe. His face turns red as blood oozes down his back. Crowd starts another “Man Up!” chant. Right of Passage finisher by Hangman Page. He covers and that’s all she wrote! Page defeats Briscoe. Goodness! What a match! One of the best things I’ve seen all week in the world of pro-wrestling.

      Dalton Castle peacocks to the ring to take on “The Rainmaker,” Kazuchika Okada, in another NJPW and ROH square off. Let the streamers fly! Okada is the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, so this is a huge match for Dalton Castle’s career. Win or lose, he’s got to bring it. Crowd is hyped for both competitors as they enter the ring. Split chant from the crowd before the bell rings. First ever matchup between these two, and both shake hands before they begin. Respect from both as the match starts slow, with both feeling out the other. Crowd continues chanting for them both. Clever back and forth at the start, setting up a good story in the ring. Okada hits a big move and Dalton’s Boys come up on the apron to fan him off, showing their own fangirl appreciation. Ha! Running knee on the apron and Castle takes over. Okada falls to the floor outside the ring. Slow grind for a few moments as Castle puts on some holds down on the ring mat. Castle did a Hurricanrana to throw Okada out of the ring. Back in the ring, Okada kicks out at two but then takes a toss by Castle, who has really taken control of this match. Castle suplexes into a bridge and pins Okada. Narrow kick out at two and a half.

      The Boys get in the ring to interfere but Okada stops them. He leaps off the top rope and drops an elbow on a prone Castle. Castle pops up and spins Okada around on his shoulder, hits Bangarang and goes for a cover, but Okada rolls out of the ring. Ref starts a ten count. Castle comes out, stopping the count. He pushes Okada into the ring. Suplex on Okada, another two count. Okada hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Castle and then sets him up for the Rainmaker. One. Two. Three. And that’s the ball game. Okada wins in a really exceptional match. Dalton Castle came into his own skin and this one was just another great bout on what has been an off the charts match card so far tonight.

      The Television Championship title is on the line next as Mark Briscoe challenges Bobby Fish. Grappling into ground work submission to start. Then see-saw strike trading. The pace is slow, but they are trying to do something here. The animosity is palpable. A fantastic running reverse neckbreaker by Briscoe off the arpon. Then he slams Fish back first onto the apron. Off the apron again, Briscoe drops a running elbow on Fish. Back in the ring, Fish takes control working Briscoe’s back and leg. Briscoe fights back and tries a pinfall. His back is hurting him and his offense has been hindered. Fish gets him up and down with a double knee shot. The story told throughout this one is great. It was easy to get emotionally invested. Powerbomb by Briscoe, and he takes to the tap rope. He drops a frog-splash elbow on Fish. Narrow kick out and the crowd can’t believe it. The two trade blows on the top rope and Briscoe takes a hard suplex on his neck. Fish tosses him into the corner and suplexes him down for the count. Three seconds later and Fish retains. Now that was an old school type of wrestling match. Really loved that one. No hard feelings afterward as both men shake hands in the ring. All love and respect. The crowd just got a real treat with these two.

      Triple threat tag team match for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship up next. Tetsuya Naito and Evil vs Michael Eglin and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs the current champs The Addiction. Glad for this match as the introduction of all three teams is long and drawn out so I finally get a break to grab a beer and take a piss. This has been non-stop action all night. I’m exhausted! Naito and Tanahashi start the match off. But its short lived as Christopher Daniels tags himself in on Tanahashi. Naito plays mind games and then hip-tosses Daniels out of the ring. Naito tags in Evil and they double team Daniels. Eglin and Kazarian tag in. The Addiction take over the match and isolate Tanahashi in their corner. Naito tags himself in and then he and Evil double team Tanahashi. Then Naito and Evil go after The Addiction. We lose track of who the two legal men are. Kazarian and Eglin are, apparently. Eglin wallops Kazarian in the corner. Eglin double suplexes The Addiction! All hell breaks loose with people diving out of the ring and guys being thrown into the barricades. Crowd is eating it up. The action is incredible. The ref gets distracted and Daniels accidentally clocks Kazarian with the title belt. Tanahashi hits a Slingblade on Evil. Tanahashi goes for a High Fly Flow, Daniels tags himself in unbeknownst to Tanahashi, who lands on Evil. Daniels runs in and covers both, as the legal man and The Addiction retains! Clever finish! I liked that alot.

      The Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship is on the line next as Adam Cole challenges Jay Lethal in a match that has been many months in the making. Lethal goes to work early, with some huge chops in the corners. Cole recovers and stomps him. Lethal ducks, as Cole goes over the top rope. Outside the ring, Lethal continues chopping. Then a dropkick to the back and Cole is down. Lethal checks under the ring but comes back empty handed. He dropkicks Cole again. He checks another side of the ring and comes out again with nothing. He walks around the ring and on the third side, he pulls out a table. Lethal props Cole against the table and climbs to the top rope. Lethal jumps but Cole moves and Lethal throws himself into the table. Lethal’s head is now busted open and bleeding. Cole throws Lethal against the ring post. The champion is reeling now. Lethal has a contusion on his lower back. Looks nasty. Both table spots tonight have been brutal with men landing badly and getting hurt.

      Lethal dropkicks Cole out of the ring. He runs, bouncing off the ropes and dives out onto Cole. He does it again and again with the second and third times sending Cole into the barricade. And a fourth time. Then a fifth. Crowd is rowdy. A sixth dive and this time Cole counters, throwing Lethal into the barricade. Cole throws the champ into the ring. The two trade punches in the middle of the ring. Cole spits on Lethal and then hits a Shining Wizard. Only a two count on the champion. Cole sets up in the corner, stomping his foot for a super kick. Lethal stands, moves out of the way and clotheslines the challenger to the mat. Low blow by Cole and the ref doesn’t see it. A cover, but Lethal gets his leg on the rope at the last possible second to keep hanging on. Cole locks on a sleeper hold and Lethal starts to fade. Lethal fights back and hits the Lethal Combination. Both men down, gasping for air. Lethal covers, two count. Lethal suplexes Cole. And again. The champ climbs to the top rope. He drops an elbow and covers Cole. Two count. The two trade kicks back and forth to the crowd’s chagrin. Lethal tries his finisher, but Cole lands a super kick. Cole hits two Last Shots but Lethal kicks out! Cole screams, “The title is mine! You ain’t shit!” Then he spits on Lethal. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection but Cole kicks out. Crowd is out of their minds! “This Is Awesome!” chant. Last Shot, Shining Wizard, Last Shot by Cole and he covers Lethal to take the title! Oh my! The world title changes hands! Jay Lethal put on the fight of his life but just couldn’t over come! A fantastic sports spectacle! Now, THAT is pro-wrestling. Cole doesn’t realize that Kyle O’Riley has crept up behind him. He turns and O’Riley clobbers him to end the show.

      A fantastic crowd in Las Vegas tonight, helped to feed the atmosphere and make each wrestler feel welcomed. All competitors brought their A-game and the night flew by. There wasn’t a bad match on the card, at all. There were no lulls in action, there wasn’t even time to take a breath. This one was balls to the walls from the gate. Bravo to Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling both for bringing us an epic pay-per-view. I enjoyed every moment. What did you all think? Let us know your favorites moments and matches in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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ROH/NJPW 2016 Global Wars Live Review, Match Results and Feedback


      Global Wars is here – Ring of Honor meets New Japan Pro Wrestling! This pay-per-view is live in Chicago, IL at the Frontier Fieldhouse. It’s set to be quite an event and Face To Heel is here to give you every exciting minute.

      Mr. Wrestling 3 and Kevin Kelly start the show on commentary, setting the stage for the night’s event. Roderick Strong comes down to the ring. This is a #1 Contender Match for the ROH Television Championship. His opponents are Adam Page, ACH, and Dalton Castle. Castle makes an entrance, as he usual does. ACH and Page start the match. This a tag fatal-4-way. You can tag in any opponent you want, but doing so puts you at risk to lose the match. ACH goes to work early with a series of slips followed by a perfectly executed dropkick. Strong tags himself in by slapping ACH and he and Page barely tie it up before Strong scurries over and tags in Castle. Strong gets back in and takes control of the match, throwing Dalton around and hitting him with some stiff chops. Dalton catches Strong off the top rope and suplexes him. ACH hits an amazing flip outside the ring that takes everyone down, including Dalton’s boys. But Strong suplexes him off the top rope and hits a double knee gut buster. ACH rolls out of the ring. Dalton attacks Strong and slams him down on Page. Then Dalton rolls up Page for the pinfall! Fun match, and all four guys put on a solid outing.

      Jushin Thunder Liger and Cheeseburger take on The Addiction in tag team action up next. Christopher Daniels and Cheeseburger to start the match. Addiction takes charge and trade turns beating down Cheeseburger. Liger finally gets the hot tag and lands some offense. Out of no where Addiction hit Celebrity Rehab and Liger almost takes a pin. Cheeseburger barely breaks up the count and saves the match. Kazarian is caught unaware and Cheeseburger rolls him up for a small package pinfall. After the match, Kazarian and Daniels attack both men and Cheeseburger takes the Best Meltzer Ever. Strong match. You have to love Cheeseburger, but his size really makes you have to suspend belief when watching him take on much bigger opponents. Liger is really good. Would have liked to see him more in this match.

      War Machine vs The Briscoes for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships next up on the card. Briscoes come out first. War Machine follows and Hanson and Raymond Rowe are all business as they enter the ring. Nice showmanship before the match with all four men shaking hands in the middle of the ring. Mark and Hanson start the match. It quickly spills out of the ring and Mark gets tossed into the barricade. Hanson takes in Rowe and Mark gets beat down. Hanson tags back in and they double team Mark. Jay finally gets a tag in and the Briscoes double suplex Hanson. Jay hits move after move and goes for a pin. Hanson kicks out. Mark gets tagged in and Hanson continues taking a beating with a Russian leg sweep and later a running lariat. Hanson tosses Mark out of the ring and Rowe gets the tag. Outside the ring, Mark and Jay team up on Rowe but Hanson dives out of the ring and knocks them down. Hanson gets put through a table outside the ring and the brothers isolate Rowe. He kicks out at two but is slow to get up. Rowe recovers and suplexes Jay. Jay jumps up and the two have a stare down, then take each other out. Hanson enters and Mark slides in to fight him. Hanson clobbers him with a clothesline and all four men are down. Jay and Hanson recovers and Jay clotheslines them both out of the ring. Then Mark jumps out and takes down Hanson. Back in the ring Jay and Rowe fight as the crowd starts a “Man Up!” chant. Rowe gets taken down and kicks out at two. All four men get back in the ring. Jay and Mark hit Hanson and it looks like we have new tag team champs, but somehow he kicks out! Jay takes a series of devastating moves. Then Hanson does a moonsault off the top rope! Jay slams him down but Hanson again kicks out at two! Mark takes a Fallout and Hanson rolls him up for the pinfall! What a spectacular match. That was really great. Easily the best match of the night so far. Very entertaining. I look forward to watching that one again later.

      Kyle O’Reilly comes down the ramp set to take on the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Tetsuya Naito. When Naito comes out he discards his title at the top of the ramp. Grappling to start as both men size each other up. Naito showing no respect to O’Reilly or the referee. Crowd oddly cheering for Naito throughout, though. Solid ground game submission from both guys and fast paced offense. The match slows down when O’Reilly locks in Naito’s ankle and then his arm. Naito recovers and hits a hurancarana off the top rope. Both men get a couple of near falls and the crowd shows respect clapping for them. Naito hits an amazing neck breaker-like finisher move and gets the pinfall. After the match Naito kicks O’Reilly in the junk and tosses his title once again. Nice story told in this one.

      Another tag team match featuring Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin versus Moose and Kazuchika Okada. Okada and Tanahashi to start the match. Crowd gives them a standing-O and a “Holy Shit!” chant. Too much offense to keep track of. Both men are skilled in the ring and have a long history. They trade moves and get a “New Japan!” chant from the crowd. Okada tags in Moose and Tanahashi gets in Elgin. Elgin holds up Moose for almost 30 seconds before dropping him. Moose pops up immediately and lays on some punches. Crowd finally waking up for one of the few times tonight. You’d think Chicago would be more lively. Elgin tags in Tanahashi and he goes to work on Moose. But Moose shoulder tackles him to the ground and gets Okada back in. So much happens for the next couple minutes that I couldn’t keep up to type it. Moose and Elgin really put on a good show for the fans, executing some nice moves for big men. DDT from Okada on Tanahashi but he kicks out at two. Okada tries a piledriver but its reversed into a Slingblade and both men go down. Elgin gets tagged in. He sprints across the ring and knocks Moose off the apron. Elgin and Tanahashi double team Okada, hitting a powerslam off the top rope. Elgin almost gets the pinfall but Moose rolls in to break up the count. Moose and Tanahashi battle outside the ring as Elgin works on Okada in the ring. Okada hits a Rainmaker on Elgin for the win. Another great tag team match. Ring of Honor booked their matches well tonight. The right teams came together to put on excellent matches.

      Ring of Honor World TV Champion, Tomohiro Ishii, to battle Bobby Fish next, with the title on the line. Slow going to start, Fish takes brief control until Ishii gets him the corner and attacks him with forearms and chops. Fish hardly has any offense. Ishii toys with him, slapping his face and rubbing his boot across his head. Fish tries a headbutt but only ends up on his butt for his efforts, Ishii seemingly unfazed. Fish tries a flying headbutt off the top rope but misses. Fish finally gets Ishii down and tries a couple pinfalls, but Ishii kicks out at two both times. Ishii headbutts Fish in the chest and both men collapse to the mat. Out on the apron, both men trade punches. Ishii chops Fish off the apron. While arguing with the ref, Ishii gets his leg kicked by Fish and collapses to the outside. Ref starts a double count out. Ishii rolls in at 17 and Fish barely makes it back at 19. Fish takes a violent lariat but manages to kick out at two. Fish gets Ishii in a headlock and he passes out. The ref stops it and Bobby Fish is the new ROH World TV Champion.

      Eight man tag action up next. Matt Sydal, Kushida, and Motor City Machine Guns vs The Bullet Club (Young Bucks and Guerrillas of Destiny.) This match concerns me. Usually, an eight man tag for a pay-per-view is never a good idea. Too many people trying to get into the match and pull off their spots. It tends to kill the flow and makes the ending a little too hyper. We’ll see how this one goes. Crowd is heavily into this one. Me, not so much. Too much energy to start and they are just doing stunt after stunt. I don’t much care for “spotfests” which this clearly is. The ref just lets everyone that isn’t legal run around the ring and do double or triple teams. The Young Bucks double team to pick up the pinfall. Not a single Super Kick was fired. Not a terrible match at all, just not my cup of tea.

      Tonight’s main event is Chicago-native, Colt Cobana, taking on Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. It’s been five years since we’ve seen Cobana in the Ring of Honor ring. Really fun start to this match, heavy on offense. Lot of dives outside the ring, with Lethal flying into the crowd at one point. Taeler Hendrix gets ejected from the ringside after trying to interfere with the match. Cobana holds his own against the champ, getting several near falls. Lethal is too much and recovers everytime. Lethal sits Cobana on the top rope and chops him. He goes for a suplex, but Cobana fights back and punches him down. Lethal sprints up and kicks Cobana in the side of the head. He climbs up but Cobana catches him and hits Chicago Skyline on the top ropes. He goes for a pin but Lethal narrowly kicks out. Cobana locks in the Billy Goat’s Curse submission. Lethal looks like he is about to tap, but Taeler Hendrix runs out and pulls the ref out. The Young Bucks run out and super kick the ref, then super kick Hendrix. The Bucks pull out Bullet Club t-shirts and roll into the ring. The lights go out. Adam Cole is standing in the ring with the Young Bucks when the lights come back up. He points finger guns at Lethal and Cobana and The Young Bucks super kick them. What proceeds is an absurd amount of people running to the ring and taking super kicks. The other members of the Bullet Club come out and help decimate all the refs and security and random run-ins. The Young Bucks even super kick the announce team. Jay Lethal is zip-tied to the ropes and Cole super kicks him over and over. The Young Bucks’ father comes out and takes a triple super kick. Then a camera man takes a super kick. The camera falls to the mat and the Bullet Club lays down in front of it and shouts, “This is our world now!” Show over. Shame that the Cobana/Lethal match ended no contest, however this was a fantastic end to the show. Maybe a little too nWo, but really good stuff. I was entertained and this set up some great storytelling for the future. This pay-per-view was worth every penny of the $45 we spent on it. I am very happy. I’ll give the entire broadcast four out of five stars. Entertaining, fun, something fresh. It was a strong broadcast from Ring of Honor.

Article by Jamie Curtis BakerFotoFlexer_Photo