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    The his and her odd couple of Jamie and Jamie Baker have been married about as long as the future Hall of Famer, Brad Maddox, has been wrestling. The uniquely paired couple have a nerdy geekdom of marriage, collecting Funko Pops, comic books and every season of Hannibal. They argue over who the best character on The Walking Dead is, if sixteen rolls of sushi is too much for two people, and whether or not Cody Rhodes should grow back his mustache. One thing they do not argue over, however, is that professional wrestling is awesome. Go ahead and hit The Miz’s theme song.

    Face To Heel was initially started to dissect, report and complain about the state of pro-wrestling. We started off as a four-pack, with our friends Cameron Stephens and Ross Huggins. Over the course of almost two years, we all sort of lost our gusto. Not for lack of trying but mainly for disinterest in the luke warm storylines of the WWE. Now, revamped for a second go round, Face To Heel is back as a his and her online pro-wrestling publication ready to climb back up the ladder and hopefully not get Speared off it by The Rated R Superstar, Edge.

    So what can you expcet from us? First and foremost, this is not your grandmother’s wrestling report. Other sites feature unbiased fact-based articles that rely on the who, what, where, when, but not many focus on the why of wrestling. As in… why is this Monday Night Raw angle so godawful? You can expect hard-hitting, opinionated articles laced with sarcasm, humor and a keen insight into a combined sixteen or so years of pro-wrestling fandom.

    We want you to have fun here. We want you to laugh. We want you to question everything you think you know about your favorite wrestlers. Most importantly, we want to put some zest and enthuasiam into online sports journalism. Professional wrestling is supposed to be entertaining, telling edge-of-your-seat stories with gripping action. We hope to strive for that as well.

    With the surge of the NXT brand, the excitement of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, as well as the splendor of Lucha Underground, WWE’s main roster has some pretty stiff competition. We may be on the verge of a new golden age of sports entertainment and Face To Heel is excited to give you the scoop on everything the pro-wrestling world has to offer.

    F2H was designed with one goal in mind: to give a no-bullshit view of professional wrestling. We aren’t here to smark out to WWE’s tired story-lines. We aren’t here to praise Dixie Carter as she runs TNA into the ground. This isn’t your mama’s kayfabe. Our purpose is to give our honest opinions, thoughts, and what-if’s to the best of our abilities for all things inside the squared circle. We don’t pull punches, we don’t walk on egg shells. If your product is garbage, if your wrestler is a hack, if your entrance music is disastrous, you’re going to hear about it. If you give us something good, you’ll get some kudos as well. So sit back, pop a cold one, and let us engage your mind from a fresh perspective.


mini photoHis Story: Jamie Curtis Baker lived and breathed through the infamous Attitude Era, begging his mom to purchase expensive, grainy pay-per-views and send away money orders to buy wrestling on VHS tapes. A poet enthuasiast since the fourth grade, Jamie began writing novels in his early twenties and has self-published one novel, two short stories and a collection of poems. He has penned articles for Flights From Hell, Cracked, and the now defunct Newblog. His favorite active wrestlers are Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler. He misses CM Punk something fierce.

IMG_20121118_133635Her Story: Mrs. Jamie Baker came to wrestling late in life after her aforementioned husband made her watch Raw one night when The Rock was verbally insulting John Cena. She has been hooked ever since. Jamie has published one novel under a pseudonym and runs her own personal collection of think pieces online at Cutely Poisoned. She has penned articles for Flights From Hell and Dinners From Hell. Her favorite active wrestlers are Ryback and Seth Rollins. She misses AJ Lee something fierce.

    The Jamie’s live in Indiana with their Minecraft obsessed son and a black lab who weighs a hundred pounds but still thinks he’s a lap dog. When they’re not writing, you can find them killing things on Call of Duty, binge watching Hannibal or watching old wrestling matches. They frequently attend live wrestling shows in and out of their home state.

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