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2016 Smackdown Live TLC PPV Match Card and Predictions


      Writer’s Note: As you have noticed, Face To Heel has been on a hiatus of sorts over the past several weeks. While we are still keeping up on wrestling throughout the week, we have been neglecting the website and our Twitter account. Thanks to some health issues that I am still attempting to get a handle on, and my husband’s efforts to keep our family going, there hasn’t been much time or enthusiasm for getting in front of a computer and discussing the PPVs or the weekly shows.

      Thankfully, I am well enough to be back at work on a part time basis and will once again be churning out as many articles as I can possibly handle. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us; I promise we have not abandoned our readers or our love of wrestling. Please follow us on Twitter at @FaceToHeel for updates, live coverage, and contests; and follow our writers, @MrNotWell and @OhhhTweener.

      The eighth annual Tables, Ladders, & Chairs pay-per-view goes live tonight and will be exclusively under the Smackdown Live brand this time around. It will be held in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. As or right now, we have six verified matches on the card, but we’ll likely see some last minute additions thrown into the pre-show. This event always ends the year on an exciting note and typically has a few jaw-dropping moments that will be talking about as we head towards the Royal Rumble. Let’s take a look at the TLC match card and make some F2H predictions!

      Nikki Bella vs Carmella – No Disqualifications Singles Match

      It’s nice to see the women getting a No Disqualification match, though I have my doubts about the quality we’re going to receive. Carmella is great, but is still pretty green. Nikki Bella, in my opinion, is incredibly overrated and will probably have too many concerns about re-injury to take a No DQ match seriously. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect the only No DQ action we get is a lot of outside ring work and a few throws into the barricade.

      F2H Prediction – Nikki Bella

      Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin – Chairs Singles Match

      I’ve forgotten why the giant Baron Corbin is picking on teensy tiny Kalisto, but I am glad to see Corbin on the main card of a PPV. I expected him to get a bigger push after winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but I guess that doesn’t have much meaning after the first couple weeks have passed by. This seems like an obvious squash match for Kalisto considering that there are chairs involved, but he has quickness on his side and could surprise us. The real question here is whether we’ll see a run-in from a frustrated Sami Zayn.

      F2H Prediction – Baron Corbin

      The Miz (c) vs Dolph Ziggler – Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

      I love The Miz as IC champ! That said, I also love Dolph Ziggler, so it’s difficult for me to just pick one competitor to cheer for. We assume Ziggler is going to fight clean, and Miz is going to use whatever he can, including his wife, to trip Ziggler up and keep his title. The hairspray nonsense, the Spirit Squad; he has a lot of ridiculous ideas, but they keep working. Having this be a ladder match may work in Dolph’s favor if he can be smart about it and be quicker than Miz. Don’t get your hopes up about Maryse being banned from ringside though. This will definitely be two on one.

      F2H Prediction – The Miz

      Becky Lynch (c) vs Alexa Bliss – Tables Match for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

      This is awesome. This is so awesome. I love this. Alexa Bliss is probably my favorite female on the Smackdown roster, and I’m very curious to see this tiny athlete lugging around giant tables. I love that WWE is taking more chances with their women; first dropping the “Diva” name, and then putting them into more risky and exciting matches. I’ve seen women go through tables before, but on WWE? That’s not exactly commonplace. This should be one hell of a match.

      F2H Prediction – Alexa Bliss

      Heath Slater & Rhyno (c) vs The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton – Tag Match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

      2016 has been a strange year, so it only makes sense that Heath Slater would have a title and be one of the top guys on Smackdown. Keeping with the strange, Randy Orton is now part of the Wyatt Family, because why not? This match is filled with a lot of What The Hell Is Going On? This will be a straight tag match with no stipulations, but will no doubt still be an exciting one to watch. I hope Slater and Rhyno pull out a victory so Slater can hold on to that double wide. And yes, Face To Heel is continuing its refusal of calling them Beauty and the Man Beast. That’s a terrible name. Terrible, terrible name.

      F2H Prediction – Heath Slater & Rhyno

      AJ Styles (c) vs Dean Ambrose – Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE World Championship

      Our main event will be a traditional TLC match between Styles and Ambrose, two guys who aren’t afraid to put it all on the line. I have to wonder how James Ellsworth is going to fit into this match. I definitely want to see him ringside supporting Ambrose, and while I do not want him to affect the outcome of the match, it would be good to see him take a chair shot, push Styles off a ladder, or get slammed through a table. I love that chinless wonder. Eventually Ambrose has to turn on Ellsworth so maybe tonight will be the night when he slips up and costs Dean his shot at winning the belt by accident.

      F2H Prediction – Dean Ambrose

      The pre-show will begin live on the WWE Network at 7:00PM EST, with the main show beginning at 8:00PM EST. Hopefully we don’t get an early ending the way we did with Survivor Series and the booking will be strong throughout. Be sure to Tweet along with us at @FaceToHeel during the show, and keep your eye out for our next giveaway contest! Let us know in the comments below your own predictions and what you are most looking forward to on tonight’s card.

Article by Mrs Jamie Bakermrsjcb


Is There Any Point To Watching WWE For The Rest Of The Year?

          Survivor Series, the 2nd longest running pay-per-view event in the WWE, and a staple for November, is in six days. As it stands currently, the match card is The Brothers of Destruction vs only two members of The Wyatt Family, a Divas Championship match, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament semifinals and finals. Is this what we’ve come to, a product so bad that a nearly three decade tradition is reduced to this dismal lineup? Seth Rollins’ injury isn’t to blame for this. This is just absolute dismal booking. We are about to have a Survivor Series pay-per-view and they don’t even have a traditional Survivor Series match lined up. With six days to go and Smackdown taping tonight, there has been no concrete evidence that type of match will even be on the card.

          Unless something drastic happens on Smackdown which seems highly unlikely, Survivor Series is already setting up to be one of the worst pay-per-views of the year and possibly one of the worst Survivor Series in history. Does WWE even give a shit about their product anymore? The atmosphere with the current product is akin to a sports team purposefully tanking a season in order to get a high draft. But there is no draft for WWE. There is no off-season. If they tank, then the ratings continue to plummet. And I very much doubt the USA network will be pleased with that especially considering they are about to take over Smackdown airings as well. Monday Night Raw, at least in my house, has become a “let’s watch it late so we have fast-forward time” event. It isn’t fun anymore. It isn’t entertaining. And for most of the broadcast, it isn’t even really wrestling.

          They expect us to waste over five hours a week watching Raw and Smackdown while they cut to commercial during matches, have long winded segments with people talking for upwards of fifteen or twenties minutes, and have Michael Cole and Byron Saxton oversell the product. More often than not, they expect us to sit through yet another six-man tag match with the superstars-of-the-week who have seemingly been thrown together by drawing names out of a hat. Then they went us to waste our Sunday night on a throwaway pay-per-view when we could all be watching The Walking Dead instead.

          The worst part of all this is I can’t even blame my current frustrations on a John Cena push as he hasn’t been on WWE programming since he dropped the United States title to Alberto Del Rio. WWE is just bad right now. Where is Brock Lesnar? Where is Paul Heyman? Why is Kane and The Undertaker getting TV time and pay-per-view spots over newer, younger guys, especially the NXT guys? Why is The Ascension getting a match on Raw when they are clearly the B tag team and should stick to Smackdown? How is Paige the sparkplug for a “revolution” when she comes out to the ring lazily and with no excitement? And why in the bloody hell is Raw going ten minutes past eleven with a Divas segment? The product is so stale right now not even Zeb Colter will stand up for it. It’s just bad.

          As a weekly TNA watcher, WWE is getting close to being as unwatchable as some of the Impact episodes. The only saving grace is NXT and that’s only as good as the guys they aren’t stealing away to hide at the bottom of the main roster. When is it enough? When does somebody take Vince McMahon’s denial away? When does Kevin Dunn get fired? Every week we hear about how bad the ratings are and then we hear excuses about why. The product sucks. It really does, and it has for a little while. Anybody watching right now who is entertained is either a small child or part of the problem. Half-assed writing, weak feuds, and the blatant burial of guys who are infinitely better than how they’ve been booked are all pieces of the fracturing puzzle. With no end in sight, it seems like we’re all in for a bumpy ride. Is there really any point to watching WWE for the rest of the year besides the prospect of The Dudleys putting someone through a table at TLC? Do we jump ship? Do we stop watching? Do we skip Survivor Series altogether? I think I might. I think I have to, if only to keep my sanity, if only to keep from walking away from the WWE forever.

Article by Jamie Curtis Baker

You’ve Got Mail (And Bad Wrestling)

          My husband and I were in attendance at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the Raw immediately following Survivor Series.  While we were hitting the bar, we heard Curtis Axel’s music hit on the Superstars taping, laying to rest my tiny bit of curiosity about where the heck that man has been.  He’s just as good as you remember him, folks.  I was over the moon about being at Raw.  Knee-high Chuck Taylors laced, brand new Dean Ambrose shirt on, and I was ready to scream my head off.  To my right, my husband sat with beer in hand and his new Ziggler shirt on.  To my left, our friends represented Brie Mode and Sting.  The clock hit 8pm and we began losing our minds as the lights dimmed and Sting’s music filled the arena.  After 30 seconds or so, the music stopped, the lights went up a touch, and the video package was replaced by The Authority.  This played off like a mistake or a teaser, but was simply the end of the Sting video package.  I can’t imagine I was the only one who interpreted it as Sting would be walking out.

          With no Sting, I should have known it was all downhill from here.  There were some definite highlights during the evening, but we ended without Sting, without Daniel Bryan back in action, without Randy Orton, and with far too much John Cena.  The worst offense by far was the reintroduction of the Anonymous Raw GM.  It’s basically a podium that sounds off with a godawful You’ve Got Mail dinging, prompting Michael Cole to get up and read whatever its computer screen has to say.  Last time around, Hornswoggle was revealed to be the Anonymous GM as he hid under the ring and typed commands into his tablet.  While it was never 100% confirmed that it was him, it devalued an already pointless gimmick by turning it into a huge joke.

          If the goal was to make us long for the days when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were running the show, the mission was accomplished in about ten seconds once Cole revealed that stupid podium to the audience.  All hopes of Daniel Bryan stepping into the GM role were crushed in the few moments it took to drag that prop out to the arena.  We lost two fantastic and dynamic heels and received a toy as a replacement.  The Anonymous GM promised that next week, playtime would be over.  A threat of that nature doesn’t exactly hold the same water as it would coming from The Authority.  Whether or not you’re a fan, you can’t deny that transferring power to that computer wasn’t a step down, it was a total face plant.

          A man reading emails to a live audience does not make for good entertainment.  It does not make for good TV.  It makes me think that this time around, El Torito will be the man behind the emails.  It was quite possibly the lamest direction Creative could have gone following Survivor Series.  I feel like they wanted to be creative, and they wanted to shock us.  They couldn’t go the obvious route with Bryan, they couldn’t do what we ALL wanted with Sting, so they visited their storage unit in Connecticut and dug up a pile of junk that we had hoped to say goodbye to when Hornswoggle was outed.  I’m sure they thought they were edgy and cool.  Even now, I’m willing to bet that they look at the backlash online and feel accomplished at giving us the ultimate heel GM.  But they didn’t give us something so good it’s bad.  They just gave us bad.

          The only way I can see to save this is to get rid of it next week and move the story forward.  If they have to try out new GMs each Raw until finding a good fit, so be it.  I would much rather see a different person take charge each week than deal with a bossy iPad.  Have Dean Ambrose smash it to pieces.  Have Bryan step in for the time being, put AJ in charge again, or give Lana dual purpose and give that lovely lady some power.  I honestly don’t care so long as we get an actual human with a face and emotions and the ability to talk in a voice that is not Michael Cole’s.  Replacing the vicious Authority with a mean-spirited computer is less effective than calling someone fat via Facebook.  It doesn’t land any direct hits, it’s easy to ignore, and it’s disgustingly impersonal.

          Survivor Series took ten steps forward, and Raw took off sprinting in the complete opposite direction.  For those of you who watched Raw on TV, be glad you were spared the dark match, which was meant to be a tag bout featuring Ambrose but turned into Non-Stop Cena-Fest.  Cena threw Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury around the ring a bit while depressing us about Bryan’s inability to return to action.  The only thing that hurt worse than ending Raw with those computer chimes was ending it with Cena yapping as the fans were cheated out of their promised match.  I can only hope that this isn’t a preview of things to come, because if it is, we are in for some dark days ahead.


Article by Mrs. Jamie Baker IMG_20140926_193145


Fallout From Survivor Series: What Is The Future Of WWE?

          Triple H threw everything but the kitchen sink at Dolph Ziggler last night. As the solo survivor of Team Cena, Ziggler had to face Kane, Seth Rollins, and Luke Harper. He held his own, eliminating both Harper and Kane in a match that can only be described as epic. But Triple H interfered, several times, knocking out refs and hitting a Pedigree on Ziggler. We thought the good fight was over and that Ziggler would lose. The Authority would have its way again and we’d all be left scratching our heads. But then something beautiful happened. A strange new music hit. A theme we had never heard for a wrestler we had never seen. And then Sting, that good ole WCW legend, walked out. And everything changed. That was the Survivor Series pay per view. When the dust settled, Ziggler stood victorious as the single solo survivor. Team Authority lost, and Team Cena won. Now, we’re going to take a look at potential future scenarios coming out of this pay per view and what we might expect in the coming months.

          First, we’ll start with the simplest, albeit most predictable, storylines. The most predictable place WWE can (and most likely will) go is that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are “fired.” And Vince makes Sting the new general manager of RAW. We see a few months of Sting being the big hero, but then, alas, he slowly turns on his new friends and becomes the bad guy we all love to hate. Everyone on the roster will wonder what can be done to save us all from the tyrant Sting! But then goldenboy John Cena will do the unthinkable and bring back The Authority! And then we see Triple H vs Sting at WrestleMania 31. Or Cena vs Sting at WrestleMania 31. Or if hell freezes over, Sting vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. This scenario sucks. It’s a page out of TNA’s playbook, so WWE should avoid it at all costs, but probably won’t.

          Next idea is that Sting and Cena are the hero goldenboys forever and ever. Brock Lesnar comes back and, with the help of Paul Heyman looks to fill the power vacuum left by The Authority. Lesnar continues beating Cena’s ass all up and down the WWE Universe and he has no choice but to bring back The Authority. Then we see a possible turn somewhere along the lines and Sting and Cena face Lesnar and Triple H at WrestleMania 31. Which can only end one way, with Seth Rollins interfering and cashing in for the title. Not a bad idea, but nothing to spectacular either.

          Now for something a little more fun. Let’s say Sting and Cena hit it off. Let’s say Lesnar actually makes an appearance to defend his title but Cena continues failing to capture it. And let’s say Dolph Ziggler gets all the glory from this Survivor Series win. (as he should) And then let’s say Cena gets just a little bit sick of all this. He starts going against maybe-GM Sting. He starts acting out. He starts refusing to play by the rules. And he takes a page from Seth Rollins playbook. He sells out to The Authority, he brings them back and all his problems are solved. That’s right, the John Cena Heel Turn finally happens. Can he pull it off? Can he sell it? We won’t know unless it ever happens. But this scenario makes sense to me, especially since Vince put the stipulation on the Survivor Series match of Cena being the only person able to bring them back. That has to play a big role in the future.

          A little bit of a weaker scenario: Seth Rollins puts his Money in the Bank Briefcase on the line against John Cena’s ability to call back The Authority. Seth Rollins wins, and he brings his bosses back. Then Randy Orton does his inevitable face turns and Triple H helps Rollins attack Orton, just in time for Batista to come back and join his old stable mate for an Orton/Batista vs Rollins/HHH match at WrestleMania 31. Rollins eventually cashes in, squares off for months against Roman Reigns, Cena and Sting do whatever and that’s our future. Not very exciting is it?

          As a good writer should, I saved the best story for last. Here comes the big dramatic plot twist right at the end. My final scenario is this: Vince McMahon comes out on RAW tonight to a gigantic pop. He invites Team Cena down to congratulate them. Then he calls Triple H and Stephanie out to fire them. They beg and plead for their jobs, to no avail. Vince is just about to yell his raspy, patented “You’re Fired!” when out of nowhere, Triple H clocks him, hits the Pedigree and then proceeds to “take over” the company. WWE becomes a dark landscape to be in as The Authority just gets more ruthless and power hungry. John Cena and Sting get put through the ringer, time and again. Randy Orton turns face and joins Cena and Sting. Brock Lesnar continues being a faceless champion right up until Triple H convinces Paul Heyman to get the Beast Incarnate to help him. All hell breaks loose for a long, long time. Then Triple H continues being the ultimate heel, turns on Lesnar, helps Rollins cash in and we get to see Rollins vs Sting at WrestleMania 31. Not the most interesting of matches, I know. But do we really want to see Sting vs Cena or Taker or Triple H. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Sting to “pass the torch” to a young superstar? Clearly, WWE has hitched its wagon on the rising stardom of the former Shield trio. I would much rather see Rollins vs Sting. Then again, Sting vs Triple H would interest me slightly as well.

          Bonus scenario: Dolph Ziggler continues to be the man, gets pushed to the moon, and we see a Show Off World Champion. Hey, it could happen.

          Nobody knows what the future holds for WWE. We’ll get a much better picture tonight on RAW when the smoke clears. A few things are certain though. The first is that the Randy Orton face turn is coming in the very near future. We can also say with much certainty that Batista will be back and we’ll most likely try and be a face considering the way he left. Roman Reigns will return next month. That will definitely factor into WWE’s future plans. Seth Rollins still has the Money in the Bank Briefcase. That’s a vital fact to remember. Brock Lesnar still has the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, another key factor to consider. And the real wildcard here is Sting. He attacked Triple H at Survivor Series but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be a good guy. The Kurt Angle rumors are still out there as well. Lastly, Vince McMahon personally got involved with this one so maybe there’s more at stake here than has been revealed to us. Perhaps he continues interfering setting up the potential for even more drama and backstabbing. Leave your comments below on what you think we might see from WWE’s future. Is it bright, dismal, or more of the same?



Article by Jamie Curtis Baker FotoFlexer_Photo


2014 Survivor Series Review

          It’s time for the annual Survivor Series, WWE’s second longest running pay-per-view. This one is setting up to change the landscape of the WWE going into the future. Team Cena vs Team Authority in a traditional Survivor Series match. If Team Cena wins, The Authority is gone for good. If Team Authority wins, Cena and all his super friends are fired. At the end of the night, there will be fallout. Let’s get this article started.

          The preshow match featured Fandango vs Justin Gabriel. Apparently, Fandango is Latin now? Makes sense since Canadian-born Rosa is billed the same way. What? Anyway, pretty dismal match. Flat, dull and boring. Not much to report. Fandango wins, in lucklaster fashion.

          Now for some real wrestling. Cesaro vs Jack Swagger about ten minutes before kickoff. Glad to see Zeb Colter back in full force tonight, cutting it up on the mic. Pretty exciting match. Lots of nice little counters from both men. Jack Swagger makes Cesaro tap in the middle of the ring with the Patriot Lock.

          Just before we fade to black to usher in the start of the pay-per-view ….SURPRISE!… the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon pulls up in a limo! Perhaps we will see a heel turn and the return of Mr. McMahon!

          Showtime! Pyrotechnics, roar of the crowd, etc., etc., etc. McMahon’s music hit, and here comes that ego pimp walk strut we’ve all come to know and love. Hot damn, starting this show off right! He invites Triple H and Stephanie to the ring. Vince invites John Cena out to the ring. Where is this segment going…?  Vince says if The Authority loses tonight, the only person who can bring them back into power is John Cena. Prelude of a Cena heel turn in the near future? Lots of chest puffing by Cena, then everybody leaves. We are 20 minutes into this pay-per-view and have yet to have a match. HaHaHa. Nice work, WWE.

          The Usos are introduced. Oh goodie. Set to face Goldust and Stardust, The Miz and Damien MizDow, and Los Matadores in a Fatal 4-Way for the Tag Team Championships. Please let Miz and his stunt double get this one. Not too hype about The Usos getting another title shot for the 5,000th time. However, that being said, these four teams are pretty damn good and we might actually have a decent wrestling match in store for us. This match would have benefited greatly with some type of stipulation or maybe even treated as a traditional elimination Survivor Series match. Oh well. WWE is the king of missed opportunities. Damien Mizdow getting the biggest pop in recent memory from the crowd. He is so over, and WWE isn’t pushing him. Shame. “We want Mizdow!” chants echoing throughout the arena. All eight wrestlers did an excellent job of getting the crowd fired up and behind this match. This match is just fun incarnate. I actually enjoyed this. Holy shit, Damien Mizdow gets the pinfall and he and Miz are the new Tag Team Champions! Kudos, WWE. That’s what I am talking about. A good twenty minute match and we got new champs. This bodes well for the evening.

          Four on four Divas Survivor Series elimination match up next. This is definitely the bathroom break/beer run match of the night. Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, and Layla vs Nattie, Naomi, Emma, and Alicia Fox. Not looking forward to this. A little too much “Hey don’t worry about this match, just watch Total Divas!” for my taste. But I already have beer and my bladder is empty. Guess I am watching this one. Tyson Kidd’s “bitch factor” is turned up to 11. He comes out holding hands with his wife. SMH. What are they doing with this guy? Cameron eliminated first. Layla eliminated next by the crazy ass Alicia Fox. Emma makes Summer Rae tap, eliminating her. Paige is left all alone against a team of four. Naomi eliminates Paige. A clean sweep for the “good” Divas.

          Buckle up sports fans, it’s time for Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt. This will either be a glorious display of insanity or a terrible mess that bores us. Let’s see if both competitors show up tonight. Why wasn’t there a stipulation added to this match? Another missed opportunity by WWE. An epic battle. Wow. This is a brutal fight. Ends with Dean Ambrose being disqualified after hitting Bray with a steel chair. Both men really turned it up another notch. Very exciting to view. Bray Wyatt cut a promo during the match telling Ambrose, “We could have ruled the world together!” After the match, Ambrose gets a table set up in the ring. Bray goes through the table. Ambrose gets another table and three or four more chairs. I enjoyed this. Here’s a thought…what if Ambrose and Bray become a tag team…? We find out after the match that, duh, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt will face each other at TLC.

          Triple H backstage firing up his team. Telling them to fight. Because if they don’t…”If you’re a champion, you won’t be for long. And if you’re not a champion, you never will be.” Then Adam Rose comes out, followed by Slator Gator. Rose and Bunny vs Heath Slater and Titus O’Neal. Yawn city. What a pointless match. This pay per view was so underbooked and poorly lined up. SMH. To make matters worse, the Bunny pinned Heath Slator. WTF. I’m done.

          Roman Reigns joins live via satellite. Says he will be back in a month. Hopefully in time to kick some ass at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. Or maybe assist Dean Ambrose.

          AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella for the Divas title up next, with Brie at ringside. Someone should get Brie a sandwich. She looks anorexic. Not a sexy look, at all. The match is over in about 30 seconds. AJ loses. A squash match? For a title to change hands? What the fuck. Brie kissed AJ and she got clocked by Nikki and pinned. This is just a terrible match, if you can even call it that. A blemish on this pay per view, for sure.

          Main event time. 5 on 5 Survivor Series match with Team Cena vs Team Authority. I have a lot of theories about potential fallout and future storylines that will come off this pay per view. I will discuss later this week depending on the outcome on this match. Erick Rowan introduces some new entrance music. Creepy and cool. Better than what they gave to Luke Harper. Wow. Another squash segment. Big Show “knocks out” Mark Henry thirty seconds in and eliminates Henry. WTF? This match better have a big pay off at the end because that was certainly a bullshit start to the match. Rusev eliminates Ryback to make it four on four. Game on. Crowd erupts as Ziggler finally tags in. He doesn’t really hold up for long, getting decimated by every member of Team Authority. All hell breaks loose several times. To everyone’s credit, this match is excellent. Very entertaining and tells a great story in the ring. This one is well scripted. Rusev goes through the Spanish announce table, ref starts a ten count as Rusev and Ziggler are the legal men. Ziggler beats the count, Rusev does not. Rusev is eliminated!

          Cena goes to eliminate Kane and Rollins hits him with a Curb Stomp. Both men laying in the ring. Rowan and Harper get tagged in. Hillbilly Brawl time! Luke Harper elimiantes Erick Rowan. Cena, Big Show, and Ziggler vs Harper, Kane, and Rollins. Big Show knocks out Cena!! Cena is eliminated! Big Show walks out, gets counted out and eliminated! Ziggler is the only one left. Wow! What a turn of events at Survivor Series! Kane assaults Ziggler outside the ring, tosses him inside. After an epic Zig Zag, Dolph Ziggler eliminates Kane. Luke Harper kicks Ziggler’s head off, but he kicks out at two. Harper hits a devastating powerbomb, but Ziggler kicks out at two! Ziggler damn near pins Seth Rollins. Damn, this one has me on the edge of my seat! What a heart stopper! Ziggler hits the Zig Zag, goes for the obvious pin, but Triple H pulls the ref out! With the ref knocked out, The Authority assaults Ziggler in the ring. He keeps fighting though and knocks Stephanie into Triple H. Ziggler hits another Zig Zag, another ref runs out and starts counting, but Triple H knocks him out too! Triple H attacks Ziggler. Triple H hits the Pedigree on Ziggler. He rolls Rollins onto Ziggler, calls out a ref, and Sting’s music hits! Crowd starts with a “Holy Shit!” chant. Of course they would because this moment is many, many years in the making. Sting knocks out Triple H and then puts Ziggler on top of Rollins. A ref rolls in and counts three! Dolph Ziggler wins! Sole survivor!

          The pay per view ends with Stephanie and Triple H on their knees in the ring looking shocked as the crowd gives their most raucous “YES!” chant. Stephanie grabs Triple H’s face, crying and says, “What have you done? We’ve lost everything.” Crowd starts singing, “Na-Na-Na Na-Na-Na Hey-Hey-Hey Goodbye!” Stephanie screams, “This is not over!” Crowd fires back with a “You Got Fired!” chant. Stephanie McMahon does her best Alicia Fox impression, screaming and shaking the ropes and pounding the ring. Fade to black, pay per view over.

          Wow, I have to be honest. This might be my favorite match of the entire year. That includes everything Lesnar and everything at WrestleMania 30. What an incredible end to a pay per view. Survivor Series delivered arguably one of the best stories of the year. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. And tomorrow I am going to Monday Night Raw live here in Indianapolis. I will get to cheer my hero, Dolph Ziggler. I will get to see Sting live in person. I will loose my mind just from the sheer awesomeness of it! The future looks very bright indeed. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night, wrestling fans!


Article by Jamie Curtis Baker FotoFlexer_Photo



Last Minute Survivor Series Rumors

          We are moments away from Survivor Series, and rumors have been flying regarding what surprises will be in store. The most notable rumors involve the return of Sting, the downfall and subsequent leave of absence of our Divas champion, the final step in the face turn of Randy Orton, the comeback of Roman Reigns, and the possibility of Team Cena losing and five main event stars being out of a job.

          Let’s begin with the returns. Roman Reigns is somewhat of a longshot, as he is likely not at 100% following his surgery. Bad News Barrett is making an appearance following a surgery of his own, so it wouldn’t make much sense to double up and also feature Reigns. Sting, on the other hand, could definitely happen. He’s a big part of WWE 2K15 and his departure from TNA left him wide open for a WWE return. I wouldn’t count on seeing him tonight, but I also wouldn’t count him out.

          Orton’s face turn has been a slow burn. The fact that is isn’t featured on Survivor Series at all could very well be a sign that he will make a surprise appearance and take a big stand against The Authority. This could be the factor that pushes Team Cena to victory, or it could be completely separate, occurring as a confrontation after the main event or as a promo beforehand. Either way, we should expect to see The Viper tonight.

          AJ Lee, our reigning Divas champion, is the focus of many fans due to her marriage to CM Punk. The pregnancy rumors, the “Vince hates Punk, therefore Vince hates AJ” rumors, and the idea that AJ and Punk can’t have time together unless AJ leave the WWE lead us to believe that her run as champ is going to be cut short tonight. That said, she is the best active Diva on the roster and doesn’t seem to be on her way out any time soon. She may drop the title tonight, but don’t expect her to drop out of action.

          Finally, let’s take another look at our main event. In all likelihood, Team Cena will win. But what if they don’t? There is a good possibility that Vince decides to return on Raw, overlook the stipulation, and fire Triple H and Stephanie from their position of power anyway. You cannot take Cena, Ryback, Big Show, Rowan, and Ziggler off the air, not all together. Something has to happen to keep these men on TV, and Vince could very well be that something if Team Cena falls tonight. Thankfully, we don’t have very long to wait to find out. Don’t forget to follow @facetoheel on Twitter for live tweets and instant feedback after Survivor Series!


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2014 Survivor Series Preview and Predictions


          Two years ago, my husband and I were lucky enough to have floor seats for the 26th annual Survivor Series in Indianapolis, on his birthday no less. Two years later, we will be attending the Raw immediately following this year’s Survivor Series in St Louis, Missouri. I’m trying to overlook the special guest Larry The Cable Guy so I can stay hyped about going. So much has changed in the last couple of years. Former team captain Dolph Ziggler has gone from killer heel to John Cena’s BFF, while Team Hell No is no more thanks to injury and The Authority. The Shield have disbanded, with Roman Reigns out recovering from surgery, Seth Rollins holding the Money In The Bank Briefcase, and Dean Ambrose feuding with the deranged Bray Wyatt. CM Punk has permanently left the building. Anyone remember Team CoBro? Anyone? No?

          Monday Night Raw leading into Survivor Series was full of surprises, and surprising the fans is generally something WWE Creative has issues with. The biggest shocker of the night was the impromptu Intercontinental Title match early on in the night. Ziggler faced off against Luke Harper, who was only recently released from Bray Wyatt’s grasp. He proclaimed himself to be a team player by throwing Ziggler at the feet of the Authority last week on Smackdown, which was apparently enough to earn him a title shot. After a fantastically tense and brutal match, Ziggler was pinned and Harper became the first of the Wyatt family to get the gold around his waist. I imagine this is the first among many surprises ahead. Let’s take a look at the match card and make some predictions.

          Kickoff Show – Bad News Barrett & Paul Heyman on the panel, Fandango (with Rosa Mendes) vs TBD – Singles Match

          It’s been some time since we’ve seen Fandango, and even longer since we’ve seen Wade Barrett. Fandango has been out of action since the summer following a string of defeats caused by Summer Rae and Layla. Barrett has been out since June after suffering a separated shoulder that resulted in him being stripped of the IC Title and pulled from the upcoming Pay Per View. Paul Heyman represents Brock Lesnar, who we can add to the list of superstars who don’t grace our television screens too often these days. I hope to hear a plan to return to action from both Barrett and Heyman (on behalf of Lesnar), as the timeline for both stars is pretty up in the air. Lesnar especially, as reports have him stating interest in returning to MMA, which takes the WWE World Heavyweight Champ even further away from action.  As far as Fandango goes, I have to assume that he is now paired with Rosa Mendes in the same way he was once paired with Summer and then paired with Layla. At one point, he was seriously over with the crowd. Now? I’m not sure what could make us care about him again. Sticking him with newly outed bisexual Total Diva Rosa is one way of getting him attention, I suppose, but it may not be the attention he wants or needs. I would like to see a revision of his character, so hopefully his match is a solid one.

          AJ Lee (c) vs Nikki Bella – WWE Divas Championship Match

          AJ is by far the best diva the WWE has got on their main roster right now. The Paige fans can disagree, but they lost that argument once their anti-diva hero sold her soul and joined the cast of Total Divas.  Right now, AJ is in the middle of the Bella storyline, where Brie is slave to Nikki after losing a stipulated match. On Raw, she made it clear during the Bella’s exhibition match that she isn’t going to tolerate nonsense from either Brie or Nikki; she attacked Nikki after the match and then turned on Brie. She took shots again at the twins on Smackdown, taking extra steps to mock Brie. It’s a cheap way of highlighting the Bella feud while not pushing aside the Divas champion. The Divas division has turned into one big advertisement for Total Divas. The only saving grace is AJ, only no one seems to have a place for her. I’d love to see some fresh female faces from NXT climb the ranks and go against AJ, specifically Charlotte and Bayley. Hopefully this whole Bella thing is short-lived and we can see something good done with the Divas division. Or, we’ll just get more Total Divas drama with AJ thrown in randomly.

          WINNER:  AJ Lee. I fully believe the rumor that Vince will not allow a Total Divas cast member to hold the title, and I hope they don’t prove me wrong.

          Goldust & Stardust (c) vs The Miz & Mizdow vs The Usos vs Los Matadores – Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Championship Match

          No matter what happens, it seems that Goldust and Stardust are destined to battle The Usos for eternity. To say that I’m bored and frustrated with this endless back and forth would be a gross understatement. Throwing Los Matadores into the mix is less than exciting, but I am interested by the addition of The Miz and his stunt double, Damien Mizdow. The pair make a very unique tag team, and I’m sure all of us are just waiting for the moment when Mizdow steps out of his mentor’s shadow and makes a big statement. I’m hoping that Miz x2 will see the majority of the action, leaving Los Matadores simply for brief comic relief and The Usos to keep busy jumping out of the ring and landing on someone for the thousandth time. Gold and Stardust seem to get better with every match, and Cody seems almost too comfortable in his new shiny skin. If carried out right, this could be one of the highlights of the evening.

          WINNERS: The Miz and Mizdow. I’m going out on a limb here, but the We Want Mizdow chants have got to lead to something eventually, and I’m expecting the unexpected after seeing the IC title abruptly change hands.

          Team Natalya (Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi, Emma) vs Team Paige (Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, Layla) – Survivor Series Elimination Match

          So, Alicia Fox is a face again? I can’t keep track anymore. This is an interesting match; Natalya is at odds with Summer, Paige and Alicia are no longer BFFs, Naomi and Cameron had a major falling out, and Emma… stole Layla’s favorite Coach purse?  I hate to admit it, but I enjoy seeing Summer get under Natalya’s skin. Summer is an effortless villain and I’m happy when she’s on my TV. She is one of the major factors that keeps me watching Total Divas. I assume that this match was introduced as a way of advertising for the reality show and highlighting their two newest additions to the cast, Paige and Alicia. This match has all the potential in the world to be a great one, if the women are allowed to really go for it and leave behind the hair pulling and ass shaking for one night. This is also a good opportunity for both Naomi and Cameron to get back in their groove, as they’ve been mostly forgotten lately.

          WINNERS:  Team Paige, possibly assisted by a distraction involving Tyson Kidd.

          Possible additions: Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil

          Both men have been bizarrely featured lately, as if creative wants to give them a major push but doesn’t quite know how to do it. O’Neil had a title shot recently on NXT while Slater has actually been winning matches on Raw, Smackdown, and Main Event. Not featuring either athlete at Survivor Series would be a shame. With only five matches on the card, there is plenty of room for one or both to have a match.

          Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt – Singles Match

          Bray Wyatt faltered during his feud with Chris Jericho, but the man is back and then some in this current back and forth with Dean Ambrose. It’s interesting to see these two at each other’s throats. Both men were formerly part of a trio in which they acted as the mouthpiece and somewhat of a leader. Both have seen their groups disband, their former teammates taking drastically different paths. Ambrose has been the clear breakout star from The Shield; he has found success without the Authority and without the swarms of females who think he’s dreamy. He has grown his character into something big and bold, comical yet dangerous. Bray Wyatt has returned to his roots and has somehow managed to make himself seem stronger alone than he was with the two massive men standing behind him. Neither one of these men will hold back, making this one a very tough call. I would like to see some sort of dual focus out of Ambrose, as it’s unrealistic for him to simply forget about Seth Rollins.

          WINNER: Dean Ambrose. Wyatt cost him his shot at revenge in his cage match against Rollins. Ambrose will not be beaten this time around.

          Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, The Big Show, Erick Rowan, Ryback) vs Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Luke Harper, Rusev) – Survivor Series Elimination Match

          If Team Authority loses this match, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will no longer have control over the WWE. If Team Cena loses, they all get fired. Spoiler alert: Team Cena wins. There is no way those five stars are out of action at the same time, so this whole firing threat is an empty one. The second biggest shocker of Monday Night Raw was the abrupt face turn of Erick Rowan as he joined Team Cena.  Ryback joining was a bit of a letdown, as I was hoping the Big Guy would stick to his word and remain a loner, but I am glad he’ll be involved in the main event. I’m also glad Sheamus was “injured” and left Team Cena to make room for the two final wildcard additions. There is a lot of tension between these two teams. Ryback hates everyone, Luke Harper has ticked off Ziggler and possibly Rowan, The Big Show will be gunning for Henry and Rusev, Seth Rollins will likely go head to head with Cena, with Kane backing him up, and then you have The Authority and their minions (Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury) who will be watching at ringside, itching to interfere and cost Cena the match. I see Show, Kane, and Henry as the first men eliminated; while they pose big threats, they don’t have the most compelling storylines at the moment. Rusev will likely not be too far behind. We have to see Harper and Rowan face off at some point, with one man eliminating the other. I feel that it will come down to Cena, Ryback and Rollins at the end. Ryback’s crazy current push leads me to believe he will be crucial in this match, while Rollins has to be the one who either wins it or loses it for The Authority. I only hope we’re able to see an end that doesn’t involve Cena as the center of attention once again.

          WINNER: Team Cena. Obviously. I hope that it’s Ryback that secures the win, right before attacking Cena and ending the PPV with a Feed Me More chant. Hey, a girl can dream.


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Ryback Returns Hungry


          Ryan Reeves began his professional wrestling career in 2004 by becoming a contestant on Tough Enough.  He was one of eight finalists to appear on Smackdown, but he was not successful enough to win.  Even in defeat, he did enough to catch the eye of the right people in WWE and signed a developmental contract.  He trained in Deep South Wrestling for nearly two years before his transfer to Ohio Valley Wrestling.  Reeves was absent from OVW for nearly a year before returning as Ryback, using a Terminator-style gimmick.  He soon signed a contract with WWE and debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling in December of 2008.

          Ryback was short lived; the character was discarded and replaced by Skip Sheffield, a no-nonsense, clean-shaved cowboy.  In February 2010, Sheffield was announced as one of eight FCW “rookie” wrestlers that would be a part of WWE’s new NXT endeavor.  He lasted a couple of months before getting eliminated.  The next month, Sheffield and the rookies returned, interfering in Raw’s main event match between CM Punk and John Cena.  The rookies became The Nexus, but Sheffield’s run didn’t last long due to a broken ankle.

          In April 2012, Ryback returned as a force to be reckoned with.  His gimmick included yelling the phrase Feed Me More and not much else as he crushed jobbers, often two at a time.  I liked Ryback from day one.  His muscles have muscles, he was lifting two guys on his shoulders at a time for his finishing move (and not always scrawny guys), and he got the crowd going.  He seemed to be more machine than man, showing little personality but showcasing one hell of a destructive streak.

          The crowd went back and forth between cheering him madly and rudely chanting “Goldberg.”  He battled more established wrestlers like Heath Slater and Derrick Bateman (TNA’s Ethan Carter III), and eventually entered into a feud with Jinder Mahal.  Soon after, he started fighting with then-heel CM Punk, determined to capture the WWE Championship.  Ryback was screwed out of a victory time and time again, though in fairness, he was not ready to hold a title.  After moving on from Punk, he aligned himself with John Cena (since everybody has to go through Cena) and battled The Shield and Mark Henry, showing off some impressive feats of strength against all four men.

          After Wrestlemania 29, Ryback cut ties with Cena and began transitioning into a heel role.  This was followed by an “I Hate Bullies” mantra as he bullied anyone and everyone backstage.  He entered into a battle with Cena to score a title shot, which gave us some impressive matches, but as always, Super Cena proved victorious and Ryback was shoved to the side.  He eventually aligned himself with Paul Heyman, assisting him in defeating recently face-turned CM Punk.  He faced Henry one last time before becoming one half of the trainwreck known as Rybaxel.

          Michael McGillicutty, repackaged as Curtis Axel, never truly managed to get over with fans on his own.  When paired with Ryback, things got worse.  They had shot after shot at the Tag Team titles, but failed every single time.  They both competed in a Battle Royal to win the then-vacant Intercontinental Title, but neither man was successful.  Their entrance music was a godawful combination of the songs both stars came out to when solo.  The whole thing was terrible, but the bright spot was that Ryback’s mic skills were showing vast improvement and his in-ring skill set was growing.  Unfortunately, Ryback was taken out of action in the summer of 2014 due to hernia surgery.

          Those who follow Ryback on Twitter (and who can get to his tweets before he deletes them) know that the surgery was a success and that he began training as soon as he was cleared to do so.  On the October 27th taping of Raw, Bo Dallas was in the ring running his mouth and I was busy on the couch wishing he’d go away.  Out of nowhere, “Feed Me” blares across the speakers and Ryback returns!  Going back to the days of his Raw debut, Ryback swung his arms, and shouted at us all to Wake Up before proclaiming it to be feeding time.  Using a more violent version of the moves he debuted with, Ryback easily defeated Dallas.  He saw another victory against Heath Slater (dressed as a scarecrow) on the Halloween edition of Smackdown.  On November 3rd’s Raw, Ryback battled the massive Titus O’Neil.  Both men looked outstanding, and Ryback secured another win with ShellShocked.

          Today’s Ryback is nearly a carbon copy of the Ryback from two years ago, only this time everyone seems ready for it.  The crowd is behind him completely so far and he is much more comfortable in the ring.  Fans seem excited to see him return to his former role, and Ryback himself proclaimed his return to be “the most humbling and greatest moment of my career.”  He thanked fans for giving him a “second chance to be me” before deleting the tweet.  If Creative actually allows Ryback to remain in his comfort zone and return to his roots, we could see the Big Guy in a main event or two before long.  Keep the Goldberg chants to yourselves and let’s see what Ryback can do this time around. On Raw this week, Ryback attacked both Team Authority and Team Cena. We aren’t sure what side he will fall on, but one thing for sure is he will play an important role at Survivor Series. Tune in (for only $9.99!) and see the destruction.

 Article by Mrs. Jamie Baker IMG_20140926_193145