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A Review of Smackdown Live’s No Mercy PPV


      After WWE tweeted that not only would Becky Lynch not be able to compete at the No Mercy PPV due to medical reasons, but that the main event would start the show, my husband decided that we would skip writing a results article and just try to enjoy the show. The first Smackdown exclusive PPV, Backlash, had a terrible card but turned out to be a great three hours, so I went into No Mercy with a healthy amount of optimism. My mistake.

      Curt Hawkins was initially going to have his debut match at No Mercy, but instead popped out randomly during the preshow at around 7:15pm EST before the majority of fans were even in their seats. He walked to the ring to a list of Chuck Norris-type facts while waving around a walking stick. Hawkins announced that his first match would actually be on October 11th on Smackdown, and the crowd couldn’t care less. This was such a poor choice for what was meant to be a strong debut.

      The preshow kickoff match featured The Hype Bros and American Alpha versus The Ascension and The Vaudevillains. It was a solid fight, with the Hype Bros and American Alpha picking up the win after a nine minute match. I don’t think this was the best use of the preshow though. We have an entire hour to eat up, and the match only gets 15% of that time? We don’t need to hear Jerry Lawler sexually harass female talent for 45 minutes. Give us longer and better preshow matches.

      Our first match was the “main event” where AJ Styles successfully defended his title against John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat match. Styles actually tapped out, but because both Cena and Ambrose simultaneously had a submission hold on him, the match was restarted. First off, I cannot for the life of me figure out why this main event opened the PPV. I thought that maybe they were saving something else for the end of the night, but that wasn’t the case at all. Perhaps they moved it so it wasn’t airing during the debate, but that doesn’t make sense either since everything is On Demand on the Network. It was a confusing move, and I still have yet to figure out why they did it.

      Nikki Bella defeated Carmella in a decent match, but Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss in a match that would have been better left off the card. The women had a little over 5 minutes to compete, and it ended with Bliss throwing a fit after her loss. It makes her look weak and childish, which is a poor move considering she is the number one contender for Lynch’s title. Time and time again, we hear about the Women’s Revolution. I’m still waiting for it to begin.

      The highlight of the night for me was watching Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno successfully retain against The Usos. It was a solid match and it’s so amazing to hear Slater being cheered for, getting hot tags, and being able to actually perform in the ring instead of job out. The second high point for me was Dolph Ziggler defeating The Miz and becoming Intercontinental Champion. This was a twenty minute match of nonstop action. Online rumors had Ziggler leaving WWE to pursue a career in comedy, and I’m glad it wasn’t true.

      Baron Corbin defeated the new and improved Jack Swagger in a singles match that was forgettable. Our actual main event was Bray Wyatt versus Randy Orton. I was terrified that WWE was going to try and turn this into their version of Impact Wrestling’s The Great War, but they spared us. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even bother making this match a No Disqualification fight. It was good to see Bray Wyatt finally get a win, but he still didn’t get it clean thanks to a surprise return by Luke Harper. Harper didn’t interfere, simply showed up as a distraction to allow Wyatt to steal a win.

      Overall, this PPV was better suited for a Tuesday night episode of Smackdown than it was for a Sunday evening. Whatever magic went into Backlash was completely lost for No Mercy. We apologize for the lack of coverage on Sunday, but have no regrets, as any article we posted was going to tear that PPV into pieces. Hopefully they can get it together by Tuesday and give their talent the better booking they deserve.

Article by Jamie Curtis Bakermrsjcb


The TNA/WWE Rumor Mill Keeps Churning Out Unverified Reports and Rumors


      Just when you think the rumors are over about WWE purchasing TNA, they start up all over again. Prior to Bound for Glory on October 2nd, there was a large group of people who assumed that if WWE didn’t bite the bullet and buy out TNA, the BFG PPV would have to be cancelled. Obviously, neither of those things ended up happening. Now, the rumor is that WWE is looking to buy out TNA’s video library. It’s said that it may be about to happen or has already happened and simply hasn’t been announced yet.

      It’s no secret that Impact Wrestling has seen quite a few ups and downs over the years. It seems that the threat of running out of money and, to quote Matt Hardy, becoming obsolete is always hanging over their heads. It doesn’t help that Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe are a big part of NXT right now, involved in major storylines. Eric Young will be debuting soon, Austin Aries has been having stellar matches for months, and AJ Styles is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Those were five big names in TNA who are now wrestling with the enemy.

      On the flipside of that, you could argue that TNA has been able to pick up some of WWE’s talent as well, which wouldn’t happen if they were truly circling the drain. WWE’s Brodus Clay made the jump to TNA after his release, debuting as Tyrus and being featured alongside Ethan Carter III as a bodyguard. He’s now solo and in a new gimmick as The Fixer. Damien Sandow was released after creating comedy gold as The Miz’s stunt double. He debuted on TNA as Aron Rex and is now the current and inaugural Impact Grand Champion. Cody Rhodes requested his release from WWE after growing tired of the Stardust gimmick, and his wife Brandi Rhodes (ring announcer Eden Stiles) followed suit. Now known as simply “Cody,” he made his TNA debut at Bound For Glory alongside his wife by confronting Mike Bennett and wife Maria to begin a feud between the couples.

      TNA also currently has one of the most successful factions and greatest stories currently going on in any company. Jeff Hardy threw his brother Matt from a staircase in the Impact Zone and “broke” him. Matt returned as Broken Matt Hardy, a blond streak in his now frizzy hair, an insane accent, and aspirations to DELETE DELETE DELETE! We got The Final Deletion, Delete or Decay, and The Great War; three battles that are beyond epic, overly dramatic, and definite masterpieces. WWE has tried to capitalize on the success of the Broken Hardys by enlisting Bray Wyatt and company. They tried to recreate their version of The Final Deletion by pitting The Wyatt Family against The New Day in an outdoor brawl. Now they have Bray Wyatt torturing Randy Orton, who he is calling “damaged.” Try as they might, they can’t match the broken brilliance of the Hardys.

      One thing that hurts TNA is their need to tape multiple shows within a very short period of time, then show those tapings over weeks or months. TNA reportedly has already finished filming enough to carry them to the end of the year. Thanks to the internet, I already know about a major title change, and I wasn’t even searching for anything related to that. There are us fans who avoid spoilers like the plague, and then there are those fans who adore being the first to know and try to share their “knowledge” with anyone who will listen. I’m still going to be tuning in every week, but I can understand how a casual fan would just say to hell with watching after finding out about this title change.

      2017 could be TNA’s year though. With Billy Corgan edging out Dixie Carter as TNA President, big changes are in store. If WWE does buy out the library, that would give Corgan more money to use for improvements; new talent, more live tapings, and more opportunity to travel and play to different cities. There is also the idea of Corgan changing the company’s name, rebranding and starting fresh. No more TNA, no more Impact Zone. A name is just a name, but because “TNA” carries so much negativity to so many people (not to mention makes people think “tits and ass” instead of wrestling), a name change brings about a new beginning.

      Even if you’re not a fan of TNA wrestling, preferring the company of others, its existence is important. WWE is top dog, but it doesn’t thrive without TNA, NJPW, ROH, AAA, the companies that were left in the past and those that will come in the future. Your favorite wrestlers don’t get to where they are now without the independent circuits, trials and failures in other companies, and competition. TNA needs these other companies, but they also need TNA. All rumors aside, I am cheering for TNA to succeed, and if you’re a true wrestling fan, then you should be too.

Article by Mrs Jamie Bakermrsjcb


Monday Night Raw Match Results and Live Feedback (10.03.2016)


      After watching an amazing three hours of wrestling on Sunday, courtesy of Impact’s BoundO for Glory, Monday Night Raw has a lot to live up to. We are live from Los Angeles tonight and will see Sasha Banks fight for the Women’s title, plus have an exclusive interview with Seth Rollins. Our ropes have gone white and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The night kicks off with Roman Reigns, which is frustrating. Give that title back to Rusev! He was getting cheered until he started talking. Thankfully, Lana interrupts looking lovely as always. After a “Thank you, Lana” chant from the crowd, Lana says that she is here to negotiate a rematch. She says that Rusev will destroy and embarrass him. Reigns counters by talking about Rusev’s balls, and Lana tells him to go to hell.

      Cue Rusev and his balls; he runs to the ring to attack Reigns. The two trade punches outside of the ring before Rusev is thrown into the barricade. He counters by ramming Reigns into the other side, but Reigns quickly regains control, rolling Rusev into the ring. He cocks his fist, which is just the coolest move ever (heavy sarcasm), and goes for the Superman Punch, but Rusev catches him. Reigns slaps Rusev across the face, driving him from the ring, but is thrown into the steel steps, then kicked into the crowd by Rusev. Why couldn’t Rusev be like this when my husband and I were watching him live at the PPV?? Rusev grabs the United States Championship and holds it high over his head. It looks like Rusev wins the segment, walking off with the title, but Super Reigns attacks him from behind as he reaches the top of the ramp. Some idiot gives him a microphone, and Reigns says that he’ll fight Rusev in a cell at the Hell In A Cell PPV that is upcoming.

      Up next, our Cruiserweight division takes the stage in the first official match of the night; champion TJ Perkins versus Brian Kendrick. Perkins starts the match strong with a back body drop followed by a springboard off the rope into a cross body. Kendrick tries to counter, but Perkins catches himself in between the ropes, then sends Kendrick flying outside the ring. He is showing off his athleticism at Kendrick’s expense until Kendrick lands a kick to Perkins’ face. He pins Perkins’ hand on the turnbuckle with his foot, then sends him out of the ring as we break for commercial. During the break, Perkins hits a beautiful hurricanrana to take Kendrick down. Kendrick counters with Sliced Bread into a pin, but Perkins kicks out. He then locks in the Captain’s Hook submission, but Perkins rolls it into a pin. Kendrick kicks free and ends up caught up on the rope, allowing Perkins to get a kick to his head. He recovers and gets the Captain’s Hook in again to force a tap. Good thing this wasn’t for the title.

      Michael Cole is up next with his pretaped interview with Seth Rollins. Rollins says he is feeling better, then says that while Kevin Owens is the Universal Champion, he didn’t beat him. Owens was handed that title by Triple H and didn’t win it fairly at Clash of Champions. You make enemies on your climb to the top, and Rollins acknowledges that he’s made quite a few. Rollins says he is irreplaceable, and Owens isn’t a replacement. Owens is simply a cog in the machine. Rollins plans on tearing that machine apart, piece by piece, starting with Owens and his championship. He will prove to the entire world that he is still the man.

      BRAAAAUUUUUNNNNNNN is up now! Poor Chase Silver is in the ring now to make his dreams come true. Apparently he dreamt that he beat Braun Strowman up, so here he is. Strowman invites Silver to come at him, and Silver starts throwing kicks and punches before Strowman takes him down easily with a shoulder bump. He screams “THIS IS ALL YOU COULD DO??” Silver takes advantage and hits him from behind, but Strowman immediately counters by getting him in the corner and hitting him with a splash. Silver is lying on the mat while Strowman screams for him to get up. As soon as he rises, Strowman hits another shoulder. He gets him up on his shoulders and slams him to the mat for the pin. Rest in peace, Chase Silver. Strowman then demands that Foley get him a real opponent next week or there won’t be a next week. For a guy who doesn’t get on the mic a lot, this was awesome!

      Kevin Owens comes to the ring, dressed to impress, accompanied by his BFF Chris Jericho. Owens calls Rollins stupid for requesting a rematch for the Universal Championship. Owens doesn’t think he deserves a rematch; Rollins lost and he only has Owens to blame for that loss. Since Rollins blamed the referee last match for the loss, Owens thinks that their next match should feature a referee that can handle himself. He suggests Jericho, but Jericho decides that they should challenge New Day for the tag team titles instead. What? He wants to make history, but Owens says that it sounds like a lot of work.

      Hold on, Team Kevin and Chris; the Power of Positivity is coming to the ring! I love that New Day can turn the entire crowd into birds as soon as they ask a question which has the answer of “WHO? WHO? WHO?” Big E calls for a champion’s huddle; Owens is invited but Jericho is not. Guess who just made the list? Owens says that New Day has compromised the health of children all over the world with their questionable cereal (too much sugar). Xavier Woods counters with a fat joke that is actually good. Jump, jump, Owens. But lucky for us, New Day grants Owens and Jericho the match!

      After the commercial break, Sami Zayn makes his way into the arena to face Titus O’Neil. Poor Zayn looks so teensy next to O’Neil. This is strength versus speed, and neither one can keep the advantage. O’Neil eventually catches Zayn mid-jump and slams him into his knee, then to the mat. He catches Zayn in a bear hug and throws him across the ring before delivering a backbreaker. He loudly taunts Zayn, who catches his opponent off guard and lands a clothesline. He then suplexes O’Neil into the corner and hits the Haluma Kick for the win. Not good for O’Neil, though I have a hard time believing Zayn could win this one. No offense.

      You want it? You got it; the Golden Truth. What’s Up? R-Truth and Goldust are in a tag match against The Club. Truth and Anderson start off the match with Truth in control. He and Goldust take Anderson to the mat, then Goldust hits a clotheline into an arm drag to lock Anderson in an arm bar. Anderson counters, gets to his corner to knock Goldust down and tag in Gallows. He gets Goldust in a headlock as Truth tries to hype up the crowd. Both Anderson and Truth are tagged in; Truth hits clotheslines into a dropkick to take Anderson down for a pin, but Gallows breaks it up. Anderson tags back in Gallows while Truth is distracted, and the pair hit him with the Magic Killer for the win. After the bell rings, The Club begin attacking Goldust, hitting him with the Magic Killer as well.

      Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are confronting Jericho and Owens backstage, so I am tuning out. Not even Owens and Jericho can save this. Ha; nevermind! Jericho saved it at the end. With… IT! Back in the ring, Enzo and Cass are dressed in their “More Than Pink” shirts. Susan “Certified G” Komen held a contest, and we have three winners in the ring with Enzo and Cass; three breast cancer survivors. How you doin? Enzo tries to unveil their prizes, but gets all tangled up in the pink sheet. Still, each woman is gifted with a Women’s Championship title, which is pretty darn awesome. Cass spells out SAWFT after ensuring that it does not apply to the women in the ring. These poor women look so confused! Anyway, don’t donate to Susan G Komen; they are one of the worst organizations when it comes to getting the money to where it SHOULD go.

      Oh dear god… Kutcher and Masterson are on commentary, so now Corey Graves is trying even harder to be funny and it isn’t working. It’s godawful. Shut up, Corey Graves. Shut up forever. Back to the wrestling; Owens and Jericho are facing Woods and Big E. Woods does some clever dodging, but the stronger Owens gets Woods in the corner where he tags in Jericho and the two team up on him for a moment. Woods recovers and flips into Jericho to hit a clothesline into a cover. Woods tags in Big E, who hits the fresh Owens with a clothesline. The crowd starts a “New Day Rocks” chant as E spears Owens the corner. Jericho tags in, and pins Big E in the corner with his boot, then showboats to the crowd. As Jericho distracts the referee, Owens gets some cheap shots in on Big E. It’s difficult to pay attention to this match with everyone babbling on commentary about things that have nothing to do with the match. Owens gets a good laugh mocking how the guys play dead on the mat as he reaches for Big E.

      Out of nowhere, Seth Rollins’ music hits! Now I’m interested! Woods hits Owens hard, thanks to the distraction, and now E and Jericho are tagged in. Big E hits a belly to belly, and it looks like Jericho might have a bloody nose. Owens jumps in to save his partner, but Big E throws him from the ring to set up Woods to take him down. E hits Jericho with an elbow, then a splash. As Jericho locks Woods into a submission, Rollins runs in to distract him. This allows Big E and Woods to hit The Midnight Hour and pin Jericho for the win! I guess they won’t be getting that title shot after all. Rollins wins the segment by hitting Jericho with a Pedigree.

      More cruiserweight action is up now, with Rich Swann and Tony Nese. Swann gets control early, but Nese counters and hits Swann in the face. He hits some knees and pins Swann for a two count. Swann hits a hurricanrana to throw Nese across the ring, but he hits a kick to Swann’s head before pinning him in the corner and laying him with kicks until the referee separates the two. Nese whips Swann into the corner, but Swann hits another hurricanrana to throw him away. It’s strange how they are unable to capture the magic we saw during the Cruiserweight Classic. Swann bounces off the ropes, but Nese catches him and pins him for the win. Honestly, these guys are great, but I feel that someone is telling them to hold back.

      Tag team time; Sheamus and Cesaro versus Jobber 1 and Jobber 2. Cesaro gets one jobber in his corner before Sheamus tags himself in and showboats to his tag partner. Cesaro tags himself in, saying GET OUT, and the jobber tries to hit a sunset flip. This is so dumb, it might work. Jobber 2 gets hit with an Irish Curse Backbreaker, then Cesaro dives into the ring and jumps off of Sheamus to hit Jobber 1 with a DDT. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick to jobber 2 and wins the match.

      Before our main event, we get a fantastic video package featuring Charlotte and Sasha Banks’ journey from NXT to WWE to championships. Backstage, Charlotte and Dana Brooke taunt Bayley, but our resident hugger throws Brooke across the hallway and shows that she isn’t going to be pushed around. I am so happy to have the women main eventing Raw! Banks will hopefully defeat Charlotte and take back her title. Banks is thrown to the mat immediately, and Charlotte tries for the Figure 8 right away. Charlotte goes out of the ring and Banks hits a suicide dive, and then they go to ANOTHER COMMERCIAL? We were 20 seconds into that match. When we return, Charlotte has Banks’ arms pulled behind her with her knee in her back. Apparently we missed a lot of awesome out of ring action during the commercial. THANKS GUYS. Charlotte goes for the cover, but Banks is out at one. Charlotte then begins attacking Banks’ injured back. She bends Banks over her knee to put stress on her lower back, but Banks kicks away. Our champ hits another backbreaker and tries to hit Banks in the corner, but she dodges and sends Charlotte into the ringpost. Banks gets back in the match, hitting a dropkick, then driving Charlotte to the mat with her knees for a pin. Banks hits a hurricanrana, then a baseball slide to send Charlotte from the ring. Charlotte tries to throw Banks into the ring apron, but misses.

      Charlotte starts hitting chops, and puts Banks up on the ropes. She tries to throw her from the top rope, but Banks blocks it. Banks jumps from the top rope and hits Charlotte with double knees for a pin, but our champ stays alive. Banks tries for a backstabber, but Charlotte grabs the ropes and sends Banks out of the ring. She goes to the top rope and does an amazing dive off the top to take Banks down. Back in the ring, Charlotte hits Natural Selection, but Banks kicks out at the last possible second. There is a kick ass DELETE DELETE DELETE sign in the audience! Ha! Nice. Banks is down and out, but she manages to lock Charlotte into the Banks Statement after Charlotte runs at her. Charlotte counters, but Banks locks it right back in and forces the tap! What a main event!! Charlotte is left in tears as Sasha Banks holds her title high.

      This wasn’t the greatest Raw, but that main event was money. Those women put it all out there and gave us one hell of a main event. The best Raw main event we’ve had in a while. Tomorrow, we will be covering the go home episode of Smackdown ahead of the No Mercy PPV. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @FaceToHeel; we had our first giveaway last week and more are headed your way!

Article by Mrs Jamie Bakermrsjcb


TNA’s Bound For Glory Full Card and Predictions For Each Match


      Bound For Glory will be held in the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and is the 12th TNA PPV under this name. Gail Kim will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and we will see the debut of Cody [Rhodes]. If you are in the area, the VIP package costs a meager $129 per person, which is only slightly more than we paid for WWE PPV tickets; no VIP, second tier seats. Click HERE for a recap of the go-home episode this past Thursday. Let’s take a look at the BFG match card and make some predictions.

      Moose vs Mike Bennett – Singles Match

      Moose came into TNA as Mike Bennett’s muscle, but quickly got tired of Bennett’s underhanded tactics, lies, and selfish attitude. Now the two former friends will be facing off to put this beef to rest. We’re all but guaranteed to see Moose battle Lashley down the road, but he has to get through The Miracle first. Bennett broke EC3’s streak by pinning him for the first time, and is confident going into this match. He will likely try some underhanded tactics to get it done, but he won’t be able to outmuscle Moose.

      F2H Prediction – Mike Bennett

      Aron Rex vs Eddie Edwards – Inaugural Impact Grand Championship Match

      Billy Corgan retired the King of the Mountain Championship and replaced it with the Impact Grand Championship. A tournament was held to determine the two final competitors, with judges scoring the matches and determining a winner unless one competitor gets a pinfall or submission. The title will be defended in matches with the same scoring system used in the tournament, which is an interesting departure from the norm. Aron Rex is my new favorite Impact guy, and I can’t wait to see him compete. Unfortunately, Drew Galloway was injured and had to forfeit his spot, but Eddie Edwards will be stepping up to take his place.

      F2H Prediction – Aron Rex

      Tyrus vs Robbie E vs Baron Dax vs Jesse Godderz vs Grado vs Rockstar Spud vs Mahabali Shera vs Braxton Sutter vs Basile Baraka vs Eli Drake – 10-Man Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match

      The winner of this match will get a future title shot of their choosing. Last year, Tyrus won, but thanks to a conflict of interest, was not able to take full advantage. Cody was rumored online as a possible entrant, but I’m not sure if this would be the best option for Cody’s debut, competing with nine other men. This is a nice mix of athletes; different sizes and strengths, different tactics and alliances. It should be a good one to watch.

      F2H Prediction – Braxton Sutter

      Maria (c) vs Gail Kim – TNA Knockout Championship Match

      After ordering Allie to lie down in the middle of the ring, Maria became our Knockouts champion. She did what I thought was impossible and made me sympathetic towards the shrill Allie. Gail Kim is my favorite female wrestler in TNA currently, and well deserving of another title run. Her induction into the Hall of Fame should tell you a great deal of how amazing she is. I’m excited to see her shut Maria up. Whether she wins or loses, she needs to put “the first lady of professional wrestling” in her place.

      F2H Prediction – Gail Kim

      Decay (c) vs The Broken Hardys – The Great War Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

      I’m unsure exactly what is in store for us with this match. The Final Deletion and Delete Or Decay were both brilliant. Broken Matt Hardy started out as almost a joke for me, but it turned into wrestling gold. Now, with his broken brother and wife, he is battling Decay and trying to keep his son safe. I heard that most or all of this is pretaped, which is good for the at-home audience, but a shame for the live audience. I also heard that they will be doing a combination of pretaped and live action, which would be perfect. Either way, this match alone is worth the price of the PPV.

      F2H Prediction – The Broken Hardys

      Lashley (c) vs Ethan Carter III – No Holds Barred TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

      Lashley held the World, KOTM, and X Division titles at one point before throwing away the other two and agreeing to defend the World title at Bound for Glory. EC3 earned the right to challenge Lashley, but didn’t win the right to pick the stipulation. Naturally, Lashley picked no holds barred so he can wail on his opponent with no penalty. Thanks to the internet, I knew that EC3 would be facing Lashley well before it aired on POP, but it was still exciting to watch his journey. Lashley has a Bellator fight on October 21st, free on Spike TV, so he’s probably extra amped up for this fight with EC3 thanks to the MMA training. I can’t wait to see this main event!

      F2H Prediction – Ethan Carter III

      Bound for Glory will run you $50 on PPV. The preshow will begin at 7:30 pm EST with the main show kicking off at 8. @FaceToHeel will be live tweeting and providing instant feedback after the show, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for Bound for Glory news, contests, and other exciting content. The card is not very stacked so we are assuming there will be some surprises and a few impromptu bouts. Live tweet with us and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Article by Mrs. Jamie Bakermrsjcb


TNA Impact Wrestling Full Match Results and Feedback (09.29.2016)


      It’s the go-home episode before this Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Before we get into tonight’s broadcast, let’s catch up on the week. It was rumored online that Vince McMahon and WWE are interested in purchasing the “desperate” TNA. And earlier today we discussed the epic saga of Broken Matt Hardy and how it’s currently one the best things in all of professional wrestling. 

      Jeremy Borash is in the ring and he brings out team captain Ethan Carter III. Crowd goes wild. Borash brings out the other team captain, current TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley. JB asks them who their team members are for tonight’s Lethal Lockdown Match. Lashley chooses Drew Galloway as his first pick. EC3 chooses Aron Rex. Naturally, Lashley chooses The Miracle, Mike Bennett. EC3 listens to the crowd chant for Moose and that’s his next pick. Lashley’s third pick is Maria Kanellis-Bennett. EC3 picks Gail Kim. The two trade verbal barbs and Lashley cuts a really nice promo. EC3 challenges him to step in the lockdown cage one on one to start the match and Lashley agrees. First commercial break.

      After the break, DJ Z is ready to defend his X-Division Championship against Eddie Edwards. Grappling to start the turns into Eddie chopping DJ Z against the ropes. Hurricanrana by DJ Z. ZDT attempt but Eddie blocks it and kicks him out of the ring. Eddie bounds off the ropes and dives out over the second rope to take DJ Z down. Both men on the ground outside the ring. Lots of offense by both men with a couple of near falls. Eddie removes his knee pad and runs to the ropes, but bounces off and heads towards DJ Z, but he counters and hits the ZDT for the pinfall! After the match the two shake hands and hug. From behind The Helms Dynasty run in and beat them both down. DJ Z is thrown shoulder first into the corner post and then they double team Eddie, planting him on the mat.

      Backstage segment with Maria, Laurel and Allie. Maria makes Allie apologize for last week, then calls her stupid and loans her services out to Laurel. Commercial break. When we return, previously recorded segment with Josh Mathews interviewing Moose and Mike Bennett. Bennett says after Bound For Glory nobody will be doing Moose’s chant anymore. Moose says he’s going to get Bennett a one-way ticket to hell. Not really a strong segment for either guy. Anything pre-recorded like that, where you can re-shoot or edit to make it look good, should be on point and that was not.

      Madison Rayne comes to the ring. Allie comes out and introduces Laurel Van Ness. Before the match starts, Laurel tries to get Madison to kiss her hand. Madison instead dropkicks her out of the ring. Laurel goes to Allie and has her powder her face. She gets back in the ring and Madison whips her into the corner. Laurel elbows Madison off the apron. She hops out and rolls her back in and suddenly Laurel is running the show. She pulls out some nice maneuvers. Madison rolls her up into a near fall. Bridge pin by Madison, but Laurel kicks out again. Laurel stomps Madison on the back of the neck, driving her to the mat. She rolls her over and covers. Pinfall victory for the newcomer, Laurel. Allie announces her the winner but calls her “Laurel Vaness” and Laurel ducks out of the ring and yells at her and she does it again with the proper pronunciation.

      Lashley backstage with his team. He says if the team goes in and wins the match, he will give Bennett or Galloway a title shot. But they have to earn it by taking out EC3. And we head to commercial. When we return, Drew Galloway is in the ring with the Grand Championship on a pedestal. He calls out Aron Rex. Galloway says when he first came to Impact, they needed a savior. He tells everyone, “You’re welcome.” Aron immediately cuts in and tells Galloway to get his own tagline. He calls Galloway a piece of steaming crap. Galloway says Rex would make a very good stuntman, once again alluding to his time with WWE. The two play tug-of-war with the title and Galloway plants Aron Rex.

      Reby Hardy takes on Rosemary next and the two just attack each other out of the gate. The two just wail on each other for several minutes as Matt and Jeff get the crowd to chant DELETE. Rosemary spits green mist into Reby’s eyes and the ref calls for a disqualification. Then everything just goes off the rails. Abyss and Matt attack each other, Jeff and Steve fight, Reby and Rosemary battle. Jeff chases Crazzy Steve up the stairs that Matt fell off to become broken. He throws a chair repeatedly against Steve’s back. Reby sets up a table but Rosemary counters and hits a Side Effect, driving Reby through the table on the outside. Rosemary gets on the mic and laughs as she says DECAY over and over. Before the commercial break, Mathews teases that the Hardy’s are still brawling and we’ll follow that after. Coin toss between Lashley and EC3. Lashley picks heads, and it goes heads-first. Lashley’s team gets the advantage for Lethal Lockdown.

      On the return, we see Jeff Hardy and Crazzy Steve fighting backstage. Steve hits him with a chair and then gouges his eyes. We cut to Matt Hardy hitting Abyss with a ladder over and over again, each time yelling DELETE. Then Matt bites Abyss on the ear. Cut back to Jeff being beaten with a steel chair. Crazzy Steve puts it around Jeff’s neck and then rams him into a pole. Meanwhile, Abyss pulls a live wire from the wall and electrocutes Matt. Steve licks Jeff’s forehead and we get a split screen of all three Decay members. Same Cody (Rhodes) promo we saw last week after the Decay/Delete segment. Lots of backstage segments after this. Maria and Gail in pre-recorded interview. They are ready for their fight. Eli Drake tries to recreate Tyrus to no avail. EC3 firing up his team and they show unity.

      The main event starts at 9:20 tonight. Ethan Carter III comes to the Lethal Lockdown cage, waiting to see who his opponent is. Should be Lashley, but we’ll see if the Destroyer is a man of his word. Naturally, Lashley doesn’t come down. Instead it’s Mike Bennett. EC3 stomps Bennett down. Terrific action for the first two competitors. The next entrant comes out and it’s Team Lashley. Drew Galloway runs in and he gets with Bennett to double team EC3. Galloway hits some vicious chops and we go to commercial. Aron Rex runs in after the break. He and EC3 beat Galloway and Miracle down in tandem for a few moments before Lashley runs in. He comes in and drops Rex, then EC3. He tells Galloway and Bennett to help him out. Galloway goes after Rex and Lashley and Bennett double team EC3. No weapons yet in the Lethal Lockdown, but plenty hang from the cage.

      Moose’s turn to enter. He headbutts Galloway and Bennett and then punches Lashley to the mat. He splashes off the ropes and plants Bennett and Galloway. He squares up with Lashley and strikes him down again. Maria comes down but she doesn’t get in the cage. Bennett waves her in but she says she isn’t ready. Crowd starts a sloppy “Get in the ring!” chant. The war continues inside the ring. Bennett goes after Moose, EC3 goes after Lashley, Rex goes after Galloway. Things slow down as all six guys are visibly winded. EC3 chops Galloway to the mat and the final competitor comes down. Gail Kim chases Maria around the ring. She grabs her and tosses her in the cage. Gail follows and the cage is locked shut! Now we can go to pinfall or submission. Maria exits and runs out, Gail follows and they disappear into the back. The first weapon, a kendo stick, comes down from the cage and we go to commercial.

      We return to Team Lashley beating the holy hell out of EC3 and comapny with kendo sticks, trash cans and chairs. Lashley, Bennett and Galloway surround EC3. He flips off Lashley and the trio start wailing on him with weapons. Aron Rex throws Galloway headfirst into a trash can. Moose takes down Lashley and now he has a steel chair. He hits Lashley in the guy as Aron Rex whacks him with a kendo stick. Team EC3 has rallied. Aron Rex gives EC3 a steel pipe. He goes to hit Lashley with it but Bennett counters it with a diamond cutter. Moose dropkicks a chair into Bennett’s face. Galloway turns him into a Futureshock DDT. Aron Rex hits Galloway with a chair, then Lashley spears Aron Rex. Too much action!

      Everyone is down except EC3 and Lashley. They go after one another and EC3 hits a couple of clotheslines before throwing Lashley into the cage over and over. He lifts Lashley up and throws him over the top rope all the way down the cage. He picks up a kendo stick as Lashley is trapped in the ropes. He hits Lashley multiples times and the crowd is in a frenzy. Lashley recovers and puts EC3 in a submission. EC3 reaches the ropes but it doesn’t matter. Ref can’t break it in this type of match. Instead, EC3 passes out after his face turns red. Ref calls for the bell and Team Lashley wins via TKO. Bobby Lashley now gets to decide the stipulation at Bound For Glory. Lashley gets on the mic and says the stipulation is No Holds Barred and we fade out to Lashley’s music.

      For the third week in a row, TNA beats Raw, Smackdown, and NXT just on sheer creativity, excitement and overall booking. Another excellent episode by them and just a fantastic go-home pay-per-view show. Despite the rumors, financial and otherwise, TNA remains a strong product. If you aren’t watching, I’d have to wager you aren’t a real fan of professional wrestling. For those that tuned in, what did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below. See you on Sunday for Bound For Glory!

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The Broken Matt Hardy Saga Continues To Be One Of The Best Things In Professional Wrestling


      Earlier this year, Matt Hardy turned heel, winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Ethan Carter III in January. What started as a subtle, typical pro-wrestling story, evolved into an ever expanding universe of strange weirdness. After being injured (in kayfabe) by his brother Jeff in an I Quit Match soon after claiming the title, Matt was taken to the hospital. When Matt returned in May he at first was merely a Willow imposter, attacking Jeff from behind. This would crescendo into Matt Hardy becoming “broken” at the hands of his brother, and giving wrestling fans some of the most delightfully bizarre television we have ever seen.

      As we reported back in July, the Broken Matt Hardy angle was one of the best things TNA has ever done. Period. Matt crept out of the gate with an odd accent and a white streak in his hair. It was weird and not well received by fans as they questioned just what in the hell Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan were thinking, or if they even were. But where WWE might have cut their losses and abandoned the gimmick, TNA battened down the hatches and ran with it, refusing to give up on Matt’s creation until it was completely exhausted. And things at TNA have been all the better because of it. Matt continued to groom and nurture the Broken gimmick, battling Jeff in every possible way until finally defeating him at his Cameron, North Carolina home in what was called The Final Deletion and awarded Broken Matt with the sole custodianship of “the Hardy Brand.”

      The Final Deletion was glorious and that was even after the previous weeks featuring vignettes, Full Metal Mayhem,  and Six Sides of Steel in the Impact Zone. It featured an outdoor match with a ring in the middle of the forest, Tiki-torches, fireworks (being shot at human beings) and things being set on fire. What we assumed was the apex of the entire Broken Matt Hardy saga, ended up being just the beginning! Soon after, Brother Nero became Obsolete Jeff. Then in an amazing twist, Matt caused Jeff to snap and now he too was broken!

      Jeff began to come out to a new obsolete theme song, wearing solid white contact lenses and giving up his bread-and-butter “spotfest monkey” moves that were his claim to fame throughout his career. All the while, Broken Matt Hardy refined his gimmick coming up with new and clever accents, vignettes, and pre-taped video packages that helped strengthen and solidify TNA’s ratings. Every time it seems like the Broken Matt Hardy angle has worn out its welcome, he surprises everyone with something even more over the top and hilarious than he has ever done before.

      Matt was recently on the Talk is Jericho podcast and said it was important for Impact Wrestling to find their own way and identity, claiming: “My broken universe is something different that has never been seen anywhere else before.” Even going so far as to say Vince McMahon would be scared of it and would never let Matt attempt it. He certainly has caught the attention of everyone across the pro-wrestling landscape, including Bray Wyatt. It’s now rumored that WWE is interested in signing Matt once his TNA contract is up in February. But why would he want to leave? TNA’s ratings are strong and he would never have this level of creative freedom on Monday Night Raw.

      It just goes to show that if you commit to a concept and give everything you have towards it, people will embrace it. One could argue that Matt and Jeff are in the twilight of their careers and might be close to retirement. But then along comes this Broken Matt Hardy idea and they are now the most talked about segment, not just on Thursday nights but in all of pro-wrestling. Matt has to be commended for putting his entire being into this role, come hell or high water, and really helping to single-handedly put TNA back on the map. There’s even rumors of WWE buying them out now.

      Featuring self-aware drones, mischievous gardeners, explosions, divine mystical beings in the lakes and woods, under water costume changes, pool fights, child abduction, a car-jacking, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, Matt Hardy’s Broken Saga has been truly groundbreaking.  With even Billy Corgan teasing that perhaps this will all culminate with a Broken Matt Hardy movie. With Delete or Decay coming up at Bound For Glory, TNA has a real chance to continue building on the non-stop train that is Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy. If they can somehow defeat Decay and become Impact Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions, the story will once again evolve in another direction and give us yet another reason to tune into TNA’s product.

      Tonight is the final show before Bound For Glory. Be sure to tune into #ImpactOnPOP and see what new antics Broken Matt has for us as we head into this weekend’s pay-per-view. And be sure to check out our friends over at the King of the Mountain podcast for complete TNA coverage.

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TNA Impact on Pop Match Results and Feedback (09.22.2016)


      Catch up on last week’s episode HERE. This week’s show opens with a Grand Championship tournament match between Drew Galloway and Eddie Edwards. The winner goes on to fight for the title at Bound For Glory. Both men very aggressive in the first match, and the fight goes on both in and outside the ring. A whole lot of action for a three minute bout. Match goes to no contest and we go to the judges. Galloway goes up one after 29-28 voting. The two trade chops to start the second match. This one goes to no contest again. Eddie Edwards wins it 29-28 so it’s all tied up at one.

      In the first minute, Galloway locks in the Iron Maiden submission. Edwards reverses it. Then the two trade hard chops again. Future Shock DDT plants Edwards and Galloway barely covers him, but he’s a second too late. Just as the ref is about to hit the three count the bell rings signalling the end of the three minute round. The judges give it to Drew Galloway and he advances to Bound for Glory. Those three rounds were the best matches we’ve seen so far in this tournament. Hats off to both guys. Great way for TNA to open the show. After the match Jeremy Borash interviews Galloway and asks him if there is any one person he wants to face at BFG. Instead, he gives a heated speech speaking out against TNA and their “system.” and how it is designed for certain people but not him. He calls out Ethan Carter III. EC3 comes to the ring and tells Galloway to tread lightly.

      Galloway says somebody is looking out for Carter and things always find a way of working out for him. Maybe it’s a friendly ref or some family in Nashville. He says EC3 couldn’t go two rounds with him and walks out. Bobby Lashley’s music hits and as he is coming down the ramp, Mike Bennett runs in behind EC3 and takes him out at the legs. Lashley hops in the ring and the pair double team EC3, stomping him in the corner. The Miracle holds him up and Lashley spears him to the mat. Just then Moose’s music hits and he runs in. He takes down Bennett. Lashley pulls him off but Moose turns and throws him out of the ring. EC3 rolls out and Moose goes to attack Bennett, but he counters and Lashley scrambles in the ring and spears Moose. Both EC3 and Moose are writhing on the mat. Three paragraphs from me for the opening segment, TNA. Nicely done. Won’t see that for WWE anywhere. The show got off to a hot start. Hopefully it keeps going.

      After the commercial, The Miracle is buzzing around Lashley in the back. He asks if he and Lashley are friends. Lashley shuts that down real fast saying they aren’t friends and there is no “we.” Bennett says maybe after Bound For Glory, Lashley will give him a title shot. Another Grand Championship tournament match up next with Eli Drake set to take on Aron Rex. Before the match the two trade verbal barbs in the ring, which is very funny. Headlock take down by Drake to start, followed by some minor grappling. Aron Rex quickly takes control and leads for most of the rest of the match which ends in no contest. Judges give it unanimously to Aron Rex.

      Drake is much more aggressive to start the second match. He nearly gets a pinfall but Rex manages to grab the bottom rope. No contest again. This one seems obvious to go for Drake. The judges score it 2-1 to Drake. All tied up heading into the third match. Drake continues with violent aggression to start the final three minutes. He throws Rex off the ropes, but he spins and hits The Revelator, dropping Drake to the mat. He covers and gets the pinfall. Shitty, abrupt end to an otherwise good series of matches. Aron Rex advances and he will face Drew Galloway at Bound For Glory and one of them will be the first ever TNA Grand Champion.

      Backstage segment with Decay talking about the great war coming at Bound For Glory. Vanguard 1 interrupts and we see a red hologram of Senor Benjamin holding the DELETE shovel and he laughs at them. Vanguard flies away as Abyss chases it down the hall. Aron Rex interviewed, asked how it feels to be in the tournament finals. Galloway comes up behind him and says he will be the one to win. Then a teaser vignette for Cody freaking Rhodes! Yes! He will be coming to Bound For Glory! So freaking excited!

      Decay comes to the ring and Rosemary, Abyss and Crazzy Steve all act stranger than usual. They cryptically speak to The Hardy’s and all their fans. Matt Hardy appears in the crowd and they go wild. He says Decay exists in a Broken Universe. He says he is going to DELETE Decay’s Tag Team Championship reign. Jeff Hardy appears and says Decay will no longer be beautiful, Steve will no longer be crazy, and Rosemary just won’t be rosy anymore.

      “You’ll wish you were broken, instead you’ll be obliterated!” says Jeff. Rosemary says there is three of them and only two Hardy’s. She says Matt and Jeff are Bound For Decay. The lights go out. When they come back up, Abyss and Steve are tied to the ring posts and Rosemary stands alone. Reby is behind her. Rosemary turns and takes a spear. Reby takes it to her. Rosemary rolls out of the ring as Matt and Jeff antagonize Steve and Abyss. Reby says after next week it will be Rosemary’s mother who will be without a child. Crowd chants delete as the camera pans out. The segment started off weak, but The Hardy’s warmed me to it.

      X-Division Championship match up next. DJ Z defending the belt against Trevor Lee. Fast action to start as DJ Z looks amazing. He is a true X-Division champ. He has a great skill set, work rate, and is exciting to watch. Action is too fast paced to keep up with while typing. DJ Z hits his ZDT finisher and pins Trevor Lee to retain his title. Andrew Everett attacks DJ Z from behind. As he and Lee try to double team Z, Eddie Edwards runs in. Trevor and Andrew hightail it up the ramp. Edwards gets on the mic and politely asks DJ Z for a title shot next week. DJ Z accepts and says he can’t think of anyone more deserving.

      Maria Kanellis-Bennett comes down to the ring, accompanied by Allie and Sienna. Maria drones on and on. This is some sort of “public workout” for Maria to prepare for Bound For Glory. Allie calls out some jobber who takes a beating from Maria after Sienna chokes her out when the ref is distracted. Maria wins the match via pinfall and retains her Knockouts Championship. Her second opponent comes out covered in black cloth from head to toe. She walks out to Asian music and doing a bunch of mocked karate moves. The opponent takes her hood off and it’s Gail Kim. She goes after Maria, but Sienna stops her. Gail hits Eat the Feet on Sienna as Maria makes her escape.

      Tonight’s main event is The Miracle, Mike Bennett, teaming up with Bobby Lashley to take on Moose and Ethan Carter III in tag action. As soon as the bell rings, Bennett rolls out of the ring. EC3 and Moose double team Lashley. Bennett reaches in and pulls a downed Lashley out of the ring and we head to commercial break. When we return, Bennett is beating down EC3. He tags in Lashley and he attacks EC3’s taped midsection. EC3 gets Moose the hot tag and he makes easy work of Bennett. Lashley tags in and EC3 clotheslines him out of the ring. Bennett goes to slam EC3 but he reverses it into a quick rollup for the pinfall. Bennett rolls out of the ring and Moose attacks him. They fight up the ramp and into the back.

      In the ring, Lashley attacks EC3 from behind. They start trading blows and a handful of security guards runs in to separate them. Lashley and EC3 start fighting the security and they clear the ring. EC3 takes down Lashley. The roster runs down and it takes a bunch of wrestlers to try and get them apart. Billy Corgan comes out. He says next week EC3 and Moose vs Lashley and Bennett will face off in Lethal Lockdown. The winner chooses the stipulation at Bound For Glory for the title match between EC3 and Lashley.

      That was a really strong episode from TNA. They are in good shape heading into their biggest pay-per-view of the year. The matches set up so far and the addition of new talent makes the 2017 fiscal year for TNA look like it should provide a big upswing. Now more than ever I am proud to call myself a fan of TNA’s Impact Wrestling.

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Monday Night Raw Match Results and Feedback (09.12.2016)


      After watching Smackdown’s Backlash PPV last night, Raw has a lot to live up to. General Manager Mick Foley starts off the night, acknowledging Becky Lynch’s victory in winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship, but insists that Raw still has the best female wrestlers in the business. He invites out Charlotte, who is accompanied by Dana Brooke. Charlotte makes it clear that she is fed up with Dana Brooke, then Sasha Banks comes out to tell Charlotte that she’s taking back the Women’s title at Clash of Champions. Bayley is out next, saying that she also deserves a title shot for beating Charlotte last week. Sasha takes off her jacket and hits Charlotte square in the face with it, which just cracked me up. Mick Foley decides that Sasha and Bayley will face off, with the winner facing Charlotte at Clash of Champions. Out of nowhere, Dana slaps Charlotte across the face, which has been a long time coming. With that, Mick adds Dana to the match, making it a Triple Threat to decide Charlotte’s next opponent.

      The triple threat match starts right after the break, with Brooke looking strong right away. Banks’s lower half of her midsection is completely taped up, but she gets the upper hand on Brooke and tries for the first pinfall. Brooke throws Banks from the ring, then Bayley sneaks in to try for a pin. She quickly gets control of the match, locking Brooke in an arm bar that she is unable to break free from. She throws Brooke against the ropes, where Banks drags her out of the ring. The two team up briefly against Brooke to keep her out of the match. Brooke isn’t out for long; she targets Banks’ injured back and then sets her sights on Bayley. Banks gets back in, stacking Brooke and Bayley in the corner to hit them with her knees, but Bayley rolls away and goes to the ropes to hit a cross body. Brooke hits Bayley and Banks with a double clothesline, then tries pinning both women to win the match. Sasha hits both women with a superplex, but can’t finish this. She hits a backstabber into the Banks Statement, but Bayley breaks the submission hold. Bayley hits Brooke with a Bayley to Belly, but now it’s Sasha breaking things up. She rolls up Bayley and secures the win and her match at Clash of Champions!

      Backstage, Dana Brooke tries to apologize to Charlotte, but is shut down as our champion demands Brooke grab her bags, then walks away. We move on to a dreadful Shining Stars promo. Primo and Epico are trying to sell a timeshare to R-Truth in Puerto Rico. Not even R-Truth can make these two interesting. Before Truth can waste his money and more of his time, Goldust saves him and takes him away. Enzo and Cass step in next to shut down the not-so-Shining Stars. Enzo challenges the pair to a tag match for later tonight. Next, Tom “Tyler” Phillips interviews Kevin Owens, who is fed up with both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Owens promises to leave Clash of Champions with his Universal Title. Jericho pops in next, announcing to Tom “Felipe” Phillips that Sami Zayn will be on the Highlight Reel tonight.

      Back in the arena, Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring. He says some Dr Seuss rhyme to his opponent, Brandon Scott, and to the audience about Bo-Lieving in Bo. Scott is able to drive Dallas fro the ring, but is caught in the corner, allowing Dallas to slam him to the mat. The crowd is chanting “Let’s Go Jobber” as Dallas hits a clothesline. He quickly pins Scott for the win in a fast squash match.

      The Highlight Reel is up now, and Jericho is upset that Kevin Owens was not allowed to be on the reel tonight. He gets down on the mat to demonstrate how low he thinks of Sami Zayn before inviting him out. Jericho rubs in the fact that Owens and he are no longer friends, then Zayn asks why he’s even here. Jericho wants to know why Zayn ruined his friendship with Owens, but Zayn doesn’t want to talk about him anymore. He does want to talk about the Universal Championship, which he plans on winning one day. He also points out that if Jericho honestly believes that Owens is his true friend, he is the stupid idiot in this equation. Jericho gets fed up and hits Zayn with a cheap shot into a Code Breaker.

      Sheamus and Cesaro are facing off in the 5th match in the Best of 7 series. This is a No Disqualification Match! Just kidding; they haven’t given us anything interesting to vary these matches whatsoever. Just regular ol’ matches, first to pinfall or submission. Sigh. Cesaro tries for a submission hold, but Sheamus slips outside of the ring. He hits some uppercuts before rolling Sheamus back into the ring for a pin attempt. Sheamus is up 3 victories to 1 right now, so Cesaro can’t lose tonight. The two go up to the top rope, but Cesaro knocks Sheamus away and starts again with the punches to the face. He hits a crossbody and goes for a pin on Sheamus. Cesaro is on his back, while Sheamus tries for the Cloverleaf. The nearfalls are starting now as Cesaro locks in the Sharpshooter, but Sheamus gets to the ropes. Cesaro is able to roll Sheamus up and use the ropes to secure the pin and get the win, moving this series to 3-2.

      Backstage, Seth Rollins addresses Foley; he’s grateful for the save from suspension but unhappy with Roman Reigns getting yet another title shot. Foley says that Reigns was just as wronged as Rollins was. Rollins wants to bring Stephanie McMahon into this conversation, especially considering what Triple H did, but she’s away in Singapore. Foley gets heated when Rollins questions his integrity, and Rollins ends the conversation by calling him a fool if he continues to support McMahon.

      Nia Jax faces off with Alicia Fox next, which is her first match against a regular member of the Raw roster. Jax quickly throws Fox into the corner, flinging her around like a rag doll. She fights back, but is knocked out of the ring. Jax follows her out and gets a kick to the face before Fox jumps on her back. Jax quickly regains control, throwing Fox into the barricade over and over. Jax drives Fox through the barricade, getting a brief “Holy Shit” chant for her efforts. Love it! As the referees attend to Fox, Jax stands by, glaring at her opponent before walking away to cheers from the crowd. I’m so glad to see the fans getting behind her!

      The New Day come out to brighten the mood, promising us that we will NEVER have to see that godawful “Old Day” nonsense ever again. Thank you, New Day. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come out to break up the fun, getting some cheap heat by calling the crowd stupid. They promise to win the tag titles at Clash of Champions, and head to the ring to face Woods and Kingston. Woods and Anderson start things off, with Woods delivering elbows to the rhythm of the New Day Rocks chant. Kingston tags in and goes to the top rope to deliver a boot to the face. Anderson pins Kingston in their corner, then tags in Gallows who throws Kingston from the ring, allowing Anderson to tag in and take Kingston to the mat. Gallows kicks Kingston in the face once he’s back in the ring, then hits elbows. Kingston is able to knocks Gallows off the apron, but is hit with a Spine Buster by Anderson. The Club start using quick tags to isolate Kingston and keep Woods out of this match. Woods is finally back in the match and he knocks Anderson into the ropes, takes out Gallows, and nearly wins the match. The two trade punches, with Anderson ending it with a rough uppercut. Woods is able to hit a DDT, then dives off the top rope to hit an elbow. The Club gang up on Woods, hitting the Magic Killer for the win.

      Jinder Mahal, AKA “The Man Who Comes In Peace,” comes out to the ring next. Who made up that nickname? He says something in foreign, then lets us know that he has learned to let hate go and has found inner peace. I miss 3MB. Cue Jack Swagger, our representation of America, who is apparently going to beat up the evil peace-loving Mahal. Mahal immediately goes to his knees, saying he comes in peace, then hits Swagger with some forearms before pinning his neck on the ropes. Swagger regains control outside of the ring, but Mahal kills his momentum as soon as the two reenter the ring. He tries pin after pin, but Swagger won’t stay down. He hits a belly to belly suplex, followed by a kick to the face. Mahal counters the Swagger Bomb and gets the pin on Swagger! That one was a surprise. Good for him.

      Enzo Amore and Big Cass come out now; the crowd goes wild when these two enter an arena. The Shining Stars come out next, and get the exact opposite reaction from the crowd. Literally no one cares. They are terrible. Enzo faces off against Epico, who lifts Enzo into a vertical suplex. He asks if he should do it again as the crowd chants for Enzo. Epico tries for a quick roll up but can’t get it done. Enzo starts landing punches, then dances around the ring before going to the top rope. Primo distracts him before he can dive off the rope, but Cass steps in and takes Primo down. Enzo dives off the top rope to take down the Shining Stars, and the referee begins the count. Enzo is about to suplex Epico, but Primo grabs his leg, allowing Epico to get the pin for the victory. What?

      Backstage, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins square off. Owens confronts Rollins about his lack of momentum since returning, but Mick Foley breaks things up before it can come to blows. Foley then warns Rollins again to stay out of tonight’s main event. Back in the arena, Roman Reigns walks out to a chorus of boos as we get ready for the last match of the evening. As the bell rings, Owens immediately rolls out of the ring. Reigns goes on the chase, delivering punches and knocking Owens down. He rolls Owens back into the ring, where our champ gets Reigns down to his knees and delivers kick after kick. Owens starts in with the trash talk, allowing Reigns to get the upper hand, which earns boos from the crowd. Owens takes control back (after an obnoxious fan WOOOOS right in his face), going for a pin. He gets Reigns in a chin lock while mocking his “I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy” speech. Owens is gold. Reigns is finally able to fight out, delivering clotheslines and yelling about something while the crowd hates on him. After the commercial break, Owens has Reigns back in a chin lock, telling him he sucks and to stay down. Reigns gets to his feet, but throws himself into the ringpost thanks to quick thinking by Owens. He throws Reigns into the stairs, but Rollins runs down the ramp and begins attacking Owens, causing Owens to win via DQ. Does this mean I don’t have to see Reigns at Clash of Champions? Or is Foley about to kill Rollins’ title chances?

      Foley gets in Rollins’ face and the two stat yelling at each other. Foley demands that Rollins go backstage so they can talk, then restarts the match. The bell rings and Owens immediately throws Reigns into the stairs again. Reigns starts to gain his Cena-strength and hits Owens with punches before hitting a clothesline that Owens made look awesome. He starts hitting Owens in the chest, then lifts him up and into a Samoan Drop. Please don’t let Reigns win. Owens goes full Matt Hardy and bites Reigns on his side to block a move on the ropes, but sadly Reigns gets back in position. Owens counters at the last second, but John Cena — I mean Roman Reigns, kicks out at two. He hits a frog splash but long-haired Cena kicks out at two again. Owens shoves Reigns in the back of the head, telling him to stay down. Owens hits a superkick, mocks Reigns’ battle cry, and tries for a Cannonball, but Reigns ducks away. Reigns hits a Superman Punch, but Owens thankfully kicks out. Owens hits two solid kicks to the face, then connects with the Cannonball. Twice! Reigns lifts Owens up into a powerbomb, but he kicks free. Man. I do not want a Triple Threat match, you guys. Come on. Out of nowhere, Rusev shows up! His distraction allows Owens to hit the Pop Up Powerbomb and win the match! Thank you, Rusev, for saving us from Reigns in a main event. Bless you.

      Owens makes his way up the ramp, but Rusev isn’t done. He attacks Reigns, who is now lying helpless in the middle of the ring. Rusev lands punch after punch to a helpless Reigns, who is “out” according to our announce team. Lana stands at the top of the ramp, holding Rusev’s title and looking gorgeous. In the ring, Rusev locks in the Accolade, screaming as Reigns is twisted and unable to counter. Give me more Raws that end with Reigns getting his ass kicked!

      I went into this Raw expecting the worst, partially because I was exhausted from grocery shopping and dealing with pharmacies and a sick kid, and partially because Backlash last night was so good. I’m glad that they surprised me tonight with a great show that had minimal lulls. The main event was fantastic, thanks to Rollins, Foley, and a surprise return by Rusev. Next week on Raw, the Cruiserweight Division will make their debuts, and I cannot wait! Be sure to follow @facetoheel on Twitter for updates throughout the week.

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TNA Impact on Pop Match Results and Feedback (09.01.2016)


      Catch up before we review tonight’s newest episode with a recap of TNA last week. Others may disagree, but Face To Heel believes that Dixie Carter, despite her flaws, has actually been putting out a good product lately. For us, Impact Wrestling has progressively been getting better by leaps and bounds. Especially with their title matches, new roster signees, and the dichotomy between Jeff and Matt Hardy during this whole Broken Hardy saga. TNA is doing a lot of things well. Hopefully tonight continues that trend. Let’s review.

      The show starts with the entire Hardy brand singing Jeff Hardy’s new “Obsolete” theme song. It is by far one the funniest things I have ever seen. I laughed so hard I had tears. Especially when King Maxell came in on a small piano. Matt and Jeff leave the Cameron compound to come to the Zone of Impact.

      At the arena, The Miracle, Mike Bennett comes down with Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Bennett asks Moose to come to the ring. Instead, Bobby Lashley comes down and says Moose isn’t coming. Lashley suggests they throw out the rules and make their match for the world title tonight no disqualification. Moose comes down. Moose is angry at both guys and he lets them know that in the main event he will decide who walks out with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

      Crazzy Steve comes down to the ring, ready to take on Broken Matt Hardy. As you might expect, this one starts off with insanity. Steve drools all over his own chest while Matt chomps his teeth together at his face. They spill outside of the ring and Matt slams Steve’s head around as the crowd chants “Delete! Delete! Delete!” Back in the ring Matt tries to cover and Crazzy Steve kicks out. Matt tosses Steve out of the ring and distracts the ref as Jeff beats Steve with a boot. He rolls him back in the ring, Twist of Fate, and Broken Matt Hardy wins. After the match, Crazzy Steve gets on the mic and laughs at Matt Hardy. He says, “I may have come here alone, but Decay is everywhere. Including the Hardy Estate.” He says King Maxell is now Rosemary’s baby!

      After the commercial break, Ultimate X Gauntlet Match to find a new X-Division champion. Trevor Lee and DJ Z start the match. Great action at the beginning. DJ Z is the first one to attempt to climb up towards the title, but Lee pulls him down from the ropes. Andrew Everett gets in the match. DJ Z quickly takes both men down. Moments later, Trevor Lee whacks him with a big boot off the apron. Lee and Everett double team DJ Z. Everett puts Lee on his shoulders. As he goes for the title, Mandrews runs in. Doesn’t take long for him to get some offense. He hits a hurricanrana off the cables and then a Shooting Star Press taking down both Lee and Everett. Commercial break.

      Braxton Sutter entered the match during the break. A few seconds after we come back, Rockstar Spud gets in. He immediately runs in and starts going across the wire to the title. Sutter shuts that down, slamming Spud to the mat. Exciting action from all competitors for several moments. Braxton Sutter pulls out every trick in his playback taking everyone down with amazing moves. As Sutter climbs across and nearly grabs the title, Rockstar Spud runs in with a chair, hits him off, and gives him several shots on the mat. Mandrews dropkicks the chair in Spud’s face. Lee and Everett climb opposite sides of the cables. They reach the title at the same time. They play tug-of-war with it and DJ Z jumps up and snatches it away! He is the new X-Division Champion!

      Drew Galloway mopes his way down to the ring. He gets on the mic and spins a story about being pissed at Aron Rex because the crowd cheered for him. Billy Corgan walks out wearing sunglasses and chewing something. Sigh. Corgan says he considered suspending Galloway. Corgan brings out Aron Rex. He runs in and Galloway meets him half way down the ramp. They trade punches. Rex throws Galloway into the steel steps twice. He picks up a steel chair and goes to hit Galloway but security runs out and stops him. The two fight off and on until a bunch of guys from the locker room have to run out and separate them.

      Eli Drake and Ethan Carter III square off after the commercial break. Strong style to start, neither man pulling any punches. EC3 clotheslines Drake to the floor. Drake takes a sip of water and pretends to quit and walk out. EC3 grabs him but when Drake spins around, he spits water in Carter’s eyes. They get back in the ring and Drake takes control. EC3 fights back, hits a lateral press and covers Drake for the pinfall. Sorry I didn’t type a bunch for this match. I was enthralled by it and just couldn’t look away long enough to type. Awesome match.

      Allie comes to the ring carrying balloons to have her celebration for being the new Knockouts Champion. Sienna interrupts, storming down to the ring. Maria stops her and sends her to the back. Maria yells at Allie, calling her worthless. She says the celebration isn’t for Allie, it’s for her opponent. Maria calls a ref out and orders Allie to lay down so she can pin her. Allie lays down and Maria orders the ref to ring the bell. He does. Maria covers Allie, three count, and the bell rings. Maria then makes Allie get up and announce Maria’s victory. Maria walks out with the Knockouts title.

      Tonight’s main even is Mike Bennett challenging Lashley for the world title in a no disqualification match. Lashley hammers Bennett in the corner to start. Huge vertical suplex leaves Bennett writhing. Moose comes out carrying a metal pipe as we head to commercial break. When we come back, Bennett is in control. Lashley picks up Bennett for a slam, but Maria runs in and hits him in the back with a foreign object. Bennett hits an elbow and tries for a cover. No dice. Outside of the ring, Maria runs up with the Knockouts title and floors Lashley. Moose picks the champ up and rolls him into the ring. Cover by Bennett, but Lashley kicks out. As Lashley gains some offense, Maria grabs his ankle for a distraction and Bennett hits a hard neckbreaker. Cover, but Lashley kicks out.

      Bennett asks Moose for the pipe. Moose pretends to give it to him then shakes his head and backs away. When Bennett turns back to the match, Lashley hits Bennett with a spear. Cover, and pinfall win. Lashley retains. After the match, Bennett gets on the mic. He calls Moose a big, stupid animal and tells him to get in the ring. He screams at Moose and then slaps him. Moose smiles and then clobbers Bennett. Crowd starts chanting for Moose as we fade out. Teaser trailer after showing more insanity from the Hardy’s next Thursday as they battle Decay at the Cameron compound. See you next week!

      This was a fantastic TNA broadcast. Each segment was good, every match was on point, and the comedy was off the charts. Great action, solid commentary, and the audience in attendance was lively. This is everything you could ask for from a two hour wrestling show. I am very pleased to have watched it. Dixie Carter and company are definitely trying, pulling out all the stops on the creative writing side. Bound For Glory is actually going to be damn good this year. What did you think of tonight’s show? Let us know in the comments below!

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TNA Impact on Pop Match Results and Review (08.25.2016)


      I’ve been slacking off on wrestling this week; I slept through both Raw and NXT (thank you, fibromyalgia) but I’m wide awake for this week’s episode of Impact. The night starts off with our TNA Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley. Last week, he attempted to unify the three titles he held, but was stonewalled by Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan. He walks out with only the one title and makes his way to commentary with Josh Mathews.

      Lashley is ringside to watch a Battle Royal to determine an opponent for his title. The Bromans, Eli Drake, The Tribunal, Grado, Mahabali Shera, Mike Bennett, Moose, and Eddie Edwards will be competing. Eli Drake immediately rolls out of the ring and jumps on commentary to tell Lashley to watch him. Shera, Moose and Grado are looking strong in the beginning, in a match that Lashley calls “complete chaos.” Baron Dax is the first to be eliminated, and he is arguing the point and yelling at Baraka. Shera and Moose face off in the middle of the ring, but Moose wins out and eliminates Shera.

      Robbie E goes out next, eliminated by Baraka. As he celebrates, Moose approaches and throws him out of the ring with ease. Grado tries to hang onto the top rope, but can’t quite manage and is eliminated. Eli Drake is nearly knocked out, but he catches himself with his feet, only to be thrown out by Edwards a few seconds later. Impressive show by Drake. YEAH. Moose attacks Godderz and Bennett attacks Edwards to try and eliminate the pair. Moose takes Godderz out in his second attempt, and now Edwards is outnumbered. Moose goes to eliminate Edwards, and Bennett sees his advantage and pushes Moose over the rope as well! Shady. Lashley promises that The Miracle will be done.

      Broken Matt Hardy enters the arena now, contract in hand. He calls the contract “a majestic key that unlocks destiny! And that destiny is the Tag Team Titles Of The World!” Brother Nero’s music hits and he slowly walks out, pink circles on his cheeks and glitter all over his face. Matt says that his presence isn’t required, but Nero/Jeff says that he is here to win for himself and for the creatures! Rosemary of Decay interrupts, calling them so full of worry of what others think of them.

      This has turned into a contest of who has the best face paint. Abyss says they will take great joy in destroying what is left of the Hardy legacy. Crazzy Steve chimes in, telling them that this is not a game. Matt is not broken, but Decay will shatter him and everything he has built. Matt Hardy promises to eat Decay. This is like a strange independent horror film you find at 3am by accident. Abyss calls out Jeff Hardy, and Jeff responds with a dropkick to the face. The match is made official, and Abyss looks like he is trying to break Jeff’s neck.

      Matt grabs a microphone and orders Jeff to DA-LETE! Jeff gets control of the match and delivers more kicks to Abyss before trying for a cover. Jeff hits Twist of Fate and the crowd starts chanting DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Jeff goes to the top rope, but Matt tells him to stop being a spot monkey and fight with HO-NAH! He doesn’t listen and dives after Crazzy Steve. Jeff hits a low blow on Abyss and nearly gets the win. Abyss hits a choke slam, and Steve tries to spit on Jeff but hits Abyss instead. Matt says that his premonition was about Steve, and starts eating his face. Rosemary spits in Jeff’s face as he is on the top rope, and Abyss is able to slam Jeff to the mat and win the match. Matt promises that Decay’s day of deletion will come by his hand. He then orders Jeff to embrace his brokenness.

      Backstage, Maria Kanellis is yelling at Allie for not informing her of Sienna’s title match tonight. Billy Corgan steps in and says that he made the match. Maria says that he should have come to her because they are equals, and Corgan reminds her that they are not, as he is now President. Corgan is so awkwardly awkward.

      Sienna will be defending her title against Marti Bell, Madison Rayne, Jade and Allie in a No Disqualifications match. Allie screeches and screams, Jade and Bell attack each other, and Sienna takes on Rayne. Sienna turns her sights to Bell, as Allie chirps and bounces around like an idiot. She kicks Bell upon instruction by Sienna, then tries to help Sienna and ends up accidentally helping Bell instead. Please shut Allie up. Jade hits an impressive springboard moonsault but comes up empty. Bell grabs her baton, but Allie interferes and Sienna ends up getting hit. Bell throws Allie on top of a knocked out Rayne, and while distracted, the ref begins the count and Allie wins the Knockouts Title. Allie. Won the title. Please excuse me while I cuss loudly.

      Now we’re moving on to Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway, who are taking shots and hashing things out. Galloway’s issue is that EC3 has cost him the title three times. Galloway didn’t ask for his help, and while it may have been an accident, if he didn’t try to help, these accidents would never have happened. EC3 says that the reason Galloway isn’t champ is because he lost, not because of EC3. Galloway says that this match will be on a different level. They toast to their friendship and to the future EC3 time world champion. And to their cats. But EC3 had to get the last word in, and Galloway shoves him in the pool.

      Up next, Eli Drake brings us the Fact of Life. He has the X Division in the ring with him and calls the Battle Royal earlier in the night a total waste of time. He calls management a bunch of dummies for not bringing his King of the Mountain title back to him. He then asks who has zero chance of winning the X Division champ. Rockstar Spud starts yelling at Braxton Sutter, who calls Spud a little crybaby. Spud calls everyone losers and promises to win the title next week. DJ Z tells Drake that he doesn’t know a thing about the X Division, and he won’t let anyone disrespect it. My dog starts barking right as everyone in the ring starts fighting, and DJ Z is alone with Drake in the ring. He ends the segment with title in hand. I hope he wins it.

      Time for our main event, with special guest referee Aron Rex! EC3 and Galloway are facing off for the final time to determine who will go to Bound for Glory to face Lashley. Aron Rex is an awesome referee, just in case you were wondering. This match is high energy, neither man giving the other an inch. You can tell that they both respect each other, but Galloway isn’t holding back and hits EC3 with a cheap shot. Galloway gets EC3 up on his shoulders and delivers a Celtic Cross on the steel steps that had to hurt both men. They barely beat the count back in the ring, where Galloway starts stomping on EC3’s head and arms. EC3 gets to his feet and hits two clotheslines, but Galloway is able to hit a belly to belly suplex and regain control. EC3 hits Galloway with a side Russian leg sweep, throwing Galloway into the ring post. He hits two powerbombs, but Galloway kicks out. He refuses to stay down, regardless of what EC3 throws at him. Galloway hits a powerbomb of his own, but EC3 kicks free. The two start trading chops back and forth, then EC3 tries for the One Percenter, but Galloway hits a Claymore Kick. He covers EC3 but he gets his foot on the rope in time. Galloway hits a Tombstone Piledriver, but somehow EC3 kicks out again. EC3 comes out on top though, finally pinning Galloway for the three count and putting this all to rest. We hope.

      As Aron Rex calls for the crowd to congratulate Galloway for a fight well fought, he attacks Rex out of nowhere, throwing him outside of the ring. He slams Rex into the ring apron again and again. Can we please not injure him before he even gets started??!? Galloway goes to the steel stairs, throwing Rex head first into them. He then starts slamming Rex’s head into the steps, then steps on him on his way out of the arena. This was one hell of a show, and I’m really excited to see this new feud between Galloway and Rex. Not so thrilled about our new Knockouts champion, but they can’t all be winners. We’ll see you all next Thursday!

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